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  • Predictions For The Next Expansion Of Path Of Exile

    Oct 22, 2020

    Due to the global pandemic, almost every industry has been affected, but the Grinding Gear Game Company does not seem to be affected at all. As always, three expansions have been made, and another expansion is scheduled to be released in December.

    However, the Path of Exile development team recently stated that in fact, this process has not been smooth sailing, and some changes have occurred in the middle. This puts a lot of pressure on the development team, and the last few POE expansions have become a challenging thing.

    As for Heist, It seems to have more adjustments and patches than the previous leagues, which caused internal discussions among developers. They are considering how to reorganize the development process to reduce subsequent expansion risks. So they decided that the 3.13 update in December will have a very specific scope, including all the content needed for POE expansion.

    They want to limit the feature creep and create a tighter and focused gaming experience. The expansion will focus on the Atlas of the World, will require about half the development time, and will be announced in a different way.

    Therefore, PoE players can look forward to it, and we also want to see how it is different in all respects. will continue to follow its latest news. Once the developer team leaks some news, we will notify you in time.

    Also, also provides cheap and safe POE Currency. Whether you are a veteran or a new player, as the main currency of Path of Exile, its status is unshakable. Although POE is not a pay-to-win game, if your character is supported by enough POE Currency, and your basic equipment will not bad, you can at least easily contend with them when encountering enemies.

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