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  • Path Of Exile: Starter Tips For Leveling

    Mar 09, 2021

    If you are a new player of Path Of Exile, then you may also be learning related game mechanics. From POE Currency to POE Trade, and POE Orbs, you can start to understand relevant information. Among them, you may also be curious about how leveling works, this article will give relevant guidance.

    Level 1-65

    First of all, you need to worry about the blue packs. This situation will continue to level 30, so you don't need to pay too much attention to side quests, but from level 30, you can start to focus on your POE character build. Your main concern is to farm as many XP as possible. If you want to continue grind XP, then check places like Dried Lake or the docks to advance further.

    Level 65 and higher

    When you reach level 65, you can start running the non-red maps, you can do this until you reach level 90. Once you reach a higher level, you will be able to start completing the maps. Mapping is a necessary step to enhance your role. You can change the difficulty of these maps to get better rewards and experience. When you start to reach these levels, you will notice a dip in leveling up. It depends on how fast you level up.

    Play in groups

    Fighting in a group will help you reach higher levels faster and with less stress. There is a noticeboard in each town. You can join other players' groups and fight alongside them. Correspondingly, joining the team will make the enemies more difficult, but you can get the support of your teammates.

    Get the best gear

    Choosing the right gear is important. You need to make reasonable use of POE Currency to get good gear. You need to find gear with gems and suitable for your build. Leveling up your gear every 10 levels or around, and you will proceed more smoothly. So finding the right gear is not an overnight task, it takes a certain amount of time.


    You can farm in the following scenarios:

    * Act 1 - The Ledge

    * Act 2 - Fellshrine Ruins

    * Act 3 - The City of Sarn or the docks

    By going over these areas, you will be able to level up in a short time. If you need to level up quickly, you can refer to the above methods. There is more content in the game that you need to understand, will provide the corresponding game guides and some tips.

    And also provides cheap POE Currency, whether you need Exalted Orbs or Chaos Orbs, they are all available on

  • POE Guide: How To Get The Most Expensive Currency?

    Feb 05, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, you can find many different currency items, from the most common Scroll of Wisdom to the rarest and most expensive currencies. We have listed some of the most precious currencies and ways to obtain them. Hope you have enough luck to get them in the game.

    Exalted Orb

    Players will use this orb for its intended purpose - to enhance rare equipment with a new random affix. It is mainly used to exchange for expensive and rare items. Therefore, the price of this orb is much higher than its drop rate, so you can buy Exalted Orbs and exchange them for relatively less rare currency items, such as Orb of Alteration.

    How to get:

        * It will drop from slain monsters, chests, destructible containers, or doing beastcrafting recipes

        * Divination cards: The Hoarder, The Saint's Treasure, Abandoned Wealth, Brother's Stash, Alluring Bounty and Emperor's luck

        * Shards: Exalted Shard Shard *20

    Prime Regarding Lens and Secondary Regrading Lens

    These orbs appeared in the Heist League. They make it possible to obtain alternative gem quality that is different from the default one. This offers new opportunities, especially for the aura skills. Prime Regarding Lens add, change or remove alternative quality to skill gems, and Secondary Regarding Lens is the same, but it is on support gems.

    How to get:

    You can only get it from Grand Heist Curio Displays with the "Unusual Gems" target type.

    Elderslayer's Exalted Orbs

    The Exalted Orbs of these conquerors are different from the regular Exalted Orbs. They allow you to enhance a rare piece of equipment with Conqueror's influence, depending on the orb you use. Unlike Exalted Orb, you can use them to craft top rare items, like body armor and amulets.

    How to get:

        * Crusader's Exalted Orb: Drop from Baran, The Crusader

        * Warlord's Exalted Orb: Drop from Drox, The Warlord

        * Hunter's Exalted Orb: Drop from AI-Hezmin, The Hunter

        * Redeemer's Exalted Orb: Drop from Veritania, The Redeemer

        * Divination cards: The Long Con

    Tempering Orb and Tailoring Orb

    These Orbs also appear in the Heist League. At the same time, you can knock out armor or weapons with enchantments, or with help of new orbs add or replace it with existing equipment. However, whether it's orbs or items with enchantment, you can only get them from Grand Heists.

    How to get:

    You can only get it from Grand Heist Curio Displays with the "Enchanted Armaments" target type.

    Awakener's Orb

    Generally, you can use these orbs to craft rare equipment.

    It can be used on an item with influence mods, causing the item to be destroyed. This influence modifier is transferred to another item of the unified item you selected, causing the second item to be re-forged into a rare item with both the influence types and the new modifiers.

    How to get:

    It will only drop from Sirus

    Maven's Orb

    It appeared in the Ritual League. It can only be used on rare items with two or more influence modifiers. Maven's Orb will randomly upgrade one influence modifier and remove the other. It is used to craft top equipment.

    How to get:

    It will only drop from The Maven.

    Mirror of Kalandra and Mirror Shard

    It is the most expensive and rarest type of currency in the game, and only a few players can successfully knock out or buy it.

