Blizzard Planned To Release Diablo IV At Blizzcon, Competing With Path Of Exile 4.0.0
Blizzard Planned To Release Diablo IV At Blizzcon, Competing With Path Of Exile 4.0.0

Blizzard released explosive news that Diablo IV is going to launch at the BlizzCon last week through a ghoulish, statement-making cinematic trailer. Initially I just got the message in a video shared by a friend, and I realized that everything was worthwhile for waiting too long when searching for the trailer on the Internet. As its name describes, this time we'll experience a darker, more gross Diablo experience than ever before.

Of course, this is not our topic today, the above is just an expression of my excitement after hearing the release of Diablo IV, but soon I realized another issue, Path of Exile is an MMO with dark elements similar to Diablo, and there have been quite a few players who compared Path of Exile to Diablo, so will its release have any effect on POE?

As we have known before, Grinding Gear Games will hold the annual ExileCon 2019 in mid-November, which summarizes the development of POE in the past year and plans or arrangements for the coming year, which includes POE 4.0.0, an update worthy of anticipation with Diablo IV. By the first quarter of 2020, it will officially come to Path of Exile, but it has not been determined whether it will encounter the Diablo IV release so far.

POE 4.0.0 is a major update, and the developer has made it clear that it is designed to compete explicitly with Diablo IV, so it may be difficult to know more specific details before the two games are fully released.

Beyond that, we will introduce some extra content that GGG will announce to the public during the upcoming ExileCon, so read on.

The publishers and creators of Diablo will be invited to ExileCon 2019 by Grinding Gear Games, it seems that the similarities between POE and Diablo are recognized, and the creators of the two games may be able to produce more inspiration through it.

Until then, the founders of Grinding Gear Games will post some announcements about POE 3.9.0, 4.0.0, as well as some future updates and changes, so stay tuned.

ExileCon 2019 will start at 9 AM November 16 at New Zealand time and last for two days. Now you are also able to buy an ExileCon ticket on the ExileCon website, don't miss out such a good opportunity.

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