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  • Perfect Boss for Framing with Low Investment Builds in Path of Exile

    Sep 30, 2022

    Hey guys, today I want to discuss a really valued boss could be farmed in Path of Exile 3.19, the Black Star. For some of you may still a beginner in POE, I will let you know why the Black Star which can make really good currency even you do not have wonderful gears or builds, and the preparation you should do befored you started.

    Firstly his invitations currently cost 5 chaos orbs, and he drops high value eldritch currency, for example, the Eldritch Chaos orbs are currently sold for 27 chaos orbs and Eldritch Orbs of Annulment are currently sold for around 19 chaos.

    He also drops Polaric Devastation, which is currently sold for around 100 Chaos ops, and it can be worth more if the attributes are good.

    Meanwhile, he also drops the Eternal Struggle, but this item can be worth a lot or nothing, thus it is not the main point.

    Then he can drop conqueror maps, if you take the big atlas passive notes, these maps are currently worth around 25 to 30 chaos orbs.

    Here is the Atlas Passives should you take, in my opinion you should take Martial Forces, because of the Eldritch bosses have 20% chance to drop a conqueror map, and the Black Star is one of the Eldritch bosses.

    On the other hand, Height of Hubris could 100% increased effect of your modifiers on your invitations. But here is a warning I want to mention, this modifier doubles the effect of all modifiers in invitations, including both Maven and Elders invitations, the item rarity and quantity in these invitations are also doubled, as a result note that this can cause 100% chance to reduce recovery rate of life and energy shield, 100% reduced effect of auras, etc. so be careful.

    An optional note that you can take is Liberated Knowledge, the black star has 10 chance to drop an additional Grand Eldritch Ember, personally I do not think this would make you super rich, but little is better than none.

    Finally, the most important thing is, the Black Star is not an invincible Boss for the beginner, the only thing you should pay attention is the Black Star would switch the elements, which is also not difficult to solve - just jump to the opposite arena, make sure you're either immune to Freeze or have a way to remove it before starting the fight .

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  • Exsanguinate Chieftain - Goodlike Map Clearing and Good Defense Build in Path of Exile

    Sep 27, 2022

    Hey guys, after 3.19 version on Path of Exile releasing, Exsanguinate Chieftain becomes more and more popular because of its amazing map clearing capable and tanky ability. So today I would like to show you guys the build of Chieftain.

    I'm going to start with a defense, because I hate dying. In this build I use Leadership's Price, Saffell's Frame and the Brass Dome. Along with some passive skills, we have 90 percent max resistance, in addition we have Determination and some Spell Block. According to the POB this character has 70,000 Effective Hit Pool, and that's without flask and molten shell, so you will very rarely die with this build.

    In addition to the previously shown unique items you will need The Devouring Diadem, Bottled Faith, Gloom Grinder and etc.

    And of course several Clusters.

    For damage, this build perfectly clears maps, you just press a button and everything on the screen is annihilated. Unfortunately this is not a well-rounded and single target damage is less than ideal, but you can still easily kill all the bosses in the game and even some Uber bosses. If you want to farm high quantity Invitations or Uber bosses, then you should look for another build, for example Reap, which is much better because it has more damage. But the main purpose of Exsanguinate Chieftain is not to die and fast maps clearing, with the last point, Reap is much worse because you can't kill mobs off screen.

    Lastly a couple of words about the cost of this build and the possible improvements you can make, as I said before it's not a cheap build, and you need about 30 divine orbs. But if that's too much for you then don't worry because you can find different POE items in in cheap price. Fast delivery speed and quick online responds, please click the link and buy POE Currency now and enjoy your new adventures in POE 3.19.
  • Uber Bosses Killer Build in Path of Exile - Ice Trap Assassin

    Sep 23, 2022

    Hey guys, today I would like to tell you about the Ice Trap Assassin build in Path of Exile, I wanted to make a character that can kill Uber bosses to complete a challenge and also wanted to farm the Maven, the Shaper and Maven's invitations. As you may have noticed this build perfectly copes with these tasks because we have just an insane amount of DPS, at first I wanted to make a build with an explosive trap, but then I found interesting options with an ice trap, and decided to stop at this particular skill, tell you about it and explain how we get such a huge amount of damage.

    I'll start with power charges, in this build we have 11 of them three by default, additional three we get from the skill tree,

    one from ascendancy,

    another three from items,

    and the last one is corrupted implicit modifiers.

    Then we need items that increase our damage for each power charge plus Badge of the Brotherhood, which will allow us to get 11 frenzy charges.

