Path Of Exile Delirium League Is Coming To An End Soon
Path Of Exile Delirium League Is Coming To An End Soon

Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest expansion might be around the corner, and soon new league challenges will follow. Before Harvest officially landed on PC June 19, we still have several days to complete the content of last expansion Delirium.

This is the last weekend we could complete the Delirium challenges, because it will be removed from PC on June 13 at 3 PM PDT, and June 24 for Xbox One and PS4 when Harvest expansion is released.

Based on tradition, there will a point sale before every expansion comes to an end, accompanied by a free gift.

Until June 15, you could receive a huge selection of cosmetic effects for only 50 points or less, including Skill Effects, Pets, Hideout Decorations and more.

As long as you consumer any number of points in POE store, you can get one Thaumaturgy Mystery Box for free, which is available on PC and Consoles.

Until next week, Delirium expansion is over, what others are worth expecting then?

Before the release of Harvest, it would reveal the Balance Manifesto and Patch notes, and on Thursday, it would make a full list of new and reworked gems.

In Harvest, it introduced more than 40 challenges, each one could grant exclusive rewards, including unique items, Harvest Cloak and Harvest Portal.

When Harvest is released, it will bring a series of new currency items, which need to be exchanged with POE Currency.

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