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  • How Much POE Currency You Need Per Day?

    Jul 29, 2020

    If you play Path of Exile every day, it is easy to find that POE Currency will be used every day. For instance, if I play it for 5 hours a day, I will farm more than a player who players for less than 5 hours. But some exiles can build huge wealth in a short time, which requires a large amount of currency items, that is, make money with money.

    Path of Exile is a game that allows players to keep fighting at all times. In other words, POE Currency plays an important role in order to win the games. Do you know how much POE Currency do you need per day to occupy a major position in it?

    POE Currency is not like gold or coin, it is not the only medium for trading throughout Path of Exile, but surrounding with a series of scrolls and orbs. Therefore, it is impossible to calculate how much POE Currency you would use every day, which is based on your character, class, level and skills. However, you can make POE Currency without limitation to build wealth, that is, make money with money.

    For starters, this is an effective way to improve the economy by picking up the dropped rare items and crafting according to the Vendor recipe. Except for the loot, every item you harvest has the potential to create wealth, such as Divination cards.

    In short, POE Currency is always closely related to farming, even all-day farming. Only in this way, it can prevent you from being the poor.

    When you are tired of farming, the source of POE Currency is limited to trading or purchasing, which is faster and more convenient. Perhaps this is the best solution to avoid duplication of labor.

    PoeCurrency is a store where you can choose to trade, it is a professional POE shop to sell a variety of POE products with friendly service. Here, every customer will be treated well and get a satisfactory shopping experience.

  • Where To Get Cheap POE Delirium Currency?

    May 06, 2020

    Path of Exile is like a chapter-type MMORPG, developing to 3.10 Delirium, and its in-game currency and medium have also been updated to POE Delirium Currency.

    Throughout the game, currency items cover a variety of aspects, such as POE orbs, scrolls, gems, jewels, etc, and each one has specific the purpose to enhance the characters' competitiveness and strength.

    Correspondingly, POE Currency is also very versatile, like leveling up characters and maps, purchasing equipment and weapons, modifying passive skill trees, etc. It is not able to make any progress if you are always empty-handed, so your main goal is to get much POE Currency as soon as possible.

    As you all know, the price of currency items throughout Path of Exile is always changed depending on the market, so you can never rely on keeping or trading a certain POE Item to make profits.

    In order to ensure the long-term source of POE Currency, you need to find the right place to get it. Also, with the release of Delirium expansion, the access to POE Currency is also expanding, always.

    The conventional methods of obtaining POE Delirium currency include:

    Auction House is the place allowed to trade in Path of Exile, where you can sell some unnecessaries to earn a little money, also you can buy from here.

    Daily Challenges to complete can ensure a stale profit of POE Currency, and each exile is allowed to complete various levels of quests or challenges, even starters, they will be rewarded with some currency items, including some unique ones.

    Matches, each win could reward you a large amount of POE Items, or uniques.

    Here is the best place to get cheap POE Currency, and you don't need to farm all day. PoeCurrency could provide you with high quality POE Currency as always. You can check its good reputation on Google, and shopping here, it is ensured that currency is 100% safe, delivery is ultra-fast, and the price is not higher than the market. Anyway, it will do its best to give you the most help, but it won't cost you too much.

    Now, POE Currency for sale is hot because its price is cheap. If you are interested in it, you are recommended to try first with a small amount and prevent yourself from being scammed.

  • Gain POