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  • Path Of Exile: The Problems Inquisitor, And Here Are Some Solutions

    Nov 27, 2020

    If you are a new player of POE, you should also know Inquisitor, and many novices will think that the ascendancy of Inquisitor focuses on elemental damage, elemental penetration and critical strikes. Most of his nodes can give some buffs, so many people think that he can play a role with the main critical strike and ele focused ascendancy. But he has some QoL buffs, such as mana regen, ES regen and elemental ailment immunity. Because of this, becoming an Inquisitor at the beginning will indeed bring you a good gaming experience, but as time goes by, his problems have gradually emerged.

    Inquisitor partly pays attention to element penetration in the form of an inevitable judgment node. It gives 10% element penetration for non-critical hits, and it can completely ignore element resistance when performing critical strikes. And now you can get elemental penetration skill gems, unique gears, passive tree nodes more easily. You might think that this will definitely make your Inquisitor indestructible, but the fact is the opposite.


    Every time a new source of elemental penetration is added, the Inquisitor's living space becomes smaller, because it will be replaced by other ascendancies. The main reason is that Inquisitor does not get extra non-buff from these elemental penetrations. So Inquisitor is not a class that can't be stacked with elements, so if you prefer element stacking and critical strikes, then Assassin is more recommended. The Assassin gains buff to power charges, which are very helpful for critical builds.

    Another problem is that he enters the consecrated ground. Of course, his QoL buffs can even deal an additional 10% elemental damage to the enemies, but for further buffs on consecrated ground, there are no nodes on the tree to give additional effects.


    To allow Inquisitor to get a certain bounce from stacking element penetration, you can add a line to one of his nodes: Gain x% increased elemental damage for each x% of elemental penetration of that same element. You can also change the inevitable judgment to allow the penetration element resistance to be lower than 0%. In this way, element penetration will become a huge source of damage.

    You can also create certain buffs to consecrated ground, which can be obtained through the nodes on the tree or gears.

    If you are worried about your Inquisitor, you may wish to refer to this guide, it may be helpful.

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  • Path Of Exile: How To Make A Great Build?

    Nov 09, 2020

    The most fascinating and dazzling thing in PoE is the character Builds. You need to observe the passive tree with thousands of nodes, analyze the gear, and equip the skill gems.

    So most players will first refer to the guide to make a build, which is wise for novices, because if you want to create a build yourself, you need to have a lot of game knowledge. So the following guides may help you to some extent if you want to design a build yourself.


    Use Jewels

    Jewels are items that can be socketed in passive skill trees, and they can be crafted. A good Jewel can bring you great benefits. In fact, every build in PoE will use some Jewels to improve offensive and defensive abilities. You can also use some Unique Jewels to enhance the behavior of the tree, and they allow further customization and the skill points efficiency.

    Focus on a realistic character level

    Many players will assume that their character has reached the upper limit of level, but it takes a lot of time and energy to reach level 100 in the game, which is not reachable by many players, so you'd better set the goal at level 85 or 90. It can ensure the feasibility of the build.

    Add defensive layers

    If you want to survive longer in the game, in addition to gaining 75% elemental resistance, you also need to get life nodes. Reaching 160% life is the beginning, and reaching 180%-200% life of the passive tree is the first choice.

    However, the defense layer does not 100% guarantee that you can survive to the end of the game. Any build should focus on the right-hand portion of the tree that focuses on grabbing the Acrobatics keystone and other evasive dodge sources to avoid attacks. Summoners, Gladiators and those who use shields should get as much block as possible. The regeneration of life or energy shields is also invaluable.


    Don't focus on all the best gear

    Many players always want to equip their characters with the best gear when designing the builds, but they often ignore mirror-quality gear. So, you need to focus on purchase, farming or crafting, you can refer to other build guides, which will help you to better understand this type of build.

