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  • POE 3.10.0 Expansion would come out in March

    Feb 24, 2020

    Last week, Grinding Gear Games announced that Metamorph League challenge will be offline in the next few weeks, and at the same time, a brand new expansion POE 3.10.0 will arrive as scheduled with a new set of league support packs. As of now, we even didn't know its name or content except that it would be released in March.

    What we have known is that POE 3.10.0 information would be announced at noon February 25 PST, including its release date, which is currently aiming to launch on March 13 PST.

    At this time, the exiles are most concerned about what will happen next in POE 3.10.0. According to GGG's past practice, every three months it would update a new expansion pack for POE, featuring new league challenges, as well as endless dungeons, tower defense, and building your own boss, which will appear surely in POE 3.10.0 expansion, but there will definitely be something new which is different from the previous content.

    After about two weeks, the current Metamorph League will come to an end, if you want to know more about POE 3.10.0, please stay tuned for all official notifications.

    GGG has confirmed that POE will continue to grow in 2020, and update no less than 4 new expansions. On the other hand, it is also planning to provide more significant and features through POE 2, which is also called POE 4.0.0, and the development team is working on it, but this may not be released this year, and the specific plans will be announced over time.

    In the past three months, almost all exiles have completed the challenges of POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas and its private Metamorph league, while there are several days left to complete the rest.

    The release of POE 3.10.0 will definitely bring many new POE items, especially Orbs and Scrolls, which is one of the necessary elements to maintain the leading position of POE.
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  • Mobile won't come to POE for 2020, But POE 4.0.0 Does- POE Development

    Jan 15, 2020

    In November 2019, POE held the first-ever ExileCon and revealed several major updates that will launch in the next few months, POE 3.9, Metamorph league, POE 2, and POE Mobile, but no one knows more specific messages and release time except the live POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph after that.

    Just yesterday, POE leaked its development for 2020, mentioning several issues that countless fans card about for a long time.

    First of all, let's take a look at the general plans for POE this year.

    Release Expansions: POE 3.10-3.13Public Beta: POE 4.0.0Developing: POE Mobile, POE 2

    Everyone knows that POE will release an expansion every three months, probably in February, the current POE 3.9 would come to an end, and the next POE 3.10 expansion will launch with new content, next, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13 expansions would come to POE as scheduled before the end of 2020.

    Beyond these regular updates, the developers of POE are still working on POE 4.0.0, which is a large-scale update released in the future. By late 2020, a Public Beta of POE 4.0 will be revealed to collect the players' feedback and bug reports, but its official version will not launch in 2020.

    On the other hand, GGG also acknowledged that it will not release POE Mobile or POE 2 this year, because there is still much work to do in order to add Android support in POE, it will take a long time to complete. As a result, if you are waiting for POE Mobile release, you can play some other games first.

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  • POE 2 Fixes Problems In Gameplay, Battle Environment, Skill System And Poe Currency

    Nov 26, 2019

    We have personally experienced that Grinding Gear Games announced four major projects about POE in the next year at ExileCon, POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, its additional Metamorph league challenge, POE 2 and POE Mobile. For a long time, GGG has been promoting the POE 4.0.0 announcement, but it is not actually one of the major announcements throughout ExileCon. Instead, another huge surprise, the release of POE 2 seems to be a replacement for POE 4.0 expansion. As a sequel to the existing POE, it will continue to develop new content based on retaining all the current game expansions.

    It is reported that POE 2 will fix the important problems of the original game, which really looks terrific.

    POE is a quite successful game, and the developers added interlocking game mechanics and complex plots in the game, but this does not prove that there is no problem in it. When the disagreements emerged on key issues from the developers, POE 2 is a creative solution to deal with most of the problems for them.

    Overall, POE 2 has made major changes to many core systems, optimized the graphics in the game, and avoid synchronously some problems that often occur in sequels. More importantly, the players don't need to bear any extra cost for the sequel, which allows them to jump into POE 2 smoothly.

    POE 2 Gameplay
    Twenty years later, all the existing gods on the land are killed, only humankind is left to clean up the corpses and try to rebuild a society. This is the gameplay of POE 2, it changes many of the plot settings in POE.

    You are still an exile brought to Wraeclast, surrounded by enemies and bosses. The horn of the battle will soon appear, are you ready to loot dropping from the strong opponents?

    Realistic battle environment
    With the continuous development of technology, GGG has improved the special effects in POE with better lighting and particle effects, which makes the battle effect of the game more realistic.

    For example, the glowing light of creatures on the ground can bring real sense of crisis, and their forms look real. Or you can even clearly see the movement of the small bug, and so on.

    Skills System
    Last not in the least, the skill system is the biggest and complicated change in POE 2. Each skill in POE 2 is not independent, they are attached to the skill gems, which may be traded, looted and rewarded. Before using it, it must be equipped with the support gems, which is a quite long process.

    However, the players don't have to swap skill gems every single time they equip a new piece of gear in POE 2, it fixes these problems and adds more methods to tinker and build ridiculously powerful monster slayers.

    POE Currency making
    On the other hand, many changes and adjustments in POE 2 are for exiles to play the game better. And they can get more returns to the account by performing various tasks, the best option is to buy POE Currency.

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  • POE 3.9.0 Conquerors Of The Atlas Is Coming Out On December 13

    Nov 18, 2019

    We previously introduced the guess and prediction of POE 3.9 expansion in an article, this is its address, POE 3.9.0 Foresight: Release Date, Overall Update And Currency Making. But currently, the first-ever ExileCon has successfully come to an end. Grinding Gear Games has released the long-awaited announcements including POE 3.9, so we finally answer the previous questions.

    By convention, Grinding Gear Games will update an expansion every three months, and POE 3.9 is set to launch December 13, named Conquerors of the Atlas, the following is all news we can collect about it so far.

    Undoubtedly, Grinding Gear Games will add a lot of new content to POE 3.9, which includes the New Atlas Mechanics, five new endgame bosses, a new powerful class of support gem, a rework of bows, new items, as well as an extra league named Metamorph.

    Similar to other expansions, there will be some new gems, skills and divination cards in the update, as the last one of POE 3.X series, POE 3.9 has accumulated a lot of hard work from the development team, so it presents a completely different effect.

    Beyond that, GGG also revealed some unexpected announcements, such as POE 2 release, which is a new game adding a seven-act story based on the current POE, but it won't separate from the current one. All will be determined and released in the coming year. And according to the trailer, POE is coming to mobile in the future, but now the fans and developers are still most concerned about whether it will be forced to stop for the platform crossing issues.

    This is probably the major announcement what GGG mentioned at ExileCon for the upcoming plans, after the tow-days conference, GGG CEO Chris also expressed his gratitude for it:

    "We are really proud to finally reveal POE 4.0.0 before playing the POE 2 trailer". It can be said that POE 2 release is one of the major wok and glory moment of GGG, because they want to bring some different to the fans.

    And then, Chris thanked all the attendees and the audiences watching the live-stream. More importantly, the whole developer team paid, many of them can't appear on the stage, but they all still deserve to be mentioned and thanked.

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