How To Apply An NzeTA To Exilecon Event In New Zealand?
How To Apply An NzeTA To Exilecon Event In New Zealand?

The much anticipated ExileCon(the Path of Exile Convention) 2019 has been released almost information by GGG, and it is scheduled to be live from November 16th to 17th. The event would take place at a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit, Auckland of New Zealand. There are still more than three months left until ExileCon, but we can't wait to take a look at what GGG will announce about Poe Update 3.9.0 in December and the future plan of Update 4.0 in the event.

You must be so lucky to attend the event in such a star-studded lineup, and it is reported that GGG has also invited the content creators including Kripparrian, NeverSink, Engineering Eternity, Quin69, Rhykker, Zizaran, Mathil, Raiz, Nugiyen, Havoc, Tarkecat, ZiggyD and Amie, as well as several voice actors of Path of Exile.

It is so cool for you to get rid of the busy life in farming Poe Currency and go to New Zealand to attend the event, however, we have to remind you of the excitement, New Zealand announced several days ago that all foreigners from a visa waiver country will not be allowed to travel to New Zealand if they don't have a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority(NzeTA) from 1 October 2019. NzeTA is a visa-like system with a time limit of two years, so it is necessary for us to learn more about how to apply for NzeTA quickly and effectively. If you are one from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan or other over 50 New Zealand visa-free countries, please pay more attention to browsing the following on

There are two methods for you to apply for an NzeTA, APP apply(costing NZD $9) and Online apply(costing NZD $12).
Besides, the applicant must pay additional NZD $35 for International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy when paying for NzeTA.
After completing the application, the system will respond within 10 minutes to 72 hours.

Tips: In addition to New Zealanders, Australian citizens do not need any NzeTA.

Be sure to remember that you must submit your real personal information including the social background, as well as why you travel to New Zealand, studying, working, searching for medical treatment or other reasons, no lie is allowed, or your application will be rejected.

In a word, I hope that you can have a pleasant November Weekend in New Zealand.

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