POE 3.10 Delirium Release: Top Cluster Jewel Notables Guide
POE 3.10 Delirium Release: Top Cluster Jewel Notables Guide

With POE 3.10 Delirium arriving, it added the Cluster Jewel and its notables to further refine the character builds. There are 280 new notables to add in order to expand the passive skill tree, and they are all important to the exiles. Here is a list of them on pathofexile.com.

The Cluster Jewel is divided into three categories, small, medium and large, with each size providing different types of benefit including offense, defense or utility effects, while the notables can also be crafted as the jewels, they also have the unique skills and attributes, especially the top ones that could bring extra benefits to the characters.

Overwhelming Malice
The newly added notable could give characters a 10% chance to gain Unholy Might for 4 seconds on Critical Strike. With Overwhelming Malice, the best build of POE 3.10 is Pestilent, Strike, Venom. And Assassin is the best class fitting the notable with an insane damage buff, because Unholy Might can give 30% more Physical damage as extra Chaos damage. Simply put, it could create much extra damage, especially for poisoning.

Master of Fear
The Master of Fear could make enemies curse intimidated and unnerved, the former can give 10% more attack damage, while the latter does 10% more for spell damage.

Cold to the Core
Every Cold to Core can give 1% cold damage per 25 Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength, it's an extra little Cyclopean Coil. Moreover, there is a nice way to scale with bows is with a very strong deck stacking cold damage mod, which can give 64% damage from the single node to make the character stronger.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is suitable for nearly all POE builds, especially for the Autobomber build, it gives 1% chance to critical strike chance for Herald skills and 25% to crit multi. Under the influence of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, the characters gain the crit strike chance through using Shimmeron or Assassin ascendancy, and become more consistent and powerful.

These are only a few of notables with significant features, and you can get them through various methods to make your Delirium league.

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