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  • Path of Exile Black Star Boss Fight Guide

    Feb 10, 2022

    Siege of the Atlas has arrived, and it brings 4 new endgame bosses. There's a new story progression that will take you through Atlas and into these new battles, each with some deadly new mechanics, one of which is Black Star. So to help players deal with it smoothly, gives detailed guides.

    The Black Star Mechanics: The Polaric Void

    When you load into the Polaric Void, you'll notice the center globe. The globe sent out two flames, dividing the arena into a fiery red half and an ice blue half. The globe will rotate throughout the battle, shifting the halves with it. Each side will give you a stacking debuff that makes you more vulnerable to this type of damage and related ailment. However, with the opposite type, you will take less damage.

    Black Star has 2 very powerful abilities - Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm. These attacks will kill you instantly if you have the matching debuff. Conversely, with the opposite debuff, you won't take any damage.

    Black Star's other attacks, including those used by its clones, also deal significant fire and cold damage. Fortunately, you can reduce this by sticking to the right parts of the arena. Black Star seems to switch elements after an Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm, so jump to the other half of the stage when they're over. You should make sure you are immune to Freeze, otherwise, a cold attack on the wrong side of the arena will destroy you. So before starting the battle, you need to be fully prepared, if necessary, you can come here to buy POE Currency you need.

    How to access the Black Star fight?

    For the first time participating in Black Star, you just need to follow the quest steps given to you by The Envoy and Kirac to progress in Atlas. All of which require you to complete maps of progressively higher tiers with the Searing Exarch's influence on your map device. After you defeat a Tier 12 or higher map boss with the Searing Exarch’s influence, you will receive a Polaric invitation. Put it in your map device and start fighting.

    The first encounter is the "story" version, which is simpler than the farmable version. Once you've progressed further and defeated Searing Exarch, you can repeat the boss fight by completing more maps with Searing Exarch's influence. Complete 14 maps to get the harder version of the Black Star.

  • Why Does Path Of Exile Have So Many Third-Party Tools?

    Dec 20, 2021

    POE players know that the game mechanic is very complicated, so if you want to relieve some pressure, some third-party tools are very helpful. has also introduced relevant content before, you can browse our website.

    There are a lot of deep-level character systems and subsystems in the game, they are complementary, when you want to hold down the right-click and open the monster screen to get shiny loot, it is not easy. And the 13-week development cycle leaves little time to invest in the improvement of the quality of life. GGG focuses on developing new league content, so function expansion becomes difficult to manage at this point.

    Players’ attitudes towards POE’s third-party tools are mixed. Some players think Path of Exile is very complicated compared to normal games, so third-party tools can help them reduce complexity. And the public API of POE provides very good data, not many games have such a rich API, so this also makes using POE third-party tools a common phenomenon.

    Another controversial aspect is that the third-party tools of POE should be 100% provided by developers, but now it seems that they are all provided by the community, which is unsatisfactory. It means that GGG has not yet been able to provide me with the perfect game experience, they put all their energy into developing new content, while ignoring some details.

    It can be seen that GGG still has a long way to go, but based on the interest in POE, players are also happy to make some helpful third-party tools, which can also promote great interactions in the community, the community always has a way to make things better.

    Since POE players already have a lot of things to do, is also committed to simplifying the quests of players, because grinding POE Currency in the game is time-consuming, so if you lack any currency you need, you can buy it directly here, which will make everything process more smoothly.

  • GGG Will Remove Prophecies From Path Of Exile

    Dec 02, 2021

    GGG is keen to change the ARPG mechanics at the beginning of the new league. Since its initial release, there were more than 30 major content updates, and the world of Wraeclast is constantly changing. So we can predict that the 3.17.0 update will also be the same.

    POE official Twitter stated that with the advent of the update, the Prophecy mechanic in the game will be removed. It has been a part of the game since 2016. Prophecies can change the future of your character in various ways. They do this by triggering events or changing the results of certain actions. You can unlock the Prophecies by collecting Silver coins, and then giving the silver coins to the vendor Navali.

