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  • Path Of Exile Guide: How To Get Cheap 4 Green Sockets Triad Grip Easily?

    Feb 22, 2021

    Many POE fans will use Triad Grip to convert minion damage into the cold. But Triad Grip is a glove that requires str and int. It is difficult to get 4 green sockets using only chromatic orbs. Here is a simple method that allows you to quickly obtain 4 green sockets with jeweler's orbs, and it is very cheap and simple.

    How to get it?

    Step one

    A 2 socket Triad Grip is needed, you can use two sockets, you need to use "at least Two Green Socket" craft to get two green sockets.

    Step Two

    Then use "three sockets" to get the third socket. If the third socket is not green, you need to use the two sockets again to return to 2 sockets. This action will not change the color of the original 2 sockets, so you can keep repeating this step until you get 3 green sockets.

    Step Three

    Use four sockets to get the fourth socket. If the fourth socket is not green, use the three sockets again to return to 3 sockets, the color of the 3 sockets will not change, repeating this step until you get the 4 green sockets.

    Normally, it takes about 350 feis to get 4 green holes, and you also need to have a little luck.

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