Path Of Exile Convention: Exilecon Event Details In November
Path Of Exile Convention: Exilecon Event Details In November

It is nearly coming, GGG is planning to start a new page of Path of Exile soon, and PoeCurrency Team still shares all with you here.

As an Exile, it is exactly not a bad piece of news if you are stilling struggling to collect resource and farm to earn Poe Items, the long-awaited annual celebration is about to reach its peak, we have noticed the overwhelming announcements and reviews in the past, it might be more enjoyable to shout out its "name" loudly until now, trust it that you will experience numerous "earth-shaking" competitions, talks, even the future plans of GGG about Path of Exile in the coming year.

From November 16th to 17th this year, the two-day ExileCon Event is going to be held in New Zealand to celebrate all things of Path of Legion in the year of 2019, which also can be regarded as a commemorative event. It is definitely cool that get out of your busy life in collecting Poe Currency and enjoy the excitement yourself, a full boil, then show off to your exile friends after returning. Oh, don't forget the exact address of the event is at Aotea Centre of Auckland, check your flight and route ahead of schedule in case you miss it.

As we mentioned before, the winning racers of the four qualifiers of ExileCon can get the VIP Tickets of the event, which are the most valuable tickets for the event, and the ordinary audiences need to pay $500 for it, even so, such tickets have been sold out long before. The audiences who own the tickets can enjoy extra VIP dinner with GGG developers on November 15.

Besides, there are another two kinds of tickets available, Balcony Ticket(Seat in on the balcony) and Regular Ticket(Seat is on the first of second floor), which cost 180$ or $200 respectively, and there are also not many ones left by now.

GGG has arranged the itineraries for all participants during ExileCon Event, on November 15, everyone gets invited to Badge Pickup, and the VIPs are able to have a special dinner. Then it will hold Convention all days both November 16 and November 17 until the last night, GGG will hold a large party for everyone as a perfect ending for the event.

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