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  • Path Of Exile: Starter Tips For Leveling

    Mar 09, 2021

    If you are a new player of Path Of Exile, then you may also be learning related game mechanics. From POE Currency to POE Trade, and POE Orbs, you can start to understand relevant information. Among them, you may also be curious about how leveling works, this article will give relevant guidance.

    Level 1-65

    First of all, you need to worry about the blue packs. This situation will continue to level 30, so you don't need to pay too much attention to side quests, but from level 30, you can start to focus on your POE character build. Your main concern is to farm as many XP as possible. If you want to continue grind XP, then check places like Dried Lake or the docks to advance further.

    Level 65 and higher

    When you reach level 65, you can start running the non-red maps, you can do this until you reach level 90. Once you reach a higher level, you will be able to start completing the maps. Mapping is a necessary step to enhance your role. You can change the difficulty of these maps to get better rewards and experience. When you start to reach these levels, you will notice a dip in leveling up. It depends on how fast you level up.

    Play in groups

    Fighting in a group will help you reach higher levels faster and with less stress. There is a noticeboard in each town. You can join other players' groups and fight alongside them. Correspondingly, joining the team will make the enemies more difficult, but you can get the support of your teammates.

    Get the best gear

    Choosing the right gear is important. You need to make reasonable use of POE Currency to get good gear. You need to find gear with gems and suitable for your build. Leveling up your gear every 10 levels or around, and you will proceed more smoothly. So finding the right gear is not an overnight task, it takes a certain amount of time.


    You can farm in the following scenarios:

    * Act 1 - The Ledge

    * Act 2 - Fellshrine Ruins

    * Act 3 - The City of Sarn or the docks

    By going over these areas, you will be able to level up in a short time. If you need to level up quickly, you can refer to the above methods. There is more content in the game that you need to understand, will provide the corresponding game guides and some tips.

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  • Path Of Exile Guide: There's No Perfect Build, But These Builds May Help You To Some Extent

    Oct 26, 2020

    The Heist League provides generous rewards for players who are brave enough, but because the enemies are also very powerful, it is not easy to defeat them easily, so many players have been looking for builds that can dish out a lot of damage while bear the great damage. But no build is perfect. All we can do is constantly find better builds.

    If you want to try the Heist League, you can try the following builds:

    Poison Blade Vortex Assassin

    Blade Vortex is a magical spell that quickly attacks targets around you. Because of its fast speed, it is perfect if used with a poison Assassin. As Assassin can stack a lot of poison, if you have good equipment and gem links, this build will have a lot of potential for a single target. Although this build has a very fast speed and enough upgrade space, it is not very friendly for novices. For veterans, trying this may be an unexpected gain for you.

    Steel Skill Champion

    Steel skills have changed a lot in the Heist League. Now you can use impales and enemy weapons as ammunition. When it is paired with the chance of impaling and the new Call of Steel skill, it will perform well in practice.

    Champion Ascendancy's impales are no other characters that can match. Navigating the tree gets as much life, impale effect, and damage as possible. This character can also play the role of a tank and is good at cleaning content. Splitting Steel is the best choice for cleaning. If you want to enhance single-target DPS, then Lancing Steel is a good choice.

    Toxic Rain Pathfinder

    Players always favor damage-over-time skills in the builds at the beginning of the league. Toxic Rain Pathfinder is a typical example. Although this build relies on flasks for defense, its amazing speed and super high damage can make up for this weakness. As long as you have good equipment, the proliferation of your Pathfinder's poison and flask uptime will make Toxic Rain a top-tier bow build.

    Cast on Crit Cyclone Assassin

    If you want to cause a fatal blow to the enemy, then the assassin must be the best choice. They can do quite well on any critical strike skill, thanks to the assassin's high critical chance and Power Charges.

    Most Cast on Crit Assassins tend to use Cyclone with the Cast on Critical Strike support gem or a Cospri's Malice Unique sword. Even sometimes, these two will be used at the same time.

