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  • Path Of Exile: When Can We Expect The Next Expansion To Drop?

    Jun 09, 2021

    GGG announces when we can expect the next expansion, and their plan to reveal more about it and how to check it.

    Path Of Exile expansion 3.15 is scheduled to be released in mid-July 2021. Although the exact release date has not yet been announced officially, it gives us a fairly narrow window of time to look forward to.

    In addition, the Ultimatum League will end 5 days before the release of the next expansion. GGG plans to announce the exact date on June 24, 2021.

    The team will announce the expansion’s content and other details via live broadcast on the official POE Twitch channel, like the 3.14 announcement.

    They also pointed out that expansion 3.15 will include a new league, rewards, game balance and other changes. Most importantly, its league range will be larger than Ultimatum, which is also part of the excitement of POE players.

    So, before the end of Ultimatum, you still have one month to play the game. Some POE fans also expressed their concerns about the content of the game, hoping that the game balance of version 3.15 will be better than that of version 3.14.

    More importantly, players demand better optimization, which will become the focus of attention of many players on June 24. Before that, players can only focus on Ultimatum League.

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  • Path Of Exile: Is There Any Advantage To Play Solo?

    May 27, 2021

    Path Of Exile is an RPG, and it allows players to develop their creativity. But players don’t know whether playing solo has more advantages or multiplayer combat has more advantages. Because in other similar games, such as Diablo 3, almost everyone on the leaderboard needs the help of other players, so POE players are wondering whether they also need to seek help from other players to gain advantages in POE.

    The competition in Path Of Exile is not as popular as the leaderboard in D3. It can be said to be a race that allows players to reach level 100. But players do pay attention to short races, from 12 minutes to 1 month. At present, as GGG supports less and less on races, the racing seems to be disappearing.

    There is no competition in the SC temp league ladder, and most players don't care about or really participate in it. There will be some competition in the HC temporary league, but it is usually dominated by different teams or unions who cooperate with each other to dominate the market. In order to complete the HC temporary league, you need a support/aura player with you, which is very effective.

    Of course, in Path Of Exile, you can also choose to play solo. As a solo player, you can only compete in the SSF leagues. In the early Solo Self Found league, trading was not allowed. In addition, no one controlled the market, no flipping, and no price manipulation. You only need to focus on the game and compete with other players.

    Besides, there is RNG. If you play the game for more than 12 hours a day, if you drop 3 sacrificial harvests + craft high ES gear + have lucky enchant on the helmet, you will win the game.

    So compared to D3, POE seems to be more suitable for solo, you won't really lose anything. And the statement of​ solo players getting more loot is reasonable, because when you are in the team, the difficulty of the boss will increase, so it is appropriate to play solo.

    If you also like play solo, then Path Of Exile is suitable. Any POE Currency you need in the game, you can get on

    Because POE is not a pure pay-to-win game, if you have probably mastered the game's mechanics, on this basis, buy POE Currency can make everything smoother.

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  • Path Of Exile: Clear Cache Button Has Been Added

    May 25, 2021

    The Path Of Exile patch recently added a "Clear Cache" button. Developer GGG explained to the community the features of this game and why they added it in the first place.

    The patch notes state:

    * The POE client now makes more efficient use of your system's video memory, which means that assets will remain loaded for a longer period of time. For systems with sufficient video memory, this will result in significantly fewer assets being loaded during the game.

    * Added "Clear Cache" button in the options. When you clear the cache of the POE regularly, this button can try to troubleshoot the issues that due to invalid files or if the cache grows too large.

    Since this is a patch that does not need to be restarted, you need to restart your client during the patch, but the "Clear Cache" button will clear several temporary storage locations of Path Of Exile used to download images and graphics shaders. After cleaning the cached shaders, the client's performance will temporarily decrease, and the client will regenerate the shaders it needs.

    For this reason, GGG recommends only using "Clear Cache" as a last resort when troubleshooting crashes or other graphics issues, or if the size of the cache has become an issue.

    They are currently monitoring the results of this patch to resolve any lingering issues. If you experience a crash when using Vulkan, you can try DX11 and see what happens when you use the API.

    You can check the Path Of Exile team's answers to questions about various game mechanics in the community. If you are interested, you can give it a try.

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  • Path Of Exile: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Expansion - Ultimatum 

    Apr 06, 2021

    On April 8th, GGG will host a Livestream, showcasing Path of Exile: Ultimatum and more details, including POE 2 information. The expansion of 3.14 will be shown through live gameplay, a full trailer, mechanics discussions, potential special encounters, and other possible content. However, the new footage of POE 2 may add interest to this video.

