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POE Legion Patch Notes List

On June 7, 2019, the latest update of POE Legion officially launched on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it has been over a month now. During the adventure, POE has continuously updated some patch notes to help the exiles experience the game better, today made a list of the patch notes for all of you.

3.7.0b patch notes were released on June 7 with not much bugs fixed including:A common client crash with Fairgraves
A client crash when Legion monsters engage in combat
A common crash involving melee combat
When pressing Shift while holding skill button didn’t attack in place immediately
Where too many Shrines could appear in some areas
A client and instance crash whit Double Strike supported by Ancestral Call.

3.7.0c patch notes were also released on June 7 to fix a bug where some added chaos stats were not adding Maximum Damage, a bug where hideout templates were failing to import, as well as a client crash with Hailrake.

3.7.0d patch notes were still released on June 6 along with bugs fixed including:
A bug where Scourge Arrow could fail to fire an arrow
A bug where Channelling skills bound to left click made the character unable to move
A bug where Leap Slam and Flame Dash could do repeated action from one use
Desync that could occur when cancelling an action while out of mana
A client crash with Quick Dodge
Several additional client crashes.

3.7.0e patch notes launched on June 9, with a common client crash with Legion encounters fixed, as well as an instance crash when opening Shaper Guardian maps while occupied by Elder Guardians, a bug with Scourge Arrow preventing re-use while pods were active, a bug which resulted in the Ancient Sculptor in the Bazaar Map dealing too much damage and another instance crash.

3.7.0f patch notes of June 10 fixed a bug where you could get stuck using a channelling skill, a bug with highlighting objects after using some skills, and Temporarily disabled the Stygian Vise Abyss reward.

3.7.1b patch notes(June 13) has fixed a client crash introduced last patch that could occur on character login or changing area, and reverted a crash fix that introduced a bug where some auras and buffs would not persist after changing are.

3.7.1c patch notes(June 14) fixed a bug where releasing a skill while holding left click would interact with objects, causing problems such as opening a chest when a player was trying to stop using a skill, and an instance crash.

3.7.1d patch notes(June 17) fixed an instance and client crash with Aul, the Crystal King.

3.7.2b patch notes launched on June 24 to add support for an upcoming promotion, Rich Presence support for Steam users, as well as fixed various client crashes that occured when Counter-attacks were triggered, and three instance crashes.

3.7.3b patch notes were released on July 3 with a large amount of bugs fixed, click here to obtain them.

3.7.3c patch notes on July 8 updated the client with an update to the programming language we use, fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Shield Charge and an instance crash that could occur when using Offering skills.

3.7.3d patch notes have come on July 11 with Legion improvements, skill improvements, miscellaneous improvements and crash fixes.

Here are all patch notes about POE Legion we can know by now, and we will continue to keep up to the latest news about POE.

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