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Path Of Exile Loot System Guide: How To Keep Bag Not Filled?

There is a comprehensive loot system throughout Path of Exile, surrounding a series of POE items, common, rare, high value ones, and so on. The loot drops from monsters or bosses and fit into your pack.

However, due to space constraints, it is impossible to put all loot into the bag, so the exiles can only leave what they really need, especially which items are worth picking up and which are not.

POE Currency, what you often hear, one of the most important elements in the game, surrounding with a series of orbs and scrolls. They are also the loot dropping from monsters, and almost are valuable, so you are supposed to keep them in your bag, especially in the early stages during playing Path of Exile.

There is a type of item connected with active gems, consisting of three colors, Red, Green, and Blue, they would be valuable to exchange for a Chromatic Orb. And some items can linked with a number of sockets, they are excellent for POE build, also the more links, the rarer the items, you'd better keep all of them.

As rare and unique items have a very low drop rate, they are hard to obtain, along with more use for your character or POE build, maybe, you can sell them at a higher price, anyway, never discard those items at will.

The above are the items you can choose to keep, and the following are some that you should not pick up.

White and Blue items without linked sockets, they are common but useless, which can quickly fill your bag.

Gems as quest rewards are generally trash, as everyone can get a lot of worthless items every day through completing simple tasks.

Half of POE Currency you can get in Path of Exile comes from the loot system, and the rest depends on trading, as you can't get everything through farming.

With this in mind, you are recommended a store that has priority over other marketplaces to run POE-related businesses, Here it sells a variety of POE items and universal POE Currency, as it maintains a satisfactory inventory at all times, which will not let you wait too long. Shopping here, it is guaranteed to get 100% safe currency and friendly service to make your POE full of fun.

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