POE Legion 3.7.3b Patch Notes: Bugs Fixed And Server Performance Improvement
POE Legion 3.7.3b Patch Notes: Bugs Fixed And Server Performance Improvement

We have been working for a long time on POE and listed many patch notes since the latest expansion Legion released by GGG in order to fix bugs and improve the good experience of game. The newest hotfix patch for POE is released On July 4 for PC firstly, and followed on PS4 and Xbox One. Now we can check the full notes of Patch 3.7.3b below.

As usual, 3.7.3b patch notes are still surrounding server performance improvement and several bug fixed. The update is mainly aimed to the monsters' skills like passive skills. If you are looking for them, why not act as guide?

Fixed a bug that caused monster AI to consume too many server resources. This also fixes many cases where monsters were using their skills more often than intended (such as The Shaper in the Uber Elder encounter teleporting around too often and The Brine King using his Bubble Shield too often).

Fixed a bug where the Master of Metal ascendancy passive could cause server performance issues.

Fixed various cases where monster skills would not display correctly if you had left the area and returned while they were using the skill (for example, the Blood Meteors in the Ahuatotli, the Blind encounter).

Fixed a bug where a single skill could sometimes be used multiple times in succession if another skill was used while you were holding down the original skills keybind.

Fixed a bug where channelled skills could cause you to be kicked for performing too many actions.

Fixed a bug where Legion Generals would not drop items if you were not in the area when they escaped.

Fixed a bug introduced in patch 3.7.2 where the corpse of Aukuna, the Black Sekhema's rhex could be destroyed, preventing her safe landing.

Fixed a bug where Harbingers spawned from the "Unique Boss is accompanied by a mysterious Harbinger" sextant modifier would spawn in inaccessible locations in Belfry Map, Lava Lake Map, Sunken City Map and Tower Map.

Fixed a bug where you were unable to enter The Menagerie through Einhar's portal until you had spoken to him in The Forest Encampment.

Fixed a bug where some parts of the Shipyard Map could become inaccessible if a Betrayal Fortification encounter was present.

Fixed a bug where Herald of Purity was using the wrong visual effects when either the Blood Guard or Faith Guard Herald Effects were applied to it.

Fixed a bug where /dance would not work on Predictive networking mode.

Fixed a client crash that could occur while Piety was using her beam skill on Malachai.

Fixed four instance crashes.

If you are new, you must have lots of quests to do. The first step to fight with the enemies is to figure out the five legions and their own unique enemy types. During the constant patch notes, the legions will also have special modifiers, what a new player should do is looking for Magic or Rare members of each legion as soon as possible. The process may not be simple as imagined unless you have a very experienced comrade.

More importantly, you should check the inventory all the time, and pay attention to the enemies with special signs, once you find the Splinters and other rare items dropping from the Legion members, pick them up to add the inventory at once.

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