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  • Path Of Exile: Some Tips For Novices Who Want To Join In New League

    Jan 05, 2021

    It has now entered January, and for POE fans, the tormented waiting is almost over.

    And the Heist Flashback event of POE has also ended, which means that the new league of Path Of Exile is coming soon, and GGG has given some clues that there will be some changes about Atlas of Worlds, which makes many fans curious. But there are still several days before the end of Heist, so we have collected some questions about the Heist League, and what newbies who want to join the game in the next league should pay attention to. We have given corresponding suggestions and tips.

    Are the new Atlas coming to standard at the same time as the new league release? And the balance changes are the changes implemented in standard when the new league ends?

    Yes and yes. The only difference between the league and standard (and their HC/SSF equivalents) is the league mechanic itself and emergent player stuff like the economy. All gameplay mechanics like the Atlas and balance changes are identical across the entirety of the game.

    Do all the crafting bench unlocks and unveiling modifiers reset after each league too? Is hideout types the only kind of cross-league unlocks?

    Technically you get to keep the lowest tier of life and resist crafting recipes, whereas new accounts need to make it to the Dread Thicket before they can do that. But it's not really useful to craft life and resists in act 2 anyway.

    Also, nobody ever mentions the Scion as a cross-league unlock. GGG could have removed her from the character creation screen when you select a new league, but they didn't!


    Which contracts run for XP in Heist?

    Tunnels. Roll contracts with more monsters in reward rooms. Open as many rewards chest as you can so that all the room will have reinforcement after the alert is given. Do a couple of round trips between the Display room and exit.

    That may not be completely optimal but you get 1% of level 100 per contract this way. And tunnels blueprints are even better than tunnels contracts.


    I will begin the game with the launch of 3.13. I'm looking for some advice!

    To give you a few tips:

    1. Keeping gems isn't important you can buy all of them later on with the exception of Enhance - Empower - Enlighten, you can pick up gems with quality on them to sell them to a vendor, if you sell gems with a total of 40% qual to a vendor you get a Gemcutters Prism (gives gems 1% quality).

    2. Rare items can be confusing since there are so many mods you barely can tell what's useful, as a general rule while leveling you'll want HP and Elemental Resistances on them, everything else is nice to have.

    3. Items have "bases", depending on what attribute those items require they're more likely to roll that color (Strength - Red, Intelligence - Blue, Dexterity - Green) keep that in mind when trying to color items.

    4. Don't be afraid to wear items with wrong stats if they have good stats (an int chest with 80 HP and tons of resist is much better than an str chest with no useful mods).

    5. Finally, you can start the game without following a specific guide but you may run into a wall if you just wing it, so if you don't want that try looking for at least a rough outline for a build. If you're interested, you can subscribe to Because after the new league is released, will often update relevant news and game guides, and even builds. These may help you.

    And also provides cheap POE Currency, you can come to to buy when you need it, our staff is online 24/7, if you have any questions, you can communicate with them at any time.

  • Path Of Exile: Today Is Still For Q&A Part

    Dec 29, 2020

    Before January 4, 2021, the Heist Flashback Event will be in full swing. If you are a novice of Path of Exile, you should have various problems, because the mechanism of POE cannot be mastered in a short time, so we have screened some frequently asked questions, which may be encountered by most players. And gave the corresponding answer, I hope this article is helpful to you.

    If I use Enduring Cry and a Life Flask at the same time, do the two HP boosts stack?

    They'll stack. Recovery is an umbrella term for any gaining of life/mana/ES, with Regeneration being a particular subset of Recovery, and you can have arbitrarily large numbers of sources of each. What doesn't stack is multiples of the same source (e.g. two enduring cries, multiple life flasks), though believe flasks have a sort of queueing system´╝î which is a little different from general effect mechanics.

    I'm thinking about bb/bf character for the next league. What's the difference between Chieftain and Trickster?

    Trickster is going to layer on more defenses while sacrificing 0 damage output, and the ascendancy, in general, relying much less on gear than any other non-shadow class in the game. So if Trickster can get a minor balancing pass in 3.13, it must be perfect.

    ChieftaIn kinda just does damage, to put it generally. It might be able to scale bb/bf to higher levels than the Trickster, but that isn't to say Trickster will fall behind on even the highest level content (100% delirium, Uber bosses, etc).

