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Path of Exile 3.11 Announcing And Release Are Very Possible To Delay

On March 13, Path of Exile 3.10 launched as the first expansion in 2020, we all already know that it has completed 8 of the 13 weeks of development, that is, a new expansion will be announced after half a month if everything goes well.

While the exiles are waiting for the next update, Grinding Gear Games issued a statement telling everyone what they are doing, as well as some information on POE 3.11, including its announcing date and release date.

It is planned that POE 3.11 expansion will be announced on June 2 at 2 pm PDT, until then, there will be an accurate release date of 3.11 expansion, which means that it is coming for PC on June 19, and June 24 for console.

However, it must be pointed out that since the June update is a high-quality expansion, it would take more time to complete the work. More seriously, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the development of POE certainly has not been business as usual over the last few months, including 3.11 expansion.

As a result, it is very possible that the expansion will be delayed by an additional week, along with a very low chance to be delayed further beyond that.

Soon, Grinding Gear Games will release more details about POE 3.11, including a short trailer.

Surely, you are more expected to stay at home by GGG and us to ensure safety, during the global disaster, we are all suffering a lot of unexpected losses, and the best way is that we unite to fight the virus, save ourselves and the home.

The release of POE 3.11 will definitely bring a series of new content and gameplay, as well as POE Currency, which is common in every update. If you encounter difficulties while playing the game, here is a store that can help you, in the game, the economy determines the competitiveness of characters and level up faster.

You can buy all kinds of POE-related goods from PoeCurrency, such as POE items, Orbs, it is an excellent operator to meet reasonable requirements of all customers, and it is guaranteed that all goods are 100% safe to deliver within 30 minters without any additional cost. You are recommended to make the first attempt with a small amount to play Path of Exile better.

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