    Don't use overmuch uniques

    Uniques can provide you with unexpected benefits. Of course, you need to pay a price. Usually is in the form of defense. Using too many Uniques will cap the resistance. As a result, it will be more difficult for you to obtain high life and energy pool, and it will be more difficult to upgrade your character. Some good builds may not have this effect, but that is because that build is used for a lot of aura effect scaling or mirror-tier gear.

    So remember, not the best gears will make up the best build, and the best build requires the most suitable gears. So we never think that POE is a pay-to-win game. Just buying the most expensive equipment in the game will not make you stronger. You need to keep thinking and try to find the most suitable one. Great builds can make your character more perfect. So the best equipment is not the most important thing in the game, your thoughts are the most important! will also provide as useful guides as possible, hope these guides will make your game process more smoothly, if you need to buy POE Currency, you can also buy it on

  • Here Are What You Expected! Path Of Exile 3.12 - Top Starter Heist Builds

    Sep 21, 2020

    The main mechanic of the new league is to focus on cleaning heist, that is, the labyrinth with rooms, and it is important not to increase the alert level, then most likely the builds with minions and totems will not be relevant. For the new league, builds that can quickly and effectively clean rooms and packs of mobs are perfect, without dying from traps and AoE damage from mobs. Therefore, the stating builds for POE Heist league have changed.

    Essence Drain Trickster

    A dozen leagues (if not more) players start their journey with this spell - Essence Drain. Chaos damage scales well with the level of the gem and is very conveniently located in the Passive skill tree, which allows you to collect enough damage nodes and capture life and defence nodes located nearby. The single target damage is impressive, and Contagion allows you to kill mobs without even hovering over them. Trickster has high life and mana regen, and MoM makes it even more tenacious.


    · Extremely fast leveling

    · Great map clear speed

    · Low budget start with possibilities to upgrade for end-game

    Volatile Dead Necromancer

    For those who want to clear all the mobs on the screen, this build will be just right. All you need to do is spam Barrage and the Volatile Dead will find and destroy opponents on their own. Add in high HP and Bone Offering and you have a very tanky character that can survive even on difficult red maps. And this with a minimum cost weight - the best choice for starting in a new league.


    · Fast Leveling

    · Quite cheap

    · Lasy playstyle

    Bladefall/Blade Blast Assassin

    One of the builds, which can clean up all the content in the game, while completely independent of unique or expensive equipment. Using the Bladefall combo (covers the selected area with Lingering Blades) and Blade Blast (detonates these blades) for one-shot packs and very fast killing of bosses, which makes clearing maps fast and efficient. Several defensive mechanics, such as Elusive, Blind and Acrobatics (with Phase Acrobatics), allow most mobs to be ignored. The only drawback is phys reflect maps, they will have to be rerolled.


    · SSF viable (uniques are optional)

    · Excellent single target damage

    · Very tanky

    Lacerate Gladiator

    It is impossible not to mention the melee builds, and there are a huge number of them. But if you want to diversify your gameplay and be able not only to clean maps, but also farm uber lab, delve and simulacrum, then this build is for you. High attack speed allows you to move around the location with incredibly high-speed thanks to the Leap Slam attack, but most importantly makes Lacerate look like a machinegun (also it auto-aims as well with Multistrike). High damage and Life Leech, so even 5-6k HP will be enough to calmly kill bosses and dangerous mobs.


    · Fast and fun to play

    · Not meta (Cheap!)

    · Can do all content

    Vortex/Creeping Frost Occultist

    What if chaos damage isn't for you (or it's not the first time you've started your league as Trickster), but you enjoy DoT skills? Then self-casting Vortex together with Creeping Frost and Frostbolt (both linked with Spellslinger) will diversify the start of a new league. This build, like chaos builds, is great for fast leveling and starting map farming. However, if desired, it can be upgraded to the end-game version, although a decent amount of currency is required. But it's up to you to decide, but even on SSF or with a low-budget version of the build, you can comfortably farm maps.