    GGG stated on the POE forum that although this mechanic has been a core part of the game since its addition, it is currently outdated and has been surpassed by other content.

    If you want to use your remaining silver coins, Prophecies, and pale Council fragments, you will have these things before the 3.17.0 patch is released, and they will disappear from your inventory along with Navali. The patch is scheduled to be released in January 2022.

    Path Of Exile has been a game with a history of several years. GGG has been constantly trying to bring fans an unprecedented gaming experience, which is commendable. And they will always listen to the feedback of fans and be positive about making changes, which shows respect for players. Based on this, we are even more looking forward to the next league of POE. will always follow Path Of Exile-related news.

    In addition,, as a game service website focusing on the POE series, has been committed to providing cheap POE Currency, so once the new league starts, you can come here to buy POE Currency as soon as possible, although POE does not completely pay-to-win game, having sufficient POE Currency will always give you more advantages than others.

  • POE 15th Anniversary Sale Started!

    Nov 26, 2021

    Note: the Black Friday promotion on is still going on. Come here to buy POE Currency with code "Friday" and enjoy 6% off. This promotion will last until November 30th, so now it’s the best time to get cheap POE Currency.

    It has been 15 years since GGG was founded. GGG expressed its gratitude to the fans on the official website. They stated that it is a wonderful journey, without the support of fans, they would not be able to do this.

    Therefore, they decided to put most of the store's collections on sale, which is also part of the celebration. From Stash Tabs and Armor sets to skill effects and hideout decorations, there are a large number of cosmetic effects discounted by 10-90%. But please note that this sale does not include new cosmetics since the launch of the Scourge league.

    This sale has already started and will continue until midnight on Monday the 29th of November (PST) or on Nov 30, 2021, 8:00 AM (GMT) in your local time.

    As the number of microtransactions exceeded 2,000, GGG temporarily disabled the "specials" section of the store. To view discounted cosmetics, just browse the store part you are interested in or view the watchlist.

    During the promotion period, when you spend any points in the store, you have a chance to get a free Atlantis Mystery Box. This means you can buy a discounted cosmetic effect or any new microtransactions from the store and get an Atlantis Mystery Box as a gift. This offer is applicable to both PC and consoles.

    In this promotion, you can only get a free Atlantis Mystery Box, and you will not get an extra Mystery Box for additional micro-transactions. will always pay attention to the latest news of POE, and will provide some helpful game guidance, whether you are a new POE player or a veteran, you can always check for news.

  • POE Players Disappointed By GGG's Lack Of Response To Bad Scourge Rolls

    Nov 11, 2021

    The Scourge League has been going on for a while, but players are disappointed by the lack of response from GGG about bad Scourge rolls. In Scourge League, you can place an item or a map in Blood Crucible. After killing monsters in the Nightmare Realm, you will get some Scourge rolls, which will have a positive and negative effect in the process of corrupting items.

    Krangling is where a corrupted item’s negative effect will render the positive item almost useless. Although GGG has released an update that has made some improvements to the league’s mechanics, this is far from the expectations of fans.

    Fans expressed disappointment of GGG's inaction, and the negative Scourge rolls outweigh the vast majority of positive effects on a specific item or map. Although the recent update has improved the map rolls to a certain extent, this only made one major buff to the map, and then it was done. It does not solve the fundamental problem at all.

    Moreover, this problem does not seem to be fixed, because something has not been fixed in the first three weeks of the new league, so it is unlikely to change in the future unless the main mechanic is reset.

    GGG producer Chris Wilson said that bad rolls/mods exist to dilute the mod pool and make good ones rare, which means it’s harder for you to get what you want. So ambitious players always look for other ways, such as buy POE Currency.

    And he also said before that they will improve Atlas and fix the bugs that still exist so far to release the 3.17 patch in time. Atlas itself is very large, so this will be a long repair process. But now, it seems that some players are tired of struggling to opt-out of the game, so GGG should take action as soon as possible to bring players a better gaming experience.

    If you still stick to the game, then you can come to, we will frequently update game-related articles, even if you are a POE veteran, maybe you can get some inspiration from here.

