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  • What's The Endgame On Path Of Exile?

    Dec 03, 2020

    I believe that many new players of POE are still in the early stage, but the worldview of POE is attractive enough, so many new players are curious about the endgame of it.

    In fact, the endgame of it consists of an Atlas of Worlds, which contains maps are filled with monsters. These maps can be upgraded to a very high level, and you have to constantly upgrade your character, so as to ensure that you can maintain your combat effectiveness when fighting with more powerful monsters.

    In addition, there are a bunch of bosses waiting for you. Before you start fighting with them, you need to defeat two mini-bosses - Elder and Sharper. Then you can officially fight the bosses, there's an Uber Elder which is an extra hard, extra high level of both fights rolled into 1.

    When you finish your atlas, you will meet Conquerors. Whenever you upgrade the atlas, you will meet them, and as your atlas level is higher, they are more difficult to deal with. Eventually, you will meet the final boss - Sirus. So a Sirus kill is as the game end.

    There is also a Vaal/Corrupted boss Atziri and an Uber version of her you can fight. There are a few additional bosses that are carryovers from past leagues but not worth getting into here. Also, whatever the current league is will always have some sort of endgame to add to all of this.

    All these bosses can be battled multiple times, which is good, because it helps you collect powerful items. Difficult challenges mean more valuable rewards. Of course, if you are tired, you can stop, and you can also do other things, such as focusing on delving and focusing on Uber labs. So the endgame will not disappoint you.

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