    In the Heist League, many players use Cyclone and Ice Nova to destroy groups of targets. If you want a clearing skill that is against Legions, Breaches and high pack size Contracts, then Vaal Ice Nova would be great. If you focus on increasing Cold damage and critical multipliers, which will make this build more indestructible.

    Even though Path of exile has 7 years of history, it still has a lot of fans, not only for the updates of their R&D team but also for its unfathomable builds. It is not a pay to win game. POE Currency can help you through some difficulties to a certain extent, but more importantly, you need to constantly explore the mysteries by yourself. This process is enjoyed by many players. will also continue to update some news and game guides about POE. We always believe that different ideas can always create greater ones.

  • Path Of Exile Heist Leagues: Can We Still Keep Character Progress And Item Stash?

    Sep 10, 2020

    With the upcoming Heist League in Path of Exile, you might be wondering what will happen to your hard-working character in the past few months.

    Do I lose character progress and items when the new Path Of Exile expansion League comes out?

    A "League" in Path of Exile refers to the world and the server a character plays on. Every new expansion will create New Leagues, usually named after the corresponding expansion.

    On September 18, 2020, the Heist League will begin and the Harvest League will end soon. This switch has caused some players to worry about the characters they spent a lot of time building and grinding-will you be able to keep them?

    The answer is yes. When a challenge League (like Harvest or Heist of the current expansion's main League) ends, the character will be transferred to the parent League, usually the standard (unless you are playing hardcore and haven't died, in which case you will be sent to the hardcore).

    So, you will not lose your character, but to start a new league, you'll need to create a new character. Your map progress, stash items and all the rest of your gear will continue to the standard League, you need to start from the beginning ( Although you can keep microtransaction cosmetics and purchases across your entire account). Generally, the League has a 13-week cycle, so the best time to start a new character in the challenge League is at the beginning of the expansion.

    If you are a novice player, you can look through game guides on the news page to learn some basic content about Path of Exile.

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  • Does Path of Exile Have Crossplay And Cross-Save?

    Sep 08, 2020

    Path of Exile is available on PC and console, and the Mac version will be released soon. It was first released on PC in 2013 and switched to XBOX ONE and PS4 in 2017 and 2019, respectively. The Mac version is released with the Heist expansion.

    Does Path of Exile have crossplay?

    Currently, you cannot crossplay or cross-save between platforms on Path of Exile. Your login information will be different between PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC, so all save file info will be different. However, not everything is over. If you happen to use PC and Mac both, you can cross-play and cross-save between the two.

    Chief designer Chris Wilson said that this is a natural decision, because most of the employees of Path of Exile may use a PC and Mac at different times of the day, and want to play Path of Exile without restriction.

    So, for PC and Mac, you can transfer everything over and it saves to the cloud-it's basically the same as you were playing on a different PC, as long as you make sure you log in to the same account and all your characters, weapons, Skills and loot will be carried over.

    If there are any changes, we will notify you in time. It is very difficult to achieve cross-play, because there may be an unfair advantage between the PC and the console one way or the other, so it is worthwhile to focus on only one of them at the moment.

    So if you only have one MAC, you can also experience Path of Exile Heist.

    This is also good news for old players of POE, which means they can play this game on PC or Mac at will.

    If more news is released on the official POE website, we will also notify you in time. If you are interested, you can bookmark the news page of

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  • Path of Exile: How To Fast Travel?

    Sep 05, 2020

    Path of Exile is a huge world of Wraeclast takes some traversal. It may be difficult to find the way around you due to all the different locations and acts. Fortunately, there are two ways to quickly access places you've already been to.

    How to fast travel in Path of Exile?

    In Path of Exile, fast travel is quite simple, all you need to do is find Waypoints, which can be found in most areas including towns. Waypoints for fast travel are the bright blue rune-like object on the floor.

