POE 3.9.0 Expansion Preview, Release Date, Challenges, And Items, As Blight Coming To An End
POE 3.9.0 Expansion Preview, Release Date, Challenges, And Items, As Blight Coming To An End

Time flies, the once sensation of POE 3.8.0 Blight is nearing the end, and Grinding Gear Games also announced that there are only a few weeks left until current Blight Supporter Pack leave the store, then the details of next expansion POE 3.9.0 will come with ExileCon 2019 next week, the new Supporter Pack will appear in the store in about three weeks, so it's the best time to make a summary for Blight, which will let us go further.

On August 20, all of us were the first time to get the details about POE 3.8.0, at that time we didn't even know its name until September. And then the release of Blight let the exiles get rid of the Legion league, jumped into a new combat system.

During these two months, quite a few players have completed the challenge of Blight, so this is good news that a brand new expansion will soon come, and now we can only call it POE 3.9.0, but its release date, name and content will be announced at ExileCon on November 16.

Blight put focus on the skills of long-range attacks through a new tower-defense mechanism, so it will definitely add huge changes to POE 3.9.0 by GGG. It is reported that more balance attention would be focused on bow, changing the melee and spellcasting earlier this year. Beyond that, more new items, divination cards and gems will be also added to the game system.

By the way, Blight is about to end, this is the best time to sort out the game record of POE Blight, and make good preparation for your next expansion.

BlizzCon 2019 will be held in New Zealand on November 16 and last for two days, if you really want to know about the upcoming of POE rapidly, the Tickets are also available now, or you can watch the live stream in real time until then.

The PC release of POE 3.9.0 is set on December 7, if all is running well, it will arrive as expected, that is, the final release date may change depending on the actual situation. Please refer to the announcements from ExileCon for specific messages.

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