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  • Path of Exile: 3.18.1d patch brings new fixes

    Jul 14, 2022

    With the reveal of the 3.19 timeline, new leagues and content are just around the corner. Grinding Gear Games is also taking steps to improve the game in preparation for more new game mechanics, so this week they deployed a bugfix-focused 3.18.1d patch with some useful information.

    Although GGG stated that the current focus will be on the development of Endgame and the future Path of Exile 2, in order to improve the current game quality and bring a better game experience to players, the following issues have been paid attention to and improved.

    1. Divine Vessels are now able to modify Maps while you have the Stream of Consciousness Atlas Keystone Passive allocated.

    2. The Soul Conduit monster modifier now raises a maximum of 30 nearby monsters to fight again on death.

    3. Fixed a bug where defeating Aul, the Crystal King was not granting credit towards The Forsaken Masters achievement.

    4. Fixed a client crash that could occur when re-entering the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony.

    5. Fixed a client crash that could occur at the end of a PvP match.

    It is worth mentioning that although the comments on the 3.18.1d patch are very brief, many players are very happy with the improvement of Divine Vessels and look forward to the development team to further simplifying the system.

    Although players have mixed opinions about the currently unfinished Sentinel League, these attentions will gradually be attracted by the brand-new league. Hopefully, the 3.19 expansions will bring satisfying content. is a good helper for your game, and you can get more useful information here. At the same time, you can buy POE currency here to advance your game, whether it's difficult in the base game or Challenge Leagues.

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