    Ultimatum expansion

    Ultimatum was teased on March 24, and this seems to be another eye catching league that will adapt well to the game. The expansion will be based on Vaal, and it is likely to continue. The player also found a character very similar to Doryani in the trailer. He is a thaumaturgist, and his experiments seem to have had a significant impact on the lore of POE.

    With the help of Alva Valai, you will be able to travel 2000 years into the past. Alva Valai is one of the masters and one of the iconic figures of other leagues. Another option is that corruption may spread to the land of Wraeclast and Oriath, so you need to take some measures to deal with it. In addition, in the red and black smoke, the obelisks still surround an area, which means you will not be trapped inside until you kill all the enemies. Or, each obelisk has different modifiers, suitable for the enclosed area where they are located.

    And Doryani will also become the focus for this league, expanding the legend surrounding his mysterious experiments, and will tell you more about the Vaal civilization.

    The trailer also shows a building that looks like a shrine or temple. This atmosphere seems to usher in a duel with the boss, it may be Doryani himself. In fact, the temporal incursions took place in small rooms deep in the Temple of Atzoatl. This is a constantly changing dungeon, and you can shape this dungeon by going back. On the other hand, Ultimatum may be a tomb the tomb of Doryani.

    In short, this expansion seems to be a breakthrough, and it should once again attract more fans. Once GGG announces more news, will also update relevant articles in time.

    Once the extension is released, will also provide relevant game guides and some useful suggestions. Of course, the necessary POE Currency in the game is also available here, as long as it is the POE Currency you need, we can provide it for you!

  • Path Of Exile: One Trillion Tribute Has Been Earned By Players

    Mar 01, 2021

    The latest stats from Path Of Exile is very surprising. According to the second part of the GGG Ritual statistics report, so far, players who run the Ritual have received one trillion Tribute. The first part of GGG's Ritual statistics report shows that since the Ritual League feature was added to the game in mid-January this year, POE players have started 624,332,098 Rituals. It is estimated that since the starting of the league, there have been 20,139,745 Rituals per day, equivalent to 23 Rituals per second.

    Judging from recent stats, it seems that POE players have not slowed down.

    Ritual League is a new challenge, it requires you to complete up to 3 rituals in each zone in the game. When the Ritual Altar is activated, a group of enemies will attack it briefly in the circular area around the Altar. In order to end the Ritual, you must defeat all enemies in the area and complete all the Rituals in the area. You can use the Tributes you get from completing the Ritual to unlock a menu of various items.

    This is a bit fascinating because the more Rituals you complete, the better the rewards available will be, and you will often encounter exclusive rare items. Of course, correspondingly, the enemies in the Ritual Circle will become stronger, which makes completing the ritual more challenging.

    After all these rituals are completed, the number of tributes mentioned above is meaningful because it is a free-to-play game and only ran the Ritual League for more than a month.

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  • Path Of Exile: Some Tips For Novices Who Want To Join In New League

    Jan 05, 2021

    It has now entered January, and for POE fans, the tormented waiting is almost over.

    And the Heist Flashback event of POE has also ended, which means that the new league of Path Of Exile is coming soon, and GGG has given some clues that there will be some changes about Atlas of Worlds, which makes many fans curious. But there are still several days before the end of Heist, so we have collected some questions about the Heist League, and what newbies who want to join the game in the next league should pay attention to. We have given corresponding suggestions and tips.

    Are the new Atlas coming to standard at the same time as the new league release? And the balance changes are the changes implemented in standard when the new league ends?

    Yes and yes. The only difference between the league and standard (and their HC/SSF equivalents) is the league mechanic itself and emergent player stuff like the economy. All gameplay mechanics like the Atlas and balance changes are identical across the entirety of the game.

    Do all the crafting bench unlocks and unveiling modifiers reset after each league too? Is hideout types the only kind of cross-league unlocks?

    Technically you get to keep the lowest tier of life and resist crafting recipes, whereas new accounts need to make it to the Dread Thicket before they can do that. But it's not really useful to craft life and resists in act 2 anyway.

    Also, nobody ever mentions the Scion as a cross-league unlock. GGG could have removed her from the character creation screen when you select a new league, but they didn't!


    Which contracts run for XP in Heist?

    Tunnels. Roll contracts with more monsters in reward rooms. Open as many rewards chest as you can so that all the room will have reinforcement after the alert is given. Do a couple of round trips between the Display room and exit.

