POE 3.10 Delirium Mist Types Guide
POE 3.10 Delirium Mist Types Guide

The core of POE 3.10 Delirium is a mirror, which could spawn a thick mist and nightmarish monsters once touching, and which will grow stronger as you go deeper into the mist until the player leaves the mist for 5 seconds.

But in fact, the mist is also divided into different types, each one with unique features, along with corresponding monsters and bacteria on the ground. In order to let players avoid these unknown creatures, we have organized all mist types throughout Delirium.

Type 1: Mist with monsters

The mist with emerging monsters can bring a strong desire to attack, but it is not fatal. After killing the monsters inside it, players can get loot dropping from monsters faster than usual.

Type 2: Mist with bacteria
There is a mist with transparent oval bacteria, and the little spore-like trackers inside it will track the players' location while touching these bacteria in the mist, and explode immediately, which is very likely to cause fatal injury.

Type 3: Mist with combination of monsters and bacteria
More often, bacteria and monsters will appear in the mist at the same time, that is, it will quickly kill players through huge attacks. It is very dangerous going into the mist, especially after releasing a bomb.

Type 4: Mist with broken decoration
Not all mists are threatening, there are several broken decorations in the mist, and players can speed up the reward generation by touching them, just like type 1.

Obviously, you need to be well-prepared for everything that will be encountered in advance no matter what type of mist you go, so that you can calmly meet all the challenges and get the final reward.

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