    Now we need to find a way to get 11 power and frenzy charges very fast and that's where another Unique Item comes in, Ralakesh's Impatience, which gives us a maximum of power, frenzy and endurance charges while we are stationary. But this is not a big problem for us since we use traps, we just place our traps, stand still and watch how the boss will be destroyed in seconds.

    With all these unique items are 11 power charges give us a huge amount of damage, on top of that Heatshiver actually doubles damage, because the action speed of bosses cannot be reduced to zero. but they are still counted as frozen, in addition to this items we used.

    Slavedriver's Hand to solves our mana problem and gives this trap throwing speed for frenzy charges.

    Arn's Anguish gives us brutal charges instead of endurance charges, and a 15% chance to deal triple damage.

    Militant Faith plus Inner Conviction for more spell damage and it is the best way to increase our damage.

    As a result, each of our traps does almost 9 million damage and we can have 24 of them at once. Our skill DPS is around 40 million and that's not counting flask and some other factors, so it will be much higher in the game up to 70 million DPS, crazy numbers for me.

    Skill Damages:

    But in addition to the high DPS, which is the main advantage of this build, it also has weaknesses. Our main goal is to kill bosses quickly, so mapping is not the most comfortable and easy. If you want to do some maps you will need to make some changes in this build. Also we have very bad defense, but if you are a good player you can kill all bosses deathless, if you are an average player like me, you will need several portals to kill some Uber bosses. So if you want to farm bosses while scrolling videos on Tik Tok, then you need to look for another build because this will not work for you.

    Additionally I want to say a few words about leveling, at level 12 I take the Lightning Trap, at level 32 you need Bitterdream, with Ice Trap and Bitterdream you will easily kill almost all the bosses. After completing the campaign, you can only use the Ice Trap, I also recommend starting with Saboteur Ascendancy because it goes better for maps, and fast level ups, at level 90 change to Assassin and switch gears for killing bosses.

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  • Bosses Killer Build - Volatile Dead Spellslinger Inquisitor in Path of Exile

    Sep 17, 2022

    Hey guys today let's talk about one of my favourite builds, Volatile Dead Spellslinger Inquisitor in Path of Exile 3.19, there's a lot of little important things in this build, generally speaking they increased a bit more Volatile Dead Spellslingers' damage in this patch, but the removal of the Reservation Mastery hits one of spellslinger's existing pain points. Reservation is kind of rough on builds that require multiple spellslinger setups, the Corpse Life nerfs on top of that also make this style of spellsinger harder to do in 3.19.

    But this build has mostly generic spell scaling, so you can probably slot in any spell you like, I went for Volatile Dead because the play style is so comfy and the spell scaling on it is actually not that bad. Detonate Dead on the other hand has more of its damage built into the corpse explosion, which isn't scaled by spell modifiers, but it works well with the spell Cascade that we're already using for Volatile Dead, and mapping feels a lot nicer when you have something with instant damage. Volatile Dead has a little delay before the balls start moving and since we're not really scaling the initial corpse explosion part, it can feel awkward just waiting for the balls to move, not to mention the faster you kill something, the less time it hits you back.

    Mapping is really nice, since it's pretty much a one button build berserk, which we have on our left click makes you run really fast. And you only need to use flasks once at the beginning, we attack really fast too. Since we're using faster attacks in our frenzy setup, so for mapping the more attack speed the is better, because we'll be moving in between every cast. If you want to go faster, you can actually cancel the barrage animation with a movement input, so instead of just holding down left click or whatever you have your movement key bound to, let go of it when you use frenzy, and press it again to cut the animation short.

    For anything a bit tanky monsters, you can pop frost shield and right click it to death; for particularly spooky essences ones you might need to kite it; for bosses you can swap the quicksilver flask for a sapphire flask for the less cold damage taken, you can keep the quicksilver for things that don't have cold damage. we'll also be swapping out faster attacks for culling strike, and increased aoe for Concentrated Effect. Awakened Elemental Focus might seem like more damage, but with Spell Cascade Support, Concentrated Effect seems to let you get more overlaps with DD.

    That also allows us to use Sadist for 60% increased damage, since we'll be able to apply ailments. For the Uber Bosses I opted to manually cast berserk, so like for Uber Shaper Bullet Hell phase, I pop berserk for the damage reduction and I haven't died once in that phase ever, since the move speed from berserk is really helpful as well.

