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  • Path Of Exile: Something You Need To Know About Heist League

    Sep 16, 2020

    Path of Exile is one of the most frequently updated free-to-play games on the market. It is also one of the most complex dungeon crawlers ever, with hundreds of passive tree nodes and a complex crafting system. However, what makes this game flourish is its quarterly update. Heist lived up to expectations and once attracted players. Below we will introduce in detail what you need to pay attention to in Heist.

    1. Heist's Gameplay Loop

    Hearing stealth mechanics and alarms in ARPG may seem like a huge red flag, but GGG has ensured that the Heists are based on the intuition of the core gameplay loop. Players can choose to sneak past guards to obtain items, but they won't be punished for charging in and killing guards in sight. The Heist's alert level mainly depends on how many items the player steal, not the noise they make.

    Mapping this league will also be smoother than Harvest. Players no longer need to complete a league mechanic in the middle of the map, but can get the contract they want at any time.

    2. The Rogue Harbour

    To find the Rogues, the player needs to go to the Rogue Harbour, this location is the home of 17 Rogues with different proficiencies. Some will be better at blowing open doors, while others may be better at lockpicking. Choosing the right Rogue for the right job is very important. Rogues who successfully complete the Heist Contract will gain experience in certain proficiencies, enabling them to deal with more severe challenges.

    3. Replica Uniques

    One hundred of Path of Exile's uniques have been replicated in Heist league. Replica Uniques follow the same core design of their main counterpart but are designed around different builds. For example, a Replica Kaom's Heart grants increased Lightning Damage and +500 Mana instead of +500 Life, making it a solid damage alternative to the Cloak of Defiance for Archmage builds. Replicas offer an interesting opportunity for long-forgotten Uniques to see light in the current Path of Exile meta.

    4. Curse Overhaul

    No Path of Exile league would be complete without some core skill changes. This league, players can expect an overhaul to the way curses work. When Heist league launches, curses will be split into two categories: Hexes and Marks. Hexes are area-of-effect curses that can quickly build up to Doom, a means for self-cast curses to increase in strength and deal damage when they expire.

    Marks are single-target debuffs that are much more potent and aren't affected by enemy curse resistance. Poacher's Mark, Assassin's Mark, Warlord's Mark, and a reworked version of Projectile Weakness named Sniper's Mark are now part of this category. When these curses are coupled with the new Impending Doom support, players can finally play a build that focuses on dealing damage with curses instead of traditional spells.

    5.New Steel Skills

    Steel skills now act on an ammunition system called Steel Shards. Shards are generated by certain skills and can be used by other skills. For example, Lancing Steel will consume Shards to create penetrating projectiles. Splitting Steel is a new skill that can turn Steel Shards into turrets to damage nearby enemies. In order to obtain a large number of Steel Shards at one time, players can use the Call of Steel to turn all pierced targets into sources of ammunition.

    6.Alternate Quality Gems

    Adding quality to gems in Path of Exile has always granted one static benefit. This is going to change in Heist, allowing all gems to drop with alternate quality bonuses from Heist completions. One example is the Anger aura granting increased burning damage while active instead of an increased aura radius. Every gem in the game will have up to three alternate quality bonuses for players to find.

    Heist will be released soon, if there are more news later, will inform you in time, and as Heist is released, will also update some game guides. also provides cheap POE Currency. And new currencies will appear in the new season, if possible, will also sell them.

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