    · One Button build

    · DoT Damage (and it's cold, not chaos!)

    · From starter build to end-game farming

    Hope this guide is useful to you! If you want to know more about POE news, you can bookmark the news page on

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  • Path Of Exile Witch Guide: Beginner Build For Necromancer

    Sep 14, 2020

    If you want to find an easy start in the Path of Exile, Witch is a good choice. She is a spellcaster who deals lots of damage at range, keeping you away from the firing line and punishing from a distance. The Necromancer route is a good path for beginners, because it allows you to get minions to deal with the bulk of your damage.

    Necromancer Witch Build

    Although she has a high individual damage potential, one of the best ways to play with Witch is to raise minions. Necromancy, with abilities like Raise Zombies and Summon Skeletons, is a very feasible way to play, especially for new players who want to rely more on AI rather than their own mechanical skills. For this build, you need a lot of Raise Zombie gem, a gem that allows you to raise corpses from the dead to fight for you.

    Necromancer Passive Skills

    For new players, the giant skill tree can seem overwhelming. It's okay though, just start small. You want to be looking for skills that buff your minions. At the very beginning of the tree, select 'Energy Shield and Mana Regeneration', as it'll both protect you and give you more mana to summon minions as they die on you. From there, go up and to the right to upgrade your minion health and damage.

    Click the 'search here' bar at the top of the screen and type 'minion' to highlight the areas of the skill tree you'll want to be targeting, and try not to waste your skills if you're not going towards minion buffs. After this first bit, you'll want to start unlocking skills to the left. The following skills should be the ones you aim for within the skill tree, unlocking in the most efficient way possible to reach them:

    Raise Zombie Support Gems

    Here are the gems you want to use and promote throughout your build, ideally with 6-link equipment (6 gems to use and work together). If you don't have enough gem slots, make sure you stay at the top of this list:

    Raise Zombie - raises a zombie from a nearby corpse. Needs corpses to function

    Deathmark Support - allows your minions to target specific enemies and deal extra damage to marked target

    Feeding Frenzy Support - makes minions more aggressive, also giving chance to get damage and speed buffs on hit

    Minion Damage Support - increases damage dealt with by minions, obviously

    Melee Physical Damage Support - increases physical damage from attacks made by the supported melee skill

    Added Fire Damage Support - adds extra fire damage to supported skills (zombie attacks)

    You can change your gems at any time, but passive skills will be difficult to adjust later.

    If you are a novice, you can refer to this guide to start the game. If you think this is helpful to you, don't forget to pay more attention to

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  • Does Path of Exile Have Crossplay And Cross-Save?

    Sep 08, 2020

    Path of Exile is available on PC and console, and the Mac version will be released soon. It was first released on PC in 2013 and switched to XBOX ONE and PS4 in 2017 and 2019, respectively. The Mac version is released with the Heist expansion.

    Does Path of Exile have crossplay?

    Currently, you cannot crossplay or cross-save between platforms on Path of Exile. Your login information will be different between PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC, so all save file info will be different. However, not everything is over. If you happen to use PC and Mac both, you can cross-play and cross-save between the two.

    Chief designer Chris Wilson said that this is a natural decision, because most of the employees of Path of Exile may use a PC and Mac at different times of the day, and want to play Path of Exile without restriction.

    So, for PC and Mac, you can transfer everything over and it saves to the cloud-it's basically the same as you were playing on a different PC, as long as you make sure you log in to the same account and all your characters, weapons, Skills and loot will be carried over.

    If there are any changes, we will notify you in time. It is very difficult to achieve cross-play, because there may be an unfair advantage between the PC and the console one way or the other, so it is worthwhile to focus on only one of them at the moment.

    So if you only have one MAC, you can also experience Path of Exile Heist.

    This is also good news for old players of POE, which means they can play this game on PC or Mac at will.

    If more news is released on the official POE website, we will also notify you in time. If you are interested, you can bookmark the news page of

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