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  • Path of Exile: How to gear up Lightning Arrow Build

    Sep 15, 2022

    So many of you guys may know bow builds have been around Path of Exile for a very long time, and with a strong demand for powerful, fast-moving builds in every League, bow builds have always been a staple within the POE meta.

    But one of the biggest problems with running a bow build is that you have very poor single target damage, thus I use the Storm Rain Ballista. So do you want extremely fast clear speed? Lightning arrows got you covered; do you want boss melting single Target DPS? Storm rain will do the trick. Do not say no more, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Lightning Arrow Storm Rain Deadeye.

    Generally speaking, to gear up this build you're gonna need a lot, sorry guys this ain't no casual build. To start off we're going to be running Crystallized Omniscience, this means that we're going to be looking for a lot of stat attributes on our gear, alternatively you can also use the Amulet of the Mind Goblin. For our bow we have a Gale Stinger, with chance to increase attack speed and chance to deal double damage. For the quiver you want at the minimum an additional arrow mod and high lightning damage. And do not forget craft yourself some of rings with T1 stats life and non-channeling skills could reduced Mana cost.

    Next we'll want High spell suppression on our boots, body armor and gloves. Make sure the gloves also have a high accuracy rating, life and attack speed. You'll notice that my boots also have the Elusive and Onslaught mods, which help out quite a bit in damage and clear speed.

    Finally we have our uniques, for the helmet you want a Black Sun Crest with a Lightning Arrow enchant, and as high of a stat roll as you can get. The same goes for our Cyclopean Coil, which also happens to provide freeze immunity for our build.

    To all the casual players out there, this build unfortunately does not have a very linear progression, it takes quite a bit of investment to get it up and running. Meanwhile, many people will find that it's not super enjoyable in the earlier phases, but for those of you who love the long-term rewards, the Lightning Arrow is perfect for you.

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  • Path of Exile: Powerful Bow Build for Clearing Monsters in Any Scenarios

    Sep 13, 2022

    Hey guys, do you want a build that can clear monsters off screen in Path of Exile? Do you want a bow build that doesn't struggle with scaling single Target damage, or maybe you're growing tired of all ways, so you're looking for a new method to destroy your CPU, then Lightning Arrow Deadeye is the build for you.

    The most amazing things I love about this build is that, even when farming tedious mechanics like all the temples, the Lightning Arrow Dead Eye still clears so incredibly fast. It greatly minimizes the dreadful repetitions that are needed in order to set up a perfect build, even when you farming something as basic as Essences, the Deadeye can quickly kite in clear the necessary encounters, and leave the map before the monsters even knew what hit them.

    The way this build works is just firing some lightning arrows into your enemies off screen, when you hit an enemy, the lightning arrows will smite your foes for some AOE damage. In a single Target boss fight scenario, play some ballista boys and begin firing everywhere. As enemies begin melting under the sheer power of these laser beams, you'll begin to notice a considerable drop in fps as well, but don't let that distract you from the fact that the boss is already dead.

    For our Ascendancy, we're going with the most basic ascendancy for every bow build, the Dead Eye. For our ascendancy passives we'll want to run Endless Munitions, Ricochet, Focal Point and Gathering Winds. Endless Munitions and Vocal Point give us more damage, Ricochet gives us more clearspeed and Gathering wins makes everything go even faster. Need I say more? Clearly, this is the epitome of what every meta end game build should be.

    For our Defenses, we're running Grace, Determination, Define Banner and Inspired Learning. Inspired learning allows you to steal a single mod from every rare monster that you slay. Grace and Determination provide an incredible amount of flat evasion and armor, which also scale multiplicatively with the effects of defined.

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  • Path of Exile: Build Guides on Spellslinger Occultist

    Sep 09, 2022

    Hey guys, today let’s talk a powerful build in Path of Exile, Spellslingers. But not just any spellslinger, I'm going to be talking about chaos Spellslingers, specifically for the Essence Drain and Soulrend occultists. The build archetype we all thought was dead is now back in action, and to top it all off, I pushed this build all the way to the end game without spending tons of resources.

    So as many of you guys may know, the chaos spellslinger was once a very popular build ever since the introduction of the skill back in patch 3.10, however many leaks have passed ever since then, and the chaos spellslinger has unfortunately been met with various nerfs that have made it widely not popular anymore. You have various issues ranging from poor mana reservation management, poor damage output and of course poor brain development, but that's personal issue. One of the biggest issues with running a spellslinger setup is the inherent mana cost of the spells being slung.