    Just click on it, and you can choose to quickly move to any previously visited Waypoint. You can travel between different acts and other parts of the world by clicking the Act tabs at the top of the map. This option will also be opened when you click Waypoint.

    How to fast travel to special locations

    Some places, such as the Sacred Grove and the Menagerie, can be reached quickly by console commands.

             · /menagerie: Fast travels to your Menagerie from town.

             · /delve: Fast travels to your Azurite Mine from town.

             · /harvest: Fast travels to your Sacred Grove from town.

             · /metamorph: Fast travels to Tane's Laboratory from town.

    How to fast travel back to a town

    It is easy to return to the settlement. Enemies often drop Portal Scrolls, shown in your inventory as little scrolls with blue ribbon coming off them. You may have a few stacked in your pockets already.

    Right-click on one of them and you will create a portal. When you enter the portal, teleports you immediately to the main settlement of the current act. You can also re-enter the portal before it disappears, allowing you to return to the original travel location.

    If you want to return to town quickly and for free, log out of the game and log in again, or return to the character select menu, this does not require scrolls and saves time. Your instances will not be reset either.

    I hope this little suggestion is helpful to you. Our aim is to help players experience the greatest fun of the game in the shortest possible time. We want to save you a lot of unnecessary time so that you can immerse yourself in the game wholeheartedly. This is why we sell POE Currency.

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  • Path of Exile Heist Is Coming Soon! So... Are You In?

    Sep 03, 2020

    First of all, let me make a statement. That one on Reddit said that the name of Path of Exile's new season is Explorer. This is a complete rumor. Grinding Gear Games has announced that the name of the new season is Heist. It will be released on September 18.

    This may be the biggest update since the Oriath landslide in 2017. In a brand new town, players will plan a high-risk, high-reward heist, along with all-new recruitable NPC criminals.

    Heist is actually a brand new game that runs in parallel with the regular story campaign of Path of Exile. Early on, players will unlock and enter the Rogue Harbour, which is a hive where they can truly become their own scum and villains. During the normal game process, players will collect two new types of items, Contracts and Markers. The Contract is the document you need to start planning a heist. Markers are a form of criminal currency, you can use it to pay your accomplices. But you can't rush into the vault and grab the treasure directly, you need to hire professionals.

    This update will have 13 new characters with full voice acting. Four of them manage the Harbour, but you can recruit the other nine. Upgrade, equip, and heist missions you bring. The treasure vaults are located behind complex security systems, and you need experts in unlocking, engineering, and demolition and more to bypass these defenses.

    Heist will be completely different from the normal route of the Path of Exile. This time, you don't need to scour the place clean. Every battle you participate in, every treasure chest is chest cracked open, and every noise made increases the security level of the building. If you max out of security gauge, the countdown will begin until they have permanently sealed the treasure vault and flood the area with guards, so you can only reach the target relatively quietly.

    Although Path of Exile has always had minions that can be summoned, Heist is the first time that players can hire and work with customizable NPCs. This should be interesting.

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  • The Next League Of Path of Exile Is Called Explorer League?

    Sep 01, 2020

    On September 1st, the 10th anniversary of the Path of Exile was first announced. Therefore, the official will announce the next expansion plan on September 2. They have concluded their press conference, have shown their next expansion to 19 news outlets. In addition to the usual content, the September expansion also includes a new type of character effect.

    These character effects start with a minimal visual effect, which will be charged when you kill monsters. There are six visual phases before it reaches its full glorious effect. After a short time without killing monsters, it will gradually return to its original look.

    However, many players said that this is just a recoloring, and there is no major change. It doesn't matter. Every new season will be unsatisfactory points. But there is always something attractive, so we can only wait patiently.

    Someone on Reddit said: next league is called Explorer League: the setting is you open chest that spawns pirates, both undead and living, collecting different tiers of treasure maps. Once collected certain patterns and missing treasure maps, you can put them together to open treasure island, cave treasure, and shaper/elder treasure influenced maps. The new gems are going to be black powder related, (bombs/grenades), Cannon Spawn/tower, and Voodo magic spells (revisiting poison and chaos).

