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  • Some Helpful Tips For Path Of Exile Heist League

    Oct 28, 2020

    It has been more than a month since the launch of the PoE Heist league, and professional players have also written some guides to share with other players, so you should have almost mastered the Heist league, so we will share some tips today. It won't affect your gameplay, but it may help you in some aspects.

    Check Maps and Preview Rewards

    It must not be a bad thing to have a clear goal before you do anything, so before you enter the target room, use the arrows on the keyboard to preview all the reward boxes and carefully plan the route. This will help you in the next practice.

    Pay attention to the free safe box

    Many players may ignore that there are two safe boxes in the area near the target, which is a pity. So you can keep an eye on this, you can open these two safe boxes, opening them will not increase the alert level, and will not be locked after lockdown.

    Unlock Contraband Items

    I bet most players have had experiences that currency and items fall into the ground after you die, so bad! Therefore, our suggestion is that if you obtain high-value currency and items from the heist, you can return from the entrance before lockdown. At this time, you will find that these items will be unlocked. After that, you can still enter the heist area again, and the alert level will not change. If you find that your inventory is about to be full, you can choose to leave some items on the ground and they will not disappear.

    Level up through Contracts

    First, you need two contracts, Repository and Tunnel. Of course, you can make appropriate adjustments according to your build.

            Specific practice:

                                       1.Get targets

                                       2.Clear the enemies and back to the entrance (stay there)

                                       3.Go deep into the target room again

                                       4.Repeat 2 and 3

                                       5.Go back to the entrance and leave the current area

    You will gain a lot of experience in this process, but remember, don't try more than three times!

    These are some suggestions we want to share with you at the moment. For more guides and tips, you can go to to check. And will also update some news about POE, in case you miss it, you can bookmark the news page on

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