    As we all know the difference between a build doing 3 million dps, and no dps is whether or not it has mana to cast these spells. So what I decided to do was utilize Thrill Killer alongside a few mana notes on the passive tree as well as clarity, in order to sustain the mana needed for general mapping and boss fighting purposes. and as you can see another problem with this build is that you have to reserve auras on your life. Meaning that if you don't get enough energy shield you will be inflicted with a status ailment, otherwise known as death. One of the things I enjoyed about this build is that you can fully automate the process of casting, both Essence Drain and Soulrend into a single button, which allows you to properly kite out severely overtuned monsters.

    The way this build works is you fire an attack into your enemies, overwhelm them with an onslaught of ghostly projectiles, and watch them all die of death. As their souls begin to evaporate and their minds begin to shatter, as you gaze upon the scene of carnage you begin to realize that something is not quite right, their bodies are missing. And that's because we like to run the most satisfying ascendancy passive, by running Profane Bloom with a curse on hit ring, we can detonate the corpses of our slain foes to propagate the most satisfying map clearing experience.

    For our Ascendancy, we'll once again be running with Path of Exile's most popular goth girlfriend, the Occultist. For our Ascendancy passes we'll be running void beacon, withering presence, malediction and of course profane bloom. This is literally the first build I've ever showcased where all Ascendancy passives were actually geared towards dealing more damage.

    For our defenses we have Discipline, Tempest Shield, every Energy Shield Note on the Passive Tree and of course Cast on Death-Portal. Smarter player would tell you that Vitality linked to Arrogance Support would be a much better pairing with Zelen's Oath, but I would tell you, I'd rather have my Portals.

    To gear up this build you need Energy shield, Stats Attributes and Mana Reservation Efficiency. Especially the mana reservation efficiency, to do this we run Prism Guardian to reserve shield on our life pool. Meanwhile, because we're in low life, we'll have to go with Shavronne's Wrapping so that we don't die to chaos damage. Presence of Chayual gives more energy shields, stun immunity and chaos res.

    Use Deafening Essence of Loathing to craft a helmet with increased mana reservation efficiency, and the rest of the gear can be used to cover for stats, elemental resistances and more energy shield. If you're ever struggling to do more damage, consider using the Amulet of the Mine Goblin.

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  • Path of Exile: Build Guides on Corrupting Fever Champion in 3.19

    Sep 07, 2022

    Hey guys, today let’s talk about my POE 3.19 league starter for Lake of Kalandra. Not only does this build deal no single target damage, but If you're someone looking for a build that clears maps really fast and nothing else, then Corrupting Fever Champion is the build for you.

    So as many of you guys may know patch 3.19 was released with a handful of reworks, and with so many changes coming to the core game, this brought about its own plethora of issues. One of the biggest challenges that players faced on league start this season was how to deal with the massively over powerful monsters that have spawned.

    The way this build works is you fire a slew of projectiles injure enemies that consequently apply a stacking charge of corrupting. while unleashing this attack, a ghostly scythe will alternate with a splatter of blood to ensure that your enemies are properly riddled with diseases while you pummel them with explosive projectiles, as their organs begin to hemorrhage, and their innards begin to collapse, their corpses will explode onto surrounding enemies leading to a severe drop in graphical performance. 

    By running the most cracked unique item in the game, we can ensure that mapping satisfaction is guaranteed. Now for our Ascendancy we're going to be running with path of exile's most viable Ascendancy, the Champion. For our ascendancy passives, we'll be running with Inspirational, Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, and of course First to Strike, Last to Fall. In this build, First to Strike, Last to Fall as your bread and butter, and will allow you to survive and overcome the 3.19 league start. Meanwhile, Fortitude gives us more defense, Inspirational gives us more reservation efficiency and Unstoppable Hero gives us more attack speed, as you can see this is nearly the perfect ascendancy to survive the massively over powerful monsters of week 1 in 3.19.

    For our defenses we have Determination, Spell Suppression, Ailment Avoidance and of course Cast on Death-portal, no build in is truly viable without Cast on Death-portal. I also have a cast one damage taken molten shell, but as we all know molten shell is just for show, and that the truly superior defense is being able to throw six bodies at the same monster, trust me this setup is gonna change your life.

    Now let's talk about how to gear up this build, to gear up this build we're going to need three things with Life, Elemental Resistance and Unique Items, don't forget to grab Spell Suppression and Ailment Avoidance. To start off on the uniques, we have the Poet's Pen. It will allow us to trigger to reap without needing to reserve mana. Doryani's Invitation will give us some much needed elemental resistances in the early progression and allow us to leech some of our physical damage as life. Finally, we have Hemophilia these gloves enable an incredible clear speed by inflicting bleeds and proliferating damage with explosions that are based on the enemy's life pool.