  • Path Of Exile: Scourge Expansion Will Go Live On October 22

    Oct 07, 2021

    For Path Of Exile, Expedition is about to enter the late stage of the game. It is not the best league. The peak concurrent players in the 3.15 expansion are 23% lower than its all-time total and have been declining since then. Nevertheless, GGG is still committed to the development of the next league, and now the next league has been determined, that is Scourge.

    Scourge will be launched on PC on October 22 (PDT), and the trailer that has been released also shows that you can directly slot some strange new items into your inventory screen. This may differ from character-specific modifiers that can affect the entire game. Its reveal Livestream release will start at 12 PM PDT on October 14th, and more detailed information will be revealed by then. will also update the news in time.

    When Expedition started, GGG made changes in mana costs, flasks, support gems, etc. Some of them will change over time. Scourge may herald the return of free-to-play action RPG games. During the release of POE 2, its large-scale update added new stories and advantages, so in the next few weeks, POE fans can pay more attention to related news., as a game service site focusing on Path of Exile, can always provide cheap POE Currency. Now POE Expedition Currency is also on sale. When Scourge is released soon, you can also come here to buy POE Currency you need. Whenever you need it, you can come here to buy it, because our staff is online 24/7, as long as you successfully place an order, we will guarantee fast delivery.

  • Path Of Exile 3.16 Expansion Timeline

    Sep 27, 2021

    The Path Of Exile Expedition League is underway, and it seems to be getting into the late stage in the game. Players can't wait to welcome new content.

    The official site announced the latest news, and GGG stated that they plan to launch the 3.16 expansion at the end of October. And this week, they will also share some follow-up news to confirm the exact release date of the 3.16 expansion. The announcement will be made through Twitch, if you are interested, you can click here to view it. They previously disclosed some details of 3.16 in the POE community, but there are still many unknown things, and more information needs to be officially released. Like all Path Of Exile expansions, it includes a new challenge league, skills, items, balance changes, and more.

    Next week, GGG will begin to share some of the minor teasers that will appear in this expansion, such as items and divination cards to stimulate your preferences for upcoming things. In addition, before the release, they will also share many balance changes, including changes in ailments, defenses, flasks, and more.

    GGG has previously mentioned plans to reduce maps and areas in the Atlas. If this plan is confirmed, then it will affect existing Atlases for players in the permanent leagues. If you play in these leagues, then you don’t want to miss the upcoming news, which will indicate what will happen to your watchstones, sextants, etc. will also follow the relevant news. Once GGG is released more details, we will update the news in time to let you know the first time.

    Once the new league is released, you can also come here to buy POE Currency as soon as possible. We are always able to provide players with the resources they need most as soon as possible. As a game service website with a history of several years, there is nothing to doubt, is trustworthy and 100% legit. If you need POE Currency, don't hesitate to buy it here!

  • Details About Path Of Exile Mobile and More

    Sep 19, 2021

    As early as 2019, GGG has announced that they were developing a mobile version of Path Of Exile. Given that the PC and console versions of this game are very popular, GGG wanted to develop a mobile version to attract more users. This is also a favorite for fans because the mobile version of POE can provide them with more convenience, they can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere.

    What’s content appearing in POE Mobile?

    Path Of Exile Mobile is a portable version of POE. To enhance the content, POE randomly generated dungeons and other outside areas, but the main camps are permanent. Outside of these central areas, you will fight with enemies to obtain loot or POE Currency to make your character more powerful.

    Every class has a huge skill tree, more than 1000 passive skills can be unlocked. Different classes start in different parts of the tree, but in the end, they have the same skills. GGG said that Path Of Exile Mobile will provide a complete POE experience, so they will consider moving the complete game to the mobile version.

    Path Of Exile Mobile Release Date

    The release date of Path Of Exile Mobile is unknown, because GGG seems to be doing more things at the same time, such as developing POE 2, and regular POE league updates. These all take a lot of time to complete, so fans can only wait.

    Will Path Of Exile Mobile be free-to-play?

