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  • Is the Path Of Exile 3.12 Coming Out? No!

    Aug 28, 2020

    Developer Grinding Gear Games has had several updates already this year, including the Harvest Garden update and the massive rebalancing of 50 items in Path of Exile.

    And, for fans, the next league is on the horizon, which means we have to wait for a while.

    Grinding Gear Games has announced the announcement of the third expansion of 2020. On September 1st, Path of Exile players will get their first look into the next season of content and learn more about this expansion's league mechanic. The unnamed expansion has an estimated release date of September 18th, but it will only be made official during the September 1st reveal at 2pm PT.

    Grinding Gear also plans to release new supporter packs along with the new 3.12 update, but also decided to keep the Harvest update supporter pack around too, so players can choose which pack to purchase if they wish. If players are looking to grow and defeat The Heart of the Grove, they'll need to get to it soon, before the new expansion drops.

    Since you can't experience the new season for the time being, it's better to work hard to improve your gears in HARVEST. If you don't have enough POE Currency, go to to buy it! as a professional website, its product prices are lower than the market price, which means that you can buy the products you are satisfied with less money. So buying POE Currency on is definitely worthwhile.

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