Radiant Character Effect: How To Make Your Character Shine In Path Of Exile
Radiant Character Effect: How To Make Your Character Shine In Path Of Exile

This time, PoeCurrency brings the latest news from GGG for all of you, and some of you will definitely be interested in it.

It must be very cool if you could make your character shine all over in the games, just GGG does it. As an exile, you are allowed to try the recent Radiant Character Effect released in Path of Exile, no matter you are walking or fighting, the bright yellow light would always be around your character, which was from the latest announcement from Path of Exile.

Although Poe always keeps update in terms of character effects, this bright yellow light looks more powerful and you can obtain Radiant Character Effect with 190 points.

Incidentally, the Radiant Character Effect adds a divine accent to buy any outfit, but it works especially well with Innocence microtransactions, such as the Innocence Armour Set(420 points), Innocence Wings(320 points), Innocence Sword(180 points), as well as Innocence Weapons Effect(180 points). If you want to get the cool effect, you are recommended to choose one among these above.

Additionally, in order to prevent you from missing the last qualifier race of ExileCon event, we have to remind you again that it will land on August 17, although we have mentioned it before. At that time, all races are contending with the same layout to ensure the fairness of competition.

The top five racers in the qualifier are able to receive additional rewards including the Wasteland Warrior Armour Pack, Glowing Red Eyes, Reptilian Wings, Gloom Herald, Blood Guard Character Effect, Blood Guard Weapon Effect, Blood Guard Footprints, Two-Legged Goat Pet and the Vaal Viper Portal.

Not all players are allowed to join the race, if you just want to watch the performance of the races on TV, don't forget to pay attention to official channel of GGG, Raiz and Ziggy.

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