Path of Exile Harvest League Mechanic Guide: Everything You Need To Know
Path of Exile Harvest League Mechanic Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Two weeks ago, Grinding Gear Games announced the details of POE 3.11 release, revealing the Harvest league mechanic, along with a series of content that may be changed and improved. Here is everything you need to know throughout Harvest league.

Simply put, POE 3.11 Harvest mainly revolves around planting seeds, growing into monsters, killing and harvesting their Lifeforce for other uses.

In every area you explore, you could find the Seed Cache and drop different tiers of seeds, which can be planted and grow into monsters that you need to deal with later. So you could customize the combat through this way, and then get the return you deserve.

There is no time limit for all of this, you'll not be required to complete anything within the stipulated time, and even you can restart the planting according to the process you left after leaving for a long period.

Garden Tools
Garden, where you plant monsters, when you collect Lifeforce, you must need some tools or equipment to fertilise, such as pipes, condensers and dispersers, which are extremely common items throughout POE, simple to obtain.

Significant Changes
POE Harvest has changed and improved a lot in multiple aspects, including two-handed melee, Warcries Skills, Brands, as well as Passive Skill tree.

Unique Items
As always, it introduced 12 new unique items in Harvest, as well as 50 reworks of the existing ones, making the rebalance among different characters.

Delirium Core Game
The core of Delirium league, Cluster Jewel, would still be available in POE 3.11 as the core game, increasing the chance of encountering it with the Harvest league mechanic.

POE Currency
When it comes to POE Currency, we can only explain two ways to get POE Currency, gain return through planting monsters, and buy POE Currency.

No matter which one you choose, PoeCurrency is a shop that you can go to, because it will not only provide cheap POE Currency but also POE-related service for free, such as the guide of money making, leveling up and defeating monsters.

This is everything you could experience in Harvest POE, but there is much more to come soon, we will continue to meet you on the site.

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