    In short, in most cases, Trickster is more worthy of recommendation.

    Are there any general rules to improve performance for PoE?

    Getting a good SSD will probably be the biggest improvement you can make to your PoE experience; the game doesn't actively load all the things on the map, occasionally loading things as you engage them (or as calculations are done and such).

    Beyond that, there really isn't too much you can do settings wise other than finding which setting, predictive or lockstep mode, plays better for you (predictive for high ping, lockstep for low).

    I am doing heists with Nenet but she never brings a new rogue, is this normal?

    Yes, this is normal. Nenet does not introduce you to any rogues. The links are:

    Tibbs > Tullina > Nenet (you did this one already).

    Karst > Huck > Niles > Vinderi > Gianna

    Isla does not introduce you to anyone.

    In short, I hope you can enjoy the final event before 3.13 is released. If these answers can make you go smoother in the game, that would be great.

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    Whether it is Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, or Orb of Fusing, you can buy them at low prices on

  • Wait Is Almost Over! Expansion 3.13.0 Of Path Of Exile Will Be Released On January

    Dec 23, 2020

    It has been quite calm for Path Of Exile recently, because it was originally planned to release the next league this month, but it was postponed to avoid Cyberpunk 2077. Now GGG has confirmed that the 3.13.0 expansion will be revealed on January 7th, 2021 at 11 am PST on Twitch.

    We can expect something through the latest Teaser. The expansion has been determined to focus on Atlas of Worlds, POE end-game content. The last major change is Conquerors of the Atlas. The main threats of Shaper and Elder have been removed, and there are 5 new bosses will be introduced. The main tease of this expansion is: she is near, and eager to witness your struggle. So many fans guess whether there will be a new boss that will replace Conquerors.

    After a long wait, fans can finally welcome new content. Fortunately, while waiting, the POE official also launched three events for players, making the wait for fans not so boring. Now The heist flashback event is in full swing. Now, after it ends, 3.13.0 is also about to come.

    The upcoming new expansion also means that you have to start preparing POE Currency for it again. After all, the eternal thing in the game is currency. Because the trading system in the game makes many players confused, so appeared.

    As a third-party service website, whether you want to sell your POE Currency or buy POE Currency, you can do it on, and the price of POE Currency on our website can be said to be quite low, and you will also enjoy discounts on various holidays. Christmas is approaching. If you purchase POE Currency on, you can enjoy a 6% discount by using code: XMAS. This event will last from Christmas to New Year, so if you want to buy cheap POE Currency, you can pay more attention to in the future. We won't let you down.

  • GGG Will Release 3 Events In This December For Making Up For The Delay Of 3.13

    Nov 25, 2020

    After the delay of POE 3.13 was announced, GGG has no news to reveal. This makes everyone think that there will be no new events before 3.13 is released, but recently GGG announced that there will be 3 new events in December. This undoubtedly gives fans new hope.

    Three Events

    These events will last 5 weeks and include the following events:

    Mayhem Event: last for one week

    Endless Delve Event: last for one week

    Heist Flashback Event: last for three weeks

    Start time & End time

    It will start on December 4th, at 12:00 PT/ 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET.

    So if you want to participate, you need to pay attention to the start time in your area.

    When the Mayhem Event begins, throughout the process, you will encounter enemies, scenes of league Anarchy, Invasion, Torment, Ambush and Breach, and more, as well as hourly mods switching. It will be super cool. The Mayhem event will end on the morning of December 11.

    But at 12:00 PT/10:00 GMT/15:00 ET on December 11, you can get into the Endless Delve. At the very beginning, you will be groping in the dark. You will not have anything other than starter gear. When you enter the hideouts, you can only rely on yourself. Fortunately, in certain levels, you can still access the passive points obtained from quests, and your character level can be improved through the Altar of Ascendancy. You can also find Lily Roth and Niko around the encampment.

    The last event will start on December 18th, and you will be able to start looting. The specific time is 12:00 PT/ 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET. Note that this is a separate event of the Heist league, so you need to create a new role to participate in.

    If you can win, you will get massive rewards. So, if you are interested in participating in these events, be sure to pay attention to when they start. If you need POE Currency, you can buy it on at any time. will also frequently update game-related news and guides. I don't know if those are useful to you, but you can check them out during the purchase process to kill time.

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