Notice: POE 3.8.0 Currency is being discounted on PoeCurrency
Notice: POE 3.8.0 Currency is being discounted on PoeCurrency

Sir or Madam, may I have your attention? It's my honor to share the happy news with you, Grinding Gear Games announced to release POE 3.8.0 expansion on PC last night, and the available version would launch PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Monday, September 9, which means that a brand new adventure is going to start during the three months: Blight merges the exciting action combat of POE with the strategy of classic tower-defense game mode.

We must let you know that you are not alone, PoeCurrency is a reliable and professional team, which could provide you with a comprehensive service around POE 3.8.0 Currency, character skill, build, equipment upgrade, POE trade and more aspects. You have to figure out that this is a completely different adventure from the past, so there is still a lot to learn, enough patience and strength will make you go further.

PoeCurrency is also an excellent POE service provider, POE 3.8.0 release is also a new beginning for us. In the past, we are committed to providing the best service to our customers including POE Currency, Boosting and more, and we will continue progressing with all of you in the future days.

Because of you, PoeCurrency is becoming more and more powerful, thanks to all of your support, POE 3.8.0 Currency sold on the site is being discounted to all customers, please refer to the homepage for details.

More comments or questions, please emails or call us at any time. Have a good adventure.


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