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  • Path Of Exile Tips and Tricks For Expedition League

    Sep 04, 2021

    Although the Expedition League has been around for a long time, players are still creating more content for good loot or challenging battles. Players expect to get corresponding rewards through their efforts. New POE Currency, new NPCs, and new items are introduced into the game, which provides players with more opportunities to experience expedition.

    Check out the indicators. Sometimes, you will see Unearthed Remnants, which will make it more difficult to deal with enemies from subsequent detonations, which requires you to implement a careful plan in advance. If you want a challenge, you can explode the Remnants first to make the enemies harder to defeat. Otherwise, you can place it at the end so that it will not affect too many enemies.

    You don't need to use up all the explosives. With this, you may accidentally detonate the bombs you have placed in advance. This also allows you to focus on the rewards you want. If you are sure that you have covered all the indicators you want, you can go directly to the detonator to get the loot.

    If you have a full inventory after the encounter, you can talk to the NPC or a merchant to open the expedition locker and store the shards. You can find Expedition logbooks at about level 34. They can be crafted and sold. These open up huge Expedition maps and give you a chance to get more rewards, so you need to be prepared at all times.

    White markers are worthless, but orange and yellow ones are more suitable because they can provide better rewards than white ones.

    In the current situation, Expedition may not let you get some Exalted Orbs. You need to use these artifacts to trade with new merchants to get the best items. In addition, it is necessary to try some of the new skill gems introduced in the Expedition League.

    If these suggestions can make you enjoy Path Of Exile more, it would be better. Although the league has been in the middle of the game, many players may be tired of it, but will look for more interesting gameplay to enrich your game experience.

  • Path Of Exile Leveling Guide

    Aug 26, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, leveling guide will be a useful reference for players. Although the league is always being changed, the basic mechanic will not get changed. When the Expedition league was released, some players expressed their dissatisfaction, because the huge challenges always make them feel frustrated. After that, GGG listened to the opinions of the players and released some patches to fix some bugs.

    In Path Of Exile, leveling up your characters is helpful, allowing you to easily deal with powerful bosses in the game.

    Path Of Exile is mainly based on Blizzard's Diablo II. Its difficulty and complexity are quite high, but its core principles are the same. Characters gain experience by completing quests and defeating enemies, develop their abilities, and get updated and more powerful gear to upgrade. Here are some simple tips to help you to level up more effectively.

    * Choose reliable skills to help you stick to the endgame. Many players want to try to develop their final build from the beginning, which is not recommended.

    * Pay attention to the loot. Many loots are not worth occupying your inventory space. Jewelry and accessories are usually worth keeping, in case they come together for a neat combination, otherwise, save space for real valuable items.

    * Keep Scrolls of Wisdom and Portal Scrolls. Orb of Transmutation is very useful as trade fodder to get these scrolls from the vendors.

    * Prioritize items with links, especially 3-link or 4-link items.

    * Farm gems, you can also use other characters if needed. Use different classes to quickly complete the early quests in the game, and then transfer them to your main character, which will quickly store the required gems for rank up quickly.

    Players have mixed opinions on the Expedition League, but everyone is still looking forward to the next league because the unknown league is always the most attractive. POE has accumulated a large number of fans in the past few years, so the devs will take into account the feelings of fans and design a more popular new league.

    Once GGG releases the latest news, will update relevant articles to let you know. Not only that, but we can also provide the POE Currency you need in the game. Of course, the most popular twos are Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb. As for other POE currencies, they are also available on

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  • Path Of Exile: Clear Cache Button Has Been Added

    May 25, 2021

    The Path Of Exile patch recently added a "Clear Cache" button. Developer GGG explained to the community the features of this game and why they added it in the first place.

    The patch notes state:

    * The POE client now makes more efficient use of your system's video memory, which means that assets will remain loaded for a longer period of time. For systems with sufficient video memory, this will result in significantly fewer assets being loaded during the game.

    * Added "Clear Cache" button in the options. When you clear the cache of the POE regularly, this button can try to troubleshoot the issues that due to invalid files or if the cache grows too large.

    Since this is a patch that does not need to be restarted, you need to restart your client during the patch, but the "Clear Cache" button will clear several temporary storage locations of Path Of Exile used to download images and graphics shaders. After cleaning the cached shaders, the client's performance will temporarily decrease, and the client will regenerate the shaders it needs.

