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  • Path Of Exile 3.13: More Content Details, Features Have Been Leaked

    Jan 14, 2021

    POE 3.13 will come, and some of the latest game content has also appeared for players to start new attempts and explorations.

    11 New Maps

    The patch notes list 11 new maps that can come into the game. This should be one of the most anticipated content. POE is a popular MMORPG where you can do tasks, complete challenges and finish quests. You can also play with your friends to explore this unknown world together.

    A New Challenge League

    A new challenge league is also about to appear. This is for players who are competing to reach level 100 and players who want to get beast gear first. Here, the players’ task is to continue to fight against monsters on Ritual sites, then activate Altar and start to perform the Ritual.

    Every time you pass through an altar, it becomes more difficult, then you can move on and enter the next altars, and the rewards will increase accordingly.

    Then you will get Tribute points, use them to get the items you want, as for other rewards, it also includes a new set of Ritual Base Types, you can use them to make various props to change the modifiers of certain items.

    New Gems

    POE is also famous for gems using. The new update is more detailed and of course, also involves this aspect. Two brand new gems will appear. One is Hydrosphere, which is a new skill gem. It is available at level 34 and can be backed with a spell, duration, cold, lighting, orb, AoE and physical support gems.

    The other is the Trinity, which is the new support gem. Trinity has its way to support various builds, especially those that can be classified as various elemental damage. This may be achieved by building resonance with other elements. If you have a high resonance with the three elements, you can use Trinity to perform elemental penetration to get more effective damage.

    Therefore, this update should still not disappoint players. With the release of the update, will continue to track the progress of the game and will frequently update relevant game guides. If you are a novice player, you can subscribe to PoeCurrency. com, so you can become familiar with the game mechanics faster.

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