    The POE mobile version will be free to play and it does not have a pay-to-win element, which is well known to POE fans.

    Will there be cross-play with different platforms?

    For Path Of Exile, cross-play seems unlikely, because currently, console players cannot play games with PC users. But no matter which platform you are on, you can buy POE Currency you need on

    If there is more POE-related news, will update the article in time. Expedition League is currently underway, but no new content has appeared recently. Players’ interest seems to be exhausted, we are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming league.

  • How Will Path Of Exile 2 Improve Based On POE?

    Sep 17, 2021

    As early as 2019, GGG announced that it would develop Path Of Exile 2, which is a sequel to POE. This makes fans very excited because GGG has promised that POE 2 will be released in 2020. But afterwards, due to various reasons, this plan was repeatedly postponed.

    As the Expedition League gradually enters the later stages, this gradually erodes the players' enthusiasm for the game, so fans desperately need more content, so if POE 2 has been released, players will not have this annoyance. But now this seems to be at a deadlock, and fans can only wait patiently for any new news to be released. collected some news.

    POE 2 is players friendly

    A long time ago, some new features of POE 2 were previewed. Game producer Chris Wilson said that the complexity of POE 2 is a tricky issue. Because he thinks it is good not to do too much hand-holding. POE 2 will provide players with a tutorial. When the game detects that you need additional help, this tutorial will be activated, which seems to be more friendly to novices. For those long-time POE players, they are already familiar with the game mechanics, and tutorials are unnecessary for them.

    Wilson even considered limiting the choices of some players in the early game, because too many choices will dazzle the players and affect their builds.

    Boss battles are challenging

    Players want to know how the boss fight tension in POE 2 will be improved. In many action role-playing games, the sense of combat is repetitive, and all the player needs to do is fight among hordes of enemies. But GGG wants to make a breakthrough in POE 2. They want to make bosses more dynamic and interact with the environment in new ways.

    New weapons are expected

    New weapons are not only a cosmetic change, they can also greatly change the battle and the necessary new strategies and game styles. In POE 2, crossbows and spears are highlights, and crossbows can be equipped with various special abilities. The spear can let you enter the fierce battle through a powerful thrust attack, and gain a stat boost in a limited time.

    In short, fans have high expectations for POE 2, and it has been postponed again, which means that GGG has more time to make this game perfect. But before it is officially released, we can only focus on POE, and will always provide the POE Currency that players need. No matter what currency you need, you can find it here.

  • Path Of Exile Skill Tree Planner

    Sep 09, 2021

    There are many elements in Path Of Exile that need to be mastered by players, it is impossible for players to grasp too much content. Although you can find some POE tips and tricks on, it’s also necessary to have many auxiliary tools. Path Of Exile skill tree planner is a necessary tool for POE players. The complexity of the game itself is beyond imagination, full of interlocking systems and various loot, so it takes a lot of time and energy to plan a new character. In order to reduce the pressure on players, the Path Of Exile skill tree planner will provide some help.

    Path Of Exile Skill Tree Planner

    Path Of Exile Skill Tree Planner is a tool created by POE fans. In order to help players develop the game more smoothly, you can use it to build a brand new character to use as a guide when trying to build the character in the game itself.

    You can choose each step of the passive tree to see the value added by these steps. What will happen if you choose a different fork? In theory, you can choose your perfect equipment landout from every piece of equipment. Choose your auras, and check your final stats of build when all these variables are in place.

    Path Of Exile is not a simple pay-to-win game, it requires you to have enough wisdom and many attempts, so this is one of the reasons why many players love it. So if you like challenging games, then Path Of Exile is worth trying. Now Expedition League is underway, and the corresponding patches are regularly updated, and in the near future, the next league will come, which is also one of the ways GGG keeps players feel fresh., as a service website focusing on POE series games, always pays attention to all the trends of Path Of Exile, whether it is game league updates or game guidance, we not only provide strategic assistance but also provide resources in the game, you can come here to buy POE Currency, which can help make your character more and more powerful so that you can really dive in this game.

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