Detailed Solo Self-Found Guide For POE 3.9 And Metamorph
Detailed Solo Self-Found Guide For POE 3.9 And Metamorph

Thanks to you have not returned to your work after playing POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas for several weeks, which proves that there is also some funny content to play in the new league of POE, and we still have not stopped to make you play POE better, today the topic is the SSF guide for POE 3.9 and Metamorph league.

If this is the first time you heard of SSF, let me explain it now.

SSF, which is also known as Solo Self-Found, featured to make the characters to be unable to interact with others, which disables features like trading or partying. Simply put, SSF characters are separate in any league of POE, who can only be created on initial character creation, but the SSF flag can be removed at any time.

As for SSF, this is crucial in the POE builds, which prohibits players to buy items to balance their resists, acquire key uniques for specific builds, and are solely reliant on their use of crafting resources paired with luck and how they play POE.

You know, with SSF everyone can't acquire key unique items through trading in POE, that is, if you want to make huge difference in the SSF builds, the equipment and items you have couldn't actually provide too many advantages.

First of all, trade with others, which is one of the common methods to get the most uniques, most players do it, even if you are just a novice. In each league of POE, you have a lot of opportunities to access the Ancient Orbs, or Divination cards to get better uniques, even you are allowed to add Chance Orbs to the loot filter as well as any bases in exchange for uniques. All in all, acquiring as many unqiues as possible, which should be done frequently in SSF build.

And next, increase the item rarity(IIR) for the SSF build as much as you can, which makes your SSF more powerful and provide you with more valuable orbs and items.

If so, you could get more items than you expected, including some addition POE Currency, which can be used to do many things, such as trading, drawing maps, etc. Beyond completing more challenges and killing enemies to discover more in-game items, it seems that you have nothing more to do, but believe that continuing to do so, you'll get more.

Last not in the least, the unique jewels are something hard to obtain, unfortunately you don't always get some of them in a league, because they are rare. Basically, you need to continuously complete the task and get rewards, even your SSF build would be smoother with some luck.

POE is a complex and difficult game, so your SSF build is not a short-term task, which requires time, patience, and plan, if you are ready well, then go ahead to do it, hopefully the guide is helpful to you.

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