    That may not be completely optimal but you get 1% of level 100 per contract this way. And tunnels blueprints are even better than tunnels contracts.


    I will begin the game with the launch of 3.13. I'm looking for some advice!

    To give you a few tips:

    1. Keeping gems isn't important you can buy all of them later on with the exception of Enhance - Empower - Enlighten, you can pick up gems with quality on them to sell them to a vendor, if you sell gems with a total of 40% qual to a vendor you get a Gemcutters Prism (gives gems 1% quality).

    2. Rare items can be confusing since there are so many mods you barely can tell what's useful, as a general rule while leveling you'll want HP and Elemental Resistances on them, everything else is nice to have.

    3. Items have "bases", depending on what attribute those items require they're more likely to roll that color (Strength - Red, Intelligence - Blue, Dexterity - Green) keep that in mind when trying to color items.

    4. Don't be afraid to wear items with wrong stats if they have good stats (an int chest with 80 HP and tons of resist is much better than an str chest with no useful mods).

    5. Finally, you can start the game without following a specific guide but you may run into a wall if you just wing it, so if you don't want that try looking for at least a rough outline for a build. If you're interested, you can subscribe to Because after the new league is released, will often update relevant news and game guides, and even builds. These may help you.

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  • POE 3.9.0 Expansion Preview, Release Date, Challenges, And Items, As Blight Coming To An End

    Nov 07, 2019

    Time flies, the once sensation of POE 3.8.0 Blight is nearing the end, and Grinding Gear Games also announced that there are only a few weeks left until current Blight Supporter Pack leave the store, then the details of next expansion POE 3.9.0 will come with ExileCon 2019 next week, the new Supporter Pack will appear in the store in about three weeks, so it's the best time to make a summary for Blight, which will let us go further.

    On August 20, all of us were the first time to get the details about POE 3.8.0, at that time we didn't even know its name until September. And then the release of Blight let the exiles get rid of the Legion league, jumped into a new combat system.

    During these two months, quite a few players have completed the challenge of Blight, so this is good news that a brand new expansion will soon come, and now we can only call it POE 3.9.0, but its release date, name and content will be announced at ExileCon on November 16.

    Blight put focus on the skills of long-range attacks through a new tower-defense mechanism, so it will definitely add huge changes to POE 3.9.0 by GGG. It is reported that more balance attention would be focused on bow, changing the melee and spellcasting earlier this year. Beyond that, more new items, divination cards and gems will be also added to the game system.

    By the way, Blight is about to end, this is the best time to sort out the game record of POE Blight, and make good preparation for your next expansion.

    BlizzCon 2019 will be held in New Zealand on November 16 and last for two days, if you really want to know about the upcoming of POE rapidly, the Tickets are also available now, or you can watch the live stream in real time until then.

    The PC release of POE 3.9.0 is set on December 7, if all is running well, it will arrive as expected, that is, the final release date may change depending on the actual situation. Please refer to the announcements from ExileCon for specific messages.

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  • POE Spending Per League Survey From 2012: POE Development Change Nearly Ten Years

    Oct 16, 2019

    First of all, I will start today's topic with a picture of a chart, which was seen from a post of a loyal fan of POE on Reddit, and the smart man named it "Spending USD Per League" to record his spending in POE from 2012 to present, and now we start to analyze the result on the chart.

    POE is such an attractive MMO, and Grinding Gear Games opened the beta phase as early as in 2012, until the official version of the game was released in October 2013 on PC. From this chart, the brilliant fan kept focus on POE since its beta and played nearly all of the expansions, so what he said is definitely more convincing than most players.

    To put it simply, in the few expansion after the first release of POE, the fan did not spend too much money on it. After all, POE itself was just a small game with little fame at that time, but with the emergence of the Invasion update, which was also a turning point in the POE's development, he even spent 10 times more than before to play better. And in the next three years, his spending has not been reduced too much.

    By 2018, its spending dropped off significantly. On the one hand, GGG didn't recommend players to pay to win due to the internal limitation of the game, many three-party transactions were also forced to terminate, such as Xsolla restrictions, and even a lot of accounts of players were marked as fraudulent due to it.

    On the other hand, this shows that POE didn't cause the players' consumption impulse to some extent, the players are still willing to play the game, but they don't want to take some dollars for it any more.

