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Path of Exile Heist Is Coming Soon! So... Are You In?

First of all, let me make a statement. That one on Reddit said that the name of Path of Exile's new season is Explorer. This is a complete rumor. Grinding Gear Games has announced that the name of the new season is Heist. It will be released on September 18.

This may be the biggest update since the Oriath landslide in 2017. In a brand new town, players will plan a high-risk, high-reward heist, along with all-new recruitable NPC criminals.

Heist is actually a brand new game that runs in parallel with the regular story campaign of Path of Exile. Early on, players will unlock and enter the Rogue Harbour, which is a hive where they can truly become their own scum and villains. During the normal game process, players will collect two new types of items, Contracts and Markers. The Contract is the document you need to start planning a heist. Markers are a form of criminal currency, you can use it to pay your accomplices. But you can't rush into the vault and grab the treasure directly, you need to hire professionals.

This update will have 13 new characters with full voice acting. Four of them manage the Harbour, but you can recruit the other nine. Upgrade, equip, and heist missions you bring. The treasure vaults are located behind complex security systems, and you need experts in unlocking, engineering, and demolition and more to bypass these defenses.

Heist will be completely different from the normal route of the Path of Exile. This time, you don't need to scour the place clean. Every battle you participate in, every treasure chest is chest cracked open, and every noise made increases the security level of the building. If you max out of security gauge, the countdown will begin until they have permanently sealed the treasure vault and flood the area with guards, so you can only reach the target relatively quietly.

Although Path of Exile has always had minions that can be summoned, Heist is the first time that players can hire and work with customizable NPCs. This should be interesting.

When the Path of exile Heist starts, will update some articles about game guides and news. You can refer to it. If you also want to buy POE Currency, please put as your first choice, because the products on not only cheap (the price is lower than the market price), but also praised for its fast delivery.

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