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  • Path Of Exile: The Latest 3.13.1e Patch Brings Bug Fixes And Improvements

    Mar 05, 2021

    Path Of Exile ushered in a considerable patch this week, you will find that many bugs have been fixed, and PVP and game performance on the Mac received improvements. When you start the game, the 3.13.1e patch will be automatically downloaded and installed.

    Bugs get fixed

    * Certain monsters can be immune to damage in Ritual encounters

    * Do Not Disturb mode will not display announcements such as Realm restart.

    * If the Orb skills were supported with Traps or Mines, the damage will be reflected in the player.

    * Items in the Silo map may drop in an inaccessible area.

    Some game crashes have also been fixed. Some small features have also been added, such as the Expand/Collapse All button to the Hideout Decorations tab. You can add Guild micro-transactions to your watch list.

    The Mac version of the game has also made some improvements. These include fixes for bugs that Hideouts cannot be imported or exported, the client window buttons will no longer work after trying to import or export a Hideout, and the client window size adjustment where the client crash may occur.

    Finally, PVP improvements will also appear in the game:

    * Fixed that the pre-made character of the Duelist was incorrectly named "Whirling Blade" (now Double Strike).

    * Scorching Ray now has an attack time override of 3 seconds.

    * Fixed a bug where the pre-made Duelist characters were not fully assigned to the Passive Tree.

    * Fixed a bug where a pre-made Templar character could not be equipped with Firestorm gems.

    The two hotfixes include:

    * Fixed a bug introduced in 3.13.1e, that is, Legion monsters will not produce some on-kill effects.

    * The Ritual Vessels sometimes cannot store the boss of the Jungle Valley Map, Queen of the Great Tangle.

    This patch will also bring a better gaming experience for players. Once you need POE Currency in the game, you can buy them from provides cheap POE Currency, and the price of POE Currency fluctuates with market price changes, so when you think the price is suitable, it is a wise choice to buy POE Currency immediately.

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