Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Information: Release Date, League Mechanic, Gameplay And New Items
Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Information: Release Date, League Mechanic, Gameplay And New Items

On Tuesday, June 2, Grinding Gear Games announced the details of POE 3.11 expansion, Harvest, the development that was originally thought to be affected by the coronavirus did not cause much delay. Path of Exile still maintains its regular update and expansion. Here is all the information about the release of POE 3.11 Harvest.

Release Date
Generally, the announcing of POE expansion will be revealed two weeks before its release. Path of Exile Harvest will launch on June 19 PC, and June 24 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

League Mechanic
With Harvest, it introduced a new NPC Oshabi, who would plant seeds in the Scared Grove and grow into dangerous enemies, while the exiles' task is to help it plant seeds and fight with the enemies to claim their Lifeforce, which can be used to craft more valuable items.

Players will encounter magical roots while playing, which will point to a Seed Cache. Once tagged, the Cache will yield various types of seeds to plant and grow into monsters. That is, you can customize the combat, as the enemies you encounter are planted according to the character's ability and what rewards are seeking.

New Items
As always, there will be some newly added items in every expansion of POE, along with changes and improvements. In Harvest, it briefly introduces what is the new.

It added four new Warcry skills to increase the scale based on the enemies' power, and exert the attacks and increase their power. Also, the new Brands make it more versatile and useful than before. Beyond that, it also contains new crafting options, skills, support gems, revamps of Two-handed Weapons, Slams and Passive Skills Tree, as well as a series of unique items.

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