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The Next League Of Path of Exile Is Called Explorer League?

On September 1st, the 10th anniversary of the Path of Exile was first announced. Therefore, the official will announce the next expansion plan on September 2. They have concluded their press conference, have shown their next expansion to 19 news outlets. In addition to the usual content, the September expansion also includes a new type of character effect.

These character effects start with a minimal visual effect, which will be charged when you kill monsters. There are six visual phases before it reaches its full glorious effect. After a short time without killing monsters, it will gradually return to its original look.

However, many players said that this is just a recoloring, and there is no major change. It doesn't matter. Every new season will be unsatisfactory points. But there is always something attractive, so we can only wait patiently.

Someone on Reddit said: next league is called Explorer League: the setting is you open chest that spawns pirates, both undead and living, collecting different tiers of treasure maps. Once collected certain patterns and missing treasure maps, you can put them together to open treasure island, cave treasure, and shaper/elder treasure influenced maps. The new gems are going to be black powder related, (bombs/grenades), Cannon Spawn/tower, and Voodo magic spells (revisiting poison and chaos).

Of course, the authenticity of this remains to be confirmed!

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