    For this reason, GGG recommends only using "Clear Cache" as a last resort when troubleshooting crashes or other graphics issues, or if the size of the cache has become an issue.

    They are currently monitoring the results of this patch to resolve any lingering issues. If you experience a crash when using Vulkan, you can try DX11 and see what happens when you use the API.

    You can check the Path Of Exile team's answers to questions about various game mechanics in the community. If you are interested, you can give it a try.

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  • Path Of Exile: The Next Update Will Better Use Your Graphics Card's VRAM

    May 20, 2021

    When talking about Path Of Exile earlier, we mentioned the memory of one of its NPCs. And the next patch of the game will be released later this week, and this will solve your video card memory.

    GGG’s development team has listed all the technical details last week. The main point is that the video RAM issues in the new Vulkan rendering system of DirectX 11 and POE will cause the game to run badly or even crash. 

    These results are not conducive to the game experience, and a conservative solution may make some textures blur for a period of time, which seems unattractive.

    So a new solution was proposed. It actively uses as much VRAM as possible to quickly load things, while also allowing players with lower-end graphics cards to manage content.

    In addition, there is a "Wipe Cache" button, which is to deal with other situations, that is, when players need to act manually because of poor performance.

    GGG said that after the patch is online, they will pay close attention to player experience reports. Other graphics repairs, such as invisible monsters and performance diagnostic tools, will be implemented in the following days. will update some POE-related news and other topics of interest to players. If you are a POE player, you can subscribe to Once we update the relevant articles, you will be able to know them for the first time. also provides cheap POE Currency, including not only the popular Exalted Orbs, Chaos Orbs, but also other Orbs. In short, all the useful Orbs you need in the game are available on

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  • Path Of Exile Guide: Some Useful Tips For The Witch Class

    Apr 08, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, Witch is the most typical magic-user. If you are good at spellcasting, then this class should be a good choice. The Witch needs caution, creativity and special skills, gear, and gems to succeed. There are several builds that can run, but if you want to turn Witch into the scariest class in the game, you can refer to the following suggestions.

    Craft a wand to level

    The witch can try a variety of weapons as their tools for spellcasting. You can start with Thunder Lord’s Goat’s Horn. It is easy to craft: 1 magic wand, 1 resist ring, 1 alternation orb. It can increase spell damage by 10% and increase the level of elemental gems embedded in it.

    Mix auras with minions

    If you play Summoner-style Witch, then they are valuable in tanks, inflicting damage and completing perfect heists. The best way to maximize their effectiveness is to stack auras on them. They will gain extra damage and resistance.

    Have dynamic spells

    This spell is so powerful that every gear and skill should perform this attack at the top level. At least two spell gems are required to cause AOE damage and single target damage.

    Use intelligence skill gems

    There are a lot of dexterity and strength spells suitable for Witch skills in the game. However, Witch has an advantage in intelligence, and you should pay more attention to this aspect. The special thing about Witch is that it is channeled best through active intelligence skills, so you can stick to these skills.

    To be a “Tank”

    The Witch is arguably one of the best and most complete tanks in the game. The Energy Shield is based on mana, and Witch never lacks mana. The immunity given by her shield will exceed the damage and survival of Templar and Ranger from any source.

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  • Path Of Exile Will Reveal Ultimatum Release Date, And Promise Details On POE 2

    Mar 25, 2021

    Path Of Exile is preparing for its next major update. It has been a long time since the release of the Echoes Of the Atlas expansion. Players may also feel a little tired of this. The GGG team is preparing a new update called Ultimatum. It is expected to be released in April. The new trailer for the next expansion will be announced.

    Except for this trailer, we don’t know more details about Path Of Exile: Ultimatum. If this pattern is applicable to the previous expansion, we can look for some brand-new mechanics, new character builds opportunities, new items, game system updates, balance changes, and a new time-limited league. And the expansion of this game will be released on Friday, April 16.

    Although the updates and expansions of Path Of Exile are always exciting, some people are also curious about Path Of Exile 2, which was revealed at the ExileCon event in 2019, but there has been little news since then. Recently, the development team will start a special Livestream presentation at 1 pm PT on April 8th, which will reveal the Ultimatum extension in detail, and will also provide the first new details of Path Of Exile 2.

    The Path Of Exile expansion will be broadcast on the Twitch channel, including new details of POE 2. At that time, will also update relevant news.

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