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  • Path of Exile: Tips on Rage Vortex Berserker builds in 3.19

    Sep 05, 2022

    With the released of Path of Exile 3.19, Rage Vortex as one of the most popular builds has becoming much more interesting with the updates of Kaom’s Spirit Gloves. So today I want to introduce some tips for you when you try this build.

    Thought the new Kaom's spirit gloves looked cool and wanted to do something with them. Rage vortex is a skill that sacrifices a percentage of your rage, and scales damage and aoe off of how much you sacrifice. So all you want is to stack a lot of maximum rage, and find a way to generate rage quickly, since rage on hit mechanics are unreliable and have a limited rate.

    Historically this was done using either Chain breaker or Redblade banner combined with berserker's war bringer. Chain breaker is kind of annoying, because it makes all your skills cost rage, so you won't be getting full value from your rage vortex, and you'll need to heavily invest in mana regen thus gearing is a bit harder. Redblade banner isn't as reliable since it only generates rage if you're below level 25, so you won't always have very high rage. 

    I think these gloves are the best source of easy and reliable rage generation. But it's not without any downsides, you can't regenerate life with them, this is especially annoying as a berserker, since Rite of ruin will be constantly degenning you, you can still recover your life with leech, so you can sustain with over leech with something like petrified blood or Soul Tether. However, you'll need a lot investment into leech, to sustain like nine percent life from rite of ruin plus the life loss over time from Petrified blood.

    You'll also have to consider that you probably would run out of leech during long invulnerability phases, so the route I chose was Eternal Youth combined with Dissolution of the Flesh, Eternal Youth makes it so that your life recharges like energy shield does, as long as you haven't taken damage in the past couple seconds. Dissolution of the flesh makes the life that would be lost from taking damage is instead reserved, since you're never technically taking damage at least for this purpose, your life is constantly recharging, enough to sustain the degen from Rite of ruin, all your skills which cost life, while the life loss from Petrified blood essentially nullifying its downside. 

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  • Path of Exile: Something You Should Avoid in 3.19

    Sep 03, 2022

    Today let us talk about the things you'll probably want to avoid in Path of Exile, even though they might look really strong, in fact they can end up being insanely good, but I'm gonna advise against them because there's a big chance you'll end up not having fun, and your league start might be ruined.

    First one maybe a little contentious, Sunblast trappers, specifically anything that is not Lightning trap. Sunblast was going to be over powerful, and it's still really strong even though they already nerfed it. However, the delay is much more detrimental than you might think, they took away all the other sources of reduced trap duration, so you have to throw the trap and it just sits there just for a second, in that second if the enemy walks away from the trap, you're gonna be sad. Something like lightning trap, the coverage is good enough that everything gets hit anyway. However, AOE base traps you might just straight up waste a lot of the time with sunblast. You also lose the ability to pre-lay your traps, so you probably even won't be able to kill bosses.

    Secondly, Lightning Conduit. I'm sure a lot of people are going to want to play it since it's the new thing, but maybe don't do it on league start, save it for later. The damage numbers look pretty good on paper, however it's a two button skill, you might be thinking it's just like Detonate Dead, and DD was super OP because it gave you so much damage for free. However, DD was ignite based so you can get good damage up time without constant casting. You guys remember the Hex blast incident? A bunch of people got baited into playing hit based hex blast, and had a horrible time. I'd liken the lightning conduit to this, so I guess be careful if you really want to start it, maybe play an inquisitor so you can pivot to spark in case if it doesn't work out.

    Avoid having to spam alternate casting two skills, which can make the build feel a lot more clunky, and actually lower the dps, especially if you have higher ping. Actually it might be worth to try Storm Brand to constantly apply shock, you can just keep holding down lightning conduit. You'll probably want a lot of shock and ailment effects though, since Storm Brand doesn't hit very hard.

    The last ones may be a bit of a cop-out, but don't force yourself to play something you don't like. You've probably noticed I mentioned playstyle a few times, now I think how a build plays mechanically is super underrated, especially in a league start setting. People often look for the most powerful builds I'm of the opinion that it doesn't matter a build has insane numbers, what if it feels like complete shit to play or if you're not having fun, then what's the point?

    Overall the updates of 3.19 brings a lot of changes in to the game, you can check more inform of in, by the way if you want to buy POE Currency, our website could be your best assistance with cheap price and reliable sellers. Come to and start buying now!

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