Effective Path Of Exile Currency Farming Guide
Effective Path Of Exile Currency Farming Guide

Still not figure out how to farm Path of Exile Currency? No matter who you are, the first time you come to POE, there will be a tough time for making money. Next time, if you still ask me how to make much POE Currency, I will tell you where my currency comes from. Knowing you don't want to take risks, I suggest you use the most common and safe way to make money, well, farming.

As a POE site manager, I knew clearly that it is time-consuming work to farm POE Currency based on the past experience, because we always have to make POE Currency with real men and deliver to our customers, but today I will tell you some simpler and efficient methods.

POE Currency is actually a complex system unlike gold or coin, which revolves around a series of orbs and scrolls. So there is no fixed way for you to get all POE Currency, especially some rare ones. However, it might make the process easier with the following methods.

Complete Daily Quests
Since POE is a long-term game with constant expansions, it always has a lot of new content and POE Currency, so the basic way to farm POE Currency is to complete the daily quests, even if you are just a newbie. You could earn a little money with some simple ways in every expansion.

Kill monsters and loot chests
Whenever you kill some enemies, there are some chests dropping from the monsters to loot, and there are different kinds of chests in POE, and you can loot a part of POE Items inside them, but some are still very rare and different to get.

So you can level up the chest when looting them, and the higher level of your chest, the higher value items you can get.

Or, you sometimes find that some powerful enemies are hard to defeat, don't give up. They might drop valuable items, but you are likely to be killed by them.

Run POE Maps
Buy some POE maps from the Vendor and run them, which is the source of much POE Currency.

As long as you pick up a POE map, it drops some valuable POE Items, which is easier than completing daily quests, and you might get some valuable orbs including Exalted Orbs through this way.

Trade with others
Knowing that all the items you get are not available to you, so you can sell the rest to others. As for the items you can't get, you can also buy the goods you need from others.
However, be sure to figure out if your seller or buyer is reliable before trading, otherwise they are likely to be scammers.

It sounds a bit groaning, right? Someone dislikes all methods above, visit PoeCurrency now to meet all your requirement, and you don't need to do anything.

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