Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Statistic Report: Unique Items And Areas
Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Statistic Report: Unique Items And Areas

During the past ten weeks, the exiles may be busy completing their own legion league, since GGG announced the next expansion’s release of Path of Exile, Poe 3.8.0, quite a few players realized that they are leaving these unchanging challenges, but before that, there are a few days to wait for, so please be patient. You might not have known that your performance in the Legion has been fully observed during this period, and GGG has made unified data as one of the criteria for evaluating the game, the following is a statistics report aimed to the players of different levels from GGG about unique Poe items and areas.

Top 5 Unique items for All players
Tabula Rasa
Spreading Rot
Karui Ward

These are the top five unique items used by all players in Path of Exile Legion, unsurprisingly, Tabula Rasa became the most used item for exiles, which is an easy armor to find in the leagues, and can be exchanged with only a little Poe Currency.
Besides, Spreading Rot became the next to Tabula Rasa, which is a unique Cobalt Jewel to increase Chaos Damage. Several other items which are frequently used also have their own skills to help enhance the character skill.

Top 5 Unique items for Level 90+ players
Lion's Roar
Spreading Rot
Atziri's Promise
Daresso's Salute
Lethal Pride

For high-level players, they can unlock some items that can't be afforded at low levels, Lion's Roar can increase the damage to melee enemies, while Spreading Rot is still the second unique item. Additionally, although Belly of the Beast is not inside the top five, which can be earned with little costing and help players to reduce lots of damage, and it has become one of the top ten unique items.

Top 5 areas of Death
The Feeding Trough
Azurite Mine

In general, the places with the most death where has the most powerful bosses, as is Glacier in Legion. Maybe you used to be one of the victims, so it is not surprising to see plenty of deaths here, but think twice to confirm before you go ahead.

At the corner of the new expansion, we figured out what the players like in Legion from GGG's report, which will greatly bring huge help to Poe. It is unsure if the hot items or areas are stilling being sought during the next expansion, but everything is for a better Path of Exile.

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