Congratulations To Tie23he For Winning The Race Final At ExileCon
Congratulations To Tie23he For Winning The Race Final At ExileCon

Last week, the ExileCon held by Grinding Gear Games caused a sensation among the fans group, which revealed GGG's four major projects in the coming year, POE 2, POE: Conquerors of the Atlas and its accompanying Metamorph challenge league, and the experimental POE Mobile game.

Meanwhile, there was an epic Race Finale of POE to be held as scheduled, and as the final part of ExileCon, tie23he defeated the other racers and won the finals. The four contestants were selected from the qualifiers, tie23he, Waggle, tytykiller and Havoc, and Havoc and Waggle lag behind tie23he and finished at 2nd and 3rd respectively. Thanks for their wonderful performance, especially the insane POE speed-running skills of the champion and congratulation to tie23he for the huge prize.

It is worth mentioning POE 3.9 announcement, it released more than one league challenge along with Metamorph, bringing more content with an addition.

POE 3.9 will introduce a new Atlas storyline and five endgame bosses on December 13, along with a series of new challenges, it is temporarily featured the Atlas system, new Bow Skill and Support Gems. However, some details may be sightly adjusted before release, the further messages would be released in the coming weeks by GGG about Atlas.

For these attendees, ExileCon is like a grand party with keynote speech, interviews, impromptu Einhar appearance even the card game. At the Aotea Centre in Auckland, it was decorated with many elements of POE, including the new NPC of the unreleased POE 2, giving the attendees an immersive feeling.

ExileCon is the first-ever conference of POE, which is similar to BlizzCon held by Blizzard, and it is building a new connection between players and game producers to improve the gaming experience gradually.

ExileCon was over, and POE 3.9 is coming soon, it is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Besides the upcoming plans, POE's producer also mentioned another profound topic, POE Currency, which is what we want to tell you.

The in-game currency in 3.9 expansion, POE 3.9 Currency, which is not different the others. The currency greatly determines your success or failure in the game, because it determines the amount of equipment you can get and the speed of leveling up, so no matter which expansion, you could play better only after having enough currency in the pocket.

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