Path Of Exile 3.8.0 Timeline And Challenges
Path Of Exile 3.8.0 Timeline And Challenges

PoeCurreny Team is still here to update the latest news of Path of Exile, and we have posted several messages about Poe's next expansion, Poe 3.8.0, which included the release date, new content and challenges, if you are new, here is access to the article: Path Of Exile 3.8.0 Expansion Info: Release Date, New Content And Challenges.

Today, we are going to introduce more about Poe 3.8.0, which are from the announcement timeline released by GGG.

In the coming weeks, the official site of Poe will show more new leagues and challenges until August 10, everything is opening. And by September, Poe 3.8.0 will be released officially, at that time, the players will be able to experience new improvements to existing content, new items, crafting methods, and other more.

As one of the most popular MMORPGs, the developer of Path of Exile has been bringing a better game experience to players through constant updates and expansions. As a basic player, all of you face many challenges all the time, so before Update 3.8.0 coming, you'd better be well prepared for it, time, energy, items, Poe Currency and more.

In order to obtain the new items, you will definitely be asked to fight with the new enemies, since GGG planned to release the detail until August 20, it is said that the enemies are hordes of ancient and powerful elite warriors, while you must stand the side of justice and fight the forces of evil, kill the enemies to earn your special rewards.

Similar to other expansions, be sure to watch out for enemies with an icon in their heads, they are generally judged by the system to be very powerful opponents, never get discouraged until you kill them completely. However, all would be paid off, once you success, you are allowed to earn Poe Items as exclusive rewards.

We are looking forward to and believe that Poe will bring us more surprises in the next league challenges, and not much time is left, there is no better time to jump into Wraeclast than now!

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