    You can use Mirror of Kalandra to duplicate the best rare items. The mirror is a consumable item and you will receive the same item (at the bottom with the mirror mod).

    How to get:

    Mirror of Kalandra

         * Drop from slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers, extremely low chance

         * Divination cards: House of Mirrors and Emperor's Luck

         * Shards: Mirror Shard*20

    Mirror Shard

         * Drop from Harbingers

         * Divination cards: Seven Years Bad Luck and Unrequited Love

    I hope you have enough good luck to get these rare currencies in the game. If you haven't gotten them, you can come to to buy the POE Currency you need.

    On, you can find cheap Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs, because the price of POE Currency is always floating, so if you find that the price of the currency you want to buy hits low to a certain extent, it is wise to buy immediately! If you are a loyal fan of POE, then you can subscribe to If you can become our member, then you will purchase POE Currency at a lower price.

  • Build POE 3.9 Metamorph Economy- Make POE Currency Easier

    Dec 23, 2019

    Metamorph, the private league of POE released with 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, which has launched for two weeks. Grinding Gear Games regarded it as the most successfully update, and everything has gone smoothly as expected until now. However, with the brand new league, someone is still curious about the Metamorph economy or currency, here it may give you some guidance.

    With Metamorph, the in-game currency is still themed on POE Items, Scrolls and Orbs, and you still have a lot of methods to farm or grind, just like the previous expansions of POE.

    General methods:Drop from monsters, this is the common and easy way to earn Metamorph Currency, whenever you kill a monster, the loot would drop from them, there may be some items you need.

    Trade with others, you can sell the unnecessary items to others or crate the items in exchange for higher-value POE Currency.

    Complete the challenges, there are countless quests in each version of POE, you could get the rewards through completing some of them.

    These general methods can make some profits, but it is hard for ordinary ones to get rare items.

    You know, some rare items, such as Exalted Orbs are necessary to upgrade and enhance character skills, you'd better use some general orbs to redeem it as soon as possible, or when you get extra orbs, keep them in your hands for several days and wait for the price to stabilize before selling it to others.

    Beyond that, never miss any chance to get materials or items throughout POE, because you don't know if these items will bring you more valuable ones, even some tiny currency drops.As for the currency drops, there is some advice for you to learn about.

    When you are a newbie, you need to constantly pick up any one you meet, they may be used in the next adventure.

    When your level is high enough, you can pick and leave the ones you need, and then sell others for extra profit.

    Anyway, POE Currency is an indispensable tool when playing, and runs through almost every step of your game. However, someone still thinks that the above methods are not practical and troublesome, so the fastest way is to buy POE Currency, many players have tried it and gave mixed reviews.

    In order to completely avoid the insecurity when purchasing, you are recommended to go to an absolutely safe store, PoeCurrency, which can make your shopping easier. And more importantly, it can often provide some special offers to allow you to buy at a cheaper price.

  • Why POE Is Becoming So Attractive? Starting From POE 1.0.0

    Oct 21, 2019

    Do you still remember why you want to play POE? From a small game developed a group of game enthusiasts to the current global and great MMO, POE once had a long way to go.

    Starting from 1.0.0, which was the first version of POE, it developed to 3.8.0 Blight by now, which is an update based on the tower defense mechanism to earn a variety of orbs and scrolls, such as the Exalted Orbs.

    The players of POE have been exploding in the past few years, and it can not be done without any reason, at least the following ones:

    Reason 1: POE is a free-to-play MMO

    As we all know, POE is available freely for everyone, its developer Grinding Gear Games never asks players to pay for the game, which is one of the major reasons why POE is becoming so attractive? After all, who does not like free games? Both I and you like it. And POE is really a very good game, because it is always taking the players' interest into consideration including POE spending. As GGG itself said, never pay to win. Although the in-game micro-transaction didn't completely cancel, all of this is paid depending on the players' own wishes, which also could bring a small profit to POE, this is far lower than other similar MMOs.

    Reason 2: In-game non-single economy

    The currency in the game, which is also known as POE Currency, the items used in the micro-transaction in POE, but the difference in it is that this is non-single currency, but revolving around a series of orbs and scrolls. In other words, the players no longer need to work hard to get only one fixed currency. Instead, when getting a kind of POE Currency, they can exchange other POE Currency through various methods, which makes the in-game economy in POE more flexible and free more time to play other game content.

    Reason 3: Long-term regular updates with tons of content

    From 1.0.0 to 3.8.0, every about three months, GGG launches a new expansion of POE, which will bring a lot of new content to the players, some of the excellent content is created by GGG for hours. And any of them is worth playing without any surprise.

    Reason 4: Guide from developers can be seen everywhere

    If you are a beginner, you always have difficulties in some aspects, such as choosing the valuable equipment or how to make POE Currency quickly, this is very common. Whenever searching for POE Guide online, it always appears countless messages, videos, images or text, and most of them are very efficient.

    Beyond that, GGG will update the corresponding guide according to each expansion from the developers, and u will make great progress.

    You started your POE from a certain time, which is what we tried to convince you on PoeCurrency to bring definitely much fun.

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