    There is also an explanation, for the old players, they already have lots of POE Items or MTX collection in the long-term experience. Meanwhile, POE is a free game, and it will not add too much monetized content, that being said, the players are not unwilling but instead of no longer need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on the expansions.

    In summary, it is not that POE is getting worse and worse, but it is willing to keep focus on more on the game effect than making money. Even so, the in-game micro transaction didn't stop because the economy foundation is the obbligato part of any MMO.

    Generally speaking, I am a gaming lover who once played POE before, I used to buy POE Currency to make myself stronger, which really helped me a lot since I didn't have time to farm or grind POE Currency, but soon I realized that I can't do it too much, after all, playing is more fun than buying the game.

    Or, when you want to buy some POE Currency to enhance yourselves or buy the advanced equipment that you can't get, it is best to choose some legal goods from safe and stable source, since not all producers can do it, even some merchants are bragging in order to make profits, so be sure to think twice before purchasing.

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  • Available Poe Blight Supporter Packs Review

    Aug 30, 2019

    Time is flying fast and only one week left to start Blight, the next expansion of POE, the true appearance is going to be revealed soon. Before that, GGG will continue to release some changes and improvements to help you figure out the update better.

    The Supported Pack is an important part of Poe Items, which includes packages of points, microtransactions and other rewards that can be purchased in support of GGG for a limited time.
    In each expansion, GGG will update the content of Supporter Packs. And after GGG leaked the release date of POE 3.8.0, it continued to introduce two Supporter Packs that are needed in Blight for the next few days. Now you can buy the packs to get those cosmetic effects, like Armour Set, Weapon Effect, A pet and more.
    These two packs have separate microtransactions, and you can choose one of them you like, it is also allowed to purchase both of them when you want to all of them.

    The Sentinel and the Sentinel Overlord Supporter Packs

    Here, you can discover in the Sentinel Pack.

    A Weapon Effect
    A Pet
    A Portrait Frame
    A Supporter Forum Title
    250 Points

    Content in the Sentinel overlord Pack

    Everything from the Sentinel pack to an Armour Set
    550 Points
    A Portrait Frame
    A Forum Title

    The Lich and the Bane Lich Supported Packs
    You can find those in the Lich Pack

    A Weapon Effect
    An aura Effect
    A Portrait Frame
    A Supporter Forum Title
    250 Points

    The Lich Supported Pack content

    All in the Lich Pack
    An Armour Set
    An alternative Helmet Skin
    A Portrait Frame
    A Forum Title
    550 Points

    No matter which one you purchase, you can upgrade from one to another.

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    By the way, the plan of POE of the upcoming week has leaked, check it out and make good preparation for starting a brand new adventure.

    Mon: Blight Challenge Rewards and more new gems for the Assassin Archetype
    Tue:3.8.0 Balance Development Manifesto
    Wed: 3.8.0 Patch Notes, Passive Tree and Item Filter Information
    Thu: New and reworked gems
    Fri: Blight comes

  • POE 3.8.0 Timeline And Challenges

    Aug 13, 2019

    PoeCurreny Team is still here to update the latest news of Path of Exile, and we have posted several messages about Poe's next expansion, Poe 3.8.0, which included the release date, new content and challenges, if you are new, here is access to the article: POE 3.8.0 Expansion Info: Release Date, New Content And Challenges.

    Today, we are going to introduce more about Poe 3.8.0, which are from the announcement timeline released by GGG.

    In the coming weeks, the official site of Poe will show more new leagues and challenges until August 10, everything is opening. And by September, Poe 3.8.0 will be released officially, at that time, the players will be able to experience new improvements to existing content, new items, crafting methods, and other more.

    As one of the most popular MMORPGs, the developer of POE has been bringing a better game experience to players through constant updates and expansions. As a basic player, all of you face many challenges all the time, so before Update 3.8.0 coming, you'd better be well prepared for it, time, energy, items, Poe Currency and more.

    In order to obtain the new items, you will definitely be asked to fight with the new enemies, since GGG planned to release the detail until August 20, it is said that the enemies are hordes of ancient and powerful elite warriors, while you must stand the side of justice and fight the forces of evil, kill the enemies to earn your special rewards.

    Similar to other expansions, be sure to watch out for enemies with an icon in their heads, they are generally judged by the system to be very powerful opponents, never get discouraged until you kill them completely. However, all would be paid off, once you success, you are allowed to earn Poe Items as exclusive rewards.

    We are looking forward to and believe that Poe will bring us more surprises in the next league challenges, and not much time is left, there is no better time to jump into Wraeclast than now!