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  • Path of Exile: Gear for beating Ahuatotli,the Blind

    Jul 15, 2022

    Delve Bosses will expand with depth, and players will face more and more challenges as exploration deepens. Ahuatotli, the Blind, as the first Boss players encounter in Delve, is located in The Grand Architect's Temple.

    Players will earliest encounter this boss in the depths of 83. In order to win this Bossfight, we need to understand its attack patterns and adopt certain strategies.

    When the player first enters the arena, Ahuatotli, the Blind has a five-second cooldown, it doesn't move, it just stands in the center. After the cooldown is over, he will start using his skills to turn the arena into a Darkness Phase, where players will be stacked with Darkness Damage. At this point, players must either use flares or move to a bright spot.

    It's worth noting that there are four turrets scattered around the arena that fire lasers and corrode blood, an attack that does a lot of damage. And players close them by reaching the buttons in the four corners of the arena.

    Since Ahuatotli, the Blind focuses on physical attacks, mitigating the damage they cause is an important criterion for choosing items and gear. The following items can be prepared in advance:

    1. Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask — Converts Physical Damage taken to Cold Harm Taken and Increases Maximum Cold Resistance throughout flask effect.

    2. Basalt Flask — Grants 15% Physical Harm Reduction during flask effect.

    3. Granite Flask — Grants +3000 Armour for the duration of Flask Impact.

    4. Arctic Armour — Grants 8–13% much less Physical Harm when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit.

    5. Determination — Grants 32%-51% a lot more armor.

    The acquisition of the above equipment is not difficult, you can choose to visit POE Currency and buy them.

    POECurrency is committed to bringing you more news and services about Path of Exile. You can buy POE Items here to bring actual support to your Bossfights. You are welcome to contact us anytime.

  • Path of Exile: Four Ways to Get Headhunter

    Jul 04, 2022

    The Headhunter is a Leather Belt released for the first time in the Nemesis league. When players have some experience in killing rare enemies, Headhunter can be regarded as the best way to clear Maps, Heists, Grand Heists, Blighted maps, Harbinger encounters and Delirium encounters One of the proper gears.

    Headhunter brings a very bright effect, with a maximum Life bonus of 25-40, a Strength bonus of 40-55 and a Dexterity bonus of 40-55, it also increases the Damage with Hits of Rare monsters by 20-30%. Most importantly, it gives you its Modifiers for 20 seconds when you kill a rare enemy.

    These impressive effects have made it a goal for countless players to obtain, although few achieve it. But whether it's collecting Divination Cards or farming specific bosses, there are some chances to drop this rare piece of equipment, and once you get it, it means that your abilities and your wealth will increase. Here are methods worth trying:

    1. Farming The Doctor card.

    This is a great method for Magic Find builds, and in a way, while it may take extra time and effort, this method provides a guaranteed drop for the Headhunter.

    After collecting all 8 The Doctor cards, players may get rare drops like Headhunter in Burial Chambers and the Spider Forest.

    2. Farming The Fiend card.

    After collecting 11 The Fiend cards, players may get rare drops in at Shrine Map and The Putrid Cloister.

    3. Obtained it from POECurrency.

    Using real money is always the most direct and effective way. If you are still struggling, can provide sufficient POE Items to meet your needs for Headhunter. As a well-known store in the market, POECurrency provides good prices and The service has received many positive reviews.

    4. Use Orb of Chance on Leather Belts or Ancient Orbs.

    This is a very sound strategy on the whole, and it is very suitable for single-player operation. Players may need to try more, but in this way, potential benefits will not be lost in the process, and it is possible to reap surprises.

    POECurrency can not only provide you with a low-price Headhunter but also bring you more POE Currency and useful information. Feel free to contact us at any time, we will bring quality service.

  • Path of Exile: Selection of Mage Skeleton Necromancer's Support Skill Gems

    May 24, 2022

    Necromancer has always been one of the most popular classes in the Path of Exile league. Although her damage potential is high, it is the best choice to cooperate with Minion. Mage Skeleton Necromancer is built as a top league, novice players can master it without spending too much budget and has a very good damage output, it is a rare boss killer.

    For new players, the Minion is the base for us to take a lot of damage, and buy POE Currency like a range of Support Skill Gems is a great way to maximize that advantage.

    Vaal Summon Skeletons: This will summon a powerful army of skeletons, increasing damage output.

    Spell Echo Support: This will be able to provide support for spell skills, allowing the supported skills to repeat one more time and increasing spell casting speed by an additional 40-54%.

    Pierce Support: Which provides 2-4 additional target slots for piercing and achieves an additional 0-19% increase in damage.

    Volley Support: This supports the ability to fire projectiles and gives a bonus of 2 additional projectiles.

    Minion Damage Support:As an essential auxiliary gem, it can increase the damage of the Minion created by the related skills. At level 20, it can increase the physical damage by 49%.

    Increased Critical Damage Support: Grant a critical damage bonus to any skill.

    But in fact, acquiring the above Support Skill Gems requires farming by repeating tasks, which will require players to spend more time and effort to get them together. Therefore, for players who have this kind of trouble, buying directly on is the best choice.

    POECurrency, as an experienced third-party game service provider, will be committed to improving your game experience, and you can get more news and useful information here.

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