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Path Of Exile: The Best Ranger Build You Need To Know!

Anyone who has played Path of Exile should know that there is so much flexibility in the Ranger archetype, and it may be difficult to work out what makes the best Ranger build. Each build is designed for achieving different goals within a season of Path of Exile. However, we have found a good Ranger build for beginners - the Toxic Ranger.

What is the Toxic Ranger?

The Toxic Ranger is just a Ranger who prioritizes chaotic damage with AoE abilities. This build is designed for leveling up faster, with mobility, gear clearing to help teach the season mechanic, which leads you to the endgame quickly, and a low budget to get the character into its endgame easier.

The only drawback of the build is that it is not the most Hardcore compatible. This build is a great clearer, but Hardcore needs more than cleaning to really pull it off. So it can be said that this is a very good beginner role.

How Toxic Ranger works?

This is a very simple playstyle. They move gracefully and do not need any precise aiming to get doing. The Toxic Rain ability is the go-to spell for this build, because it releases a destructive AoE followed with Toxic Sores in the affected area, causing damage over time (DoT) and slowing down enemies caught in the zone. This ability combos damage and slow enemies to make it easy for players to deal with enemies in any map.

The build is further enhanced with gems, passives, and gear. Most of it is very cheap, and will easily get the ball rolling for your character to level up and begin farming. The great thing about Toxic Ranger is how pick-up-and-play it is. The build needs no Unique quality items to define it all it needs is a relatively quick attack speed bow, along with more defensive itemization. These stat priorities are important because the build becomes a stable and self-sufficient endgame farmer.

Once your Toxic Ranger has leveled up and has the suitable equipment, it will be easy for you to farm early Atlas tiers. Get yourself in this content will begin your character’s progression and work through any map mod to your core content. This makes it easier for beginners to know about the game.

Passive building

The way to build the Toxic Ranger is by going the ranger damage route with projectile damage for early clearing. Once the game starts to become tougher, the Ranger will rebuild their passive trees to pay more attention to the early tank passive to increase their dodge opportunities, reduce their damage, and increase their HP.

After taking early game defense statistics, players will also increase bow damage, dexterity traits and more. Then you invest your passive skill points further up the tree and take more Chaos damage perks allowance to complete the scaling part of the Toxic Rain build.

When you get into higher levels and more difficult late-game content, the build should pay more attention to defense stats rather than early offense stats.


The Toxic ranger relies on damage over time and general buffs from gear and passives. With this in mind, many gems focus on support abilities. The first gem is the Toxic Rain gem. The other five gems should be the Vicious Projectiles Support for DoT and damage support, followed by the Added Chaos Damage Support, Void Manipulation Support, Swift Affliction Support for increased DoT damage, and Deadly Aliments Support.


Ascendency perks come into the game at later stages. 

Nature's Reprisal is the first go-to, as it increases damage to the benefit of the build's AoE. 

Master Toxicist is the next favored Ascendency, as it greatly benefits poison stacks, the next core part of the Toxic Ranger build. 

Nature's Boon makes sustaining flasks easier and reduces damage from the elements. 

Finally, Nature's Adrenaline provides additional movement and attack speed while under the effects of a flask. 

Another external power source comes from Pantheons. The main benefit players get for Toxic Ranger is the Soul of Solaris, as it synergizes well with Acrobatics/Evasion perks. Other useful powers are the likes of Shakari, as this buffs the damage from poison and chaos damage. However, farming with the Toxic Ranger benefits more from defensive stats, as they have enough AoE damage on their kit anyway. So the defensive stats from Garukhan or Ralakesh is more beneficial, but it's only minor in the grand scheme of things.


For every build in the game, flasking is an important part of the endgame. The choice of flask for the Toxic Ranger depends on whether your build lacks mana regeneration, speed, and damage. If you need speed to help navigate more challenging maps, Quicksilver Flask is a good choice.

If your BD has mana problems, then Mana Flask is good.

However, there are ways to alleviate this with Jewelry slots. The most important flask for this build is Witchfire Brew, because it can further increase the damage of your DoT poison damage.

Recommended Items

While having a fast attack speed bow is perfectly fine for the Toxic Ranger, there are some good items for you to find to enhance your build a little further. Lioneye's Glare is one such bow with its increased attack damage and elemental damage. It may take a good few Chaos Orbs to roll the right stats on it, so it is something to keep in mind.

The other big item is the Cherrubim's Maleficence chest piece. It is quite a cheap Unique piece of gear that offers a lot of increased chaos damage while also granting armor, evasion life leech, and HP bonuses

The Toxic Ranger is a relatively simple playstyle, but it's a great build to start a season with or for new players to learn. The build is easy to use, and the stat priority for the build is easy to understand., as the most reliable store to buy POE Currency, will continually share more guides and news of Path Of Exile with you, so please pay more attention to has always been committed to providing customers with cheap and safe POE Currency within the shortest time. We are also working hard for this, because the interests of customers are always our first place.

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