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  • Path of Exile: Sentinel Boss Kill Event will start tomorrow

    May 12, 2022

    With less than two days left until the Sentinel League launch, Grinding Gear Games has launched a Boss Kill Event to celebrate this new upcoming challenge. Players can compete and earn unique rewards in Sentinel HC SSF mode by killing a new boss: Uber Pinnacle.

    The rewards of this event are not limited to simple virtual items. Officials will give the top seven players who have completed all seven Uber Pinnacle Boss Encounters the opportunity to actually participate in the design of the game, and they will be able to work with the design team to create new Unique Items and Divination cards, which will be incorporated into Uber Among the drop prizes at Pinnacle Encounters. The seven lucky players will also receive Godslayer's Pride microtransaction amulet.

    It is worth noting that different platforms will have their own separate prize pools. The winning player's prize on the PC side includes Godslayer's Pride microtransaction amulet and the opportunity to work with the design team; while on the Console side, only the first winner has the opportunity to participate in the design work, and the 2nd-5th player can get Godslayer's Pride microtransaction.

    The official start time of the Sentinel Boss Kill Event is May 13th (PDT). I believe it must be very exciting to see the items you designed to appear in the game, and interested players must seize this opportunity. will continue to update the news of Path of Exile. At the same time, you can also buy POE Currency here. as an experienced third-party game service provider, POECurrency can provide you with the most cost-effective services. Welcome to contact us any time.

  • Five reasons Path of Exile is worth playing

    Apr 27, 2022

    As a classic ARPG, Path of Exile has been praised and has accumulated a huge fan base since its release. Judging from the number of active players in the past two years, it still has good development prospects and has also launched the production plan of Path of Exile 2. It's never too late to join Path of Exile and explore the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast, as it has several advantages over other games.

    1. The cost of playing is almost zero.

    As a free-to-play ARPG developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, you can start your adventure in Wraeclast anytime, anywhere, which is one of the most obvious advantages over other games. More importantly, when you try it, you will find that the game quality is also high, not worse than those paid games. The game economy mainly relies on barter "currency items", and the production team obtains income through "ethical micro-transactions" under the premise of ensuring quality. Unlike traditional game currencies, this largely protects the rights of players and avoids wasting money on games.

    2. Getting started quickly.

    Diablo-style games are always fascinating. Compared to Elden Ring's complicated game plot and game mechanics, the beginning of Path of Exile is very simple. Regardless of whether you have played the same type of game before, you can quickly master the background story and gameplay, but this does not mean that the game environment is simple and boring, on the contrary, various scenes and modes allow you to fully experience its charm.

    3. Rich game settings.

    As I mentioned above, Path of Exile's extremely high game quality is the basis for ensuring that players will not easily churn. The game has rich gameplay, and players generally find the setting of the passive skill tree the most interesting. The game provides a variety of passive skills, and players can build character occupations according to their own ideas to complete the challenges. At the same time, leagues and other activities are also carried out in the game, allowing players to gain new experiences in the competitive mode.

    4. The game is continuously updated.

    Path of Exile keeps pace with the times, adding new challenges and opportunities in constant updates. Even in multiple battles, it will not make players feel boring. Grinding Gear Games is committed to upgrading the game to improve the user experience, and you can also get news and information on

    5. Friendly player communication.

    Path of Exile has a huge player base and its gaming community has a good ethos because they aim to make the game better.

    The above is the reasons why you can choose to play Path of Exile with confidence. If you are also immersed in the fun of Path of Exile, will be able to provide you with good services to assist you in advancing the game. We will provide you cheap POE Currency that supports all platforms, you can always contact our customer service to buy products.

  • Path of Exile will release 3.17.4 patch soon

    Apr 16, 2022

    The Grinding Gear Games team released the date for the 3.18 expansion on April 12, and they declared that the 3.17.4 patch will be released next week. Before the release, the production team showed us the content of the upcoming fixes and improvements. This small update mainly covers engine technology improvements, bug fixes, and controller support improvements.

    First, the team further advanced the engine and technology. The patch adds a beta version of the new DirectX 12 renderer, which players can choose to test or not, and enhances the system's support for integrated graphics and improvements to texture streaming.

    The second is the improvement of the controller, the controller has added an escape menu, players can manage their party in the input modes and send it to party members, and can be in the "Create Party" and "Public Parties" sections of the Find the new controller navigation in the Social Screen. At the same time, the team has also fixed a series of general bugs and fixed small problems on the screen and game programs. All these prove that the Grinding Gear Games team attaches great importance to players' feedback, and is constantly taking corresponding measures to create more refined game graphics and a smooth game experience for players.

    It can be seen from the next updates that the team will pay more attention to the details of the game. It can be said that the 3.17.4 patch is also a preparation for the upcoming 3.18 expansion pack, which will be released in May 13th. The new expansion pack will be smaller in scope than the previous Siege of the Atlas, and will end the long-standing Archnemesis league for players.

    Welcome to keep following for the latest news updates. POECurrency will also provide you with a series of Path of Exile products such as cheap POE Orbs/Items. Welcome to buy POE Currency here.

  • The Showcases Boss Fight Changes and Improvements in POE: Legion

    Jun 04, 2019

    It's not a secret that POE's last Challenge League, Synthesis, didn't go over well by Grinding Gear Games . That being said, the next league is Legion and it promises a much more traditional "kill everything" style of gameplay that fans enjoy. New mechanics aren't the only thing coming though – the next expansion will also see improvements made to melee combat and the game's bosses.

    You might see the reports about showcasing some of these changes. While they're not explicitly detailed for new players, veterans should recognize the presence of more mobs (good for leeching health) and more telegraphed attack animations. It should ensure that melee combat is just that much smoother to play.

    POE: Legion will also bring new Skill Gems, new Unique Items, and new archetypes like Blood and Sand for builds like the Gladiator. The Challenge League goes live on June 7th, PDT for PC and on June 10th for Xbox One and PS4. Stay tuned for more news on changes, especially to existing leagues and the Atlas of Worlds (if any are indeed made). Included rotating mods from 11 popular past POE leagues are expected about microtransactions.

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