    Of course, the authenticity of this remains to be confirmed!

    In any case, will always follow the latest news of Path of Exile and will give some game guides. If this is useful to you, please pay more attention to the news page of

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  • Is the Path Of Exile 3.12 Coming Out? No!

    Aug 28, 2020

    Developer Grinding Gear Games has had several updates already this year, including the Harvest Garden update and the massive rebalancing of 50 items in Path of Exile.

    And, for fans, the next league is on the horizon, which means we have to wait for a while.

    Grinding Gear Games has announced the announcement of the third expansion of 2020. On September 1st, Path of Exile players will get their first look into the next season of content and learn more about this expansion's league mechanic. The unnamed expansion has an estimated release date of September 18th, but it will only be made official during the September 1st reveal at 2pm PT.

    Grinding Gear also plans to release new supporter packs along with the new 3.12 update, but also decided to keep the Harvest update supporter pack around too, so players can choose which pack to purchase if they wish. If players are looking to grow and defeat The Heart of the Grove, they'll need to get to it soon, before the new expansion drops.

    Since you can't experience the new season for the time being, it's better to work hard to improve your gears in HARVEST. If you don't have enough POE Currency, go to to buy it! as a professional website, its product prices are lower than the market price, which means that you can buy the products you are satisfied with less money. So buying POE Currency on is definitely worthwhile.

  • How To Experience Path Of Exile 3.12 Earlier?

    Aug 26, 2020

    Grinding Gear Games has announced an announcement for their next Path Of Exile 3.12 expansion, with that announcement set for September 1. But is there a way for us to experience it in advance? You can read on.

    Of course not, there is no such method. Dude, we don't even know its name. Be patient, although waiting is always the toughest part. And is a kind of torture.

    In short, friends who clicked in, I got u

    Although it is not possible to play Path of Exile 3.12 in advance, the official release of good news. They have increased the limit of members of the Private League by 1,000!

    In 2018, they introduced a Private League system that allowed players to create their own Path of Exile leagues with different mods. The community also often asks officials to increase the player limit of Private Leagues so that larger leagues can be run. Now, this idea is realized! The limit on the number of league members is increased to 1,000, which means that you can buy more player slots and increase your Private League to a maximum capacity of 3,000 players, and they will continue to incrementally increase the limit every day until they reach a cap of 10,000 players, or encountered any issues with size limits. This is done to ensure that there aren't any issues that occur by having too many players in a Private League.

    So, now you can enjoy the game better.

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  • Path of Exile - How To Trade And Sell

    Aug 24, 2020

    Path of Exile has a trading system, suitable for finding a large number of PoE items in the game. Some of these items can have a very positive impact on your PoE currency. The key is knowing what to trade and how exactly is done. If the transactions in "Road of Exile" are new to you, don't be afraid, because the following article will tell you what you need to know about trading and more about ARPG.

    POE Currency

    The POE Currency system in Path of Exile switches out the typical use of gold for PoE orbs. These come in a variety of different forms with different values. For example, there are orbs known as Chaos Orbs which you will find are quite difficult to find. They do come in handy however towards the end of the game so you don't have to succumb to microtransactions. This is something that you should definitely keep in mind when you are selling, as this is a great way for you to get your hands on the much desired Chaos Orbs.

    POE Trading

    The practice of PoE Trading is rather simplistic. In order to trade you need to find another person to trade with and start the action manually. You then take your items from your inventory to the trade window, where both players will need to agree for the POE Trade to take place.

    POE Selling

    As for selling, this is a bit more complicated. The reason being is that the price of PoE items tends to fluctuate, so it's hard to keep track of how much things are worth. But what you can do is do your research into how much the PoE items are that you want to sell. Doing so with PoE Uniques can be useful, though you need to make sure that you have checked their value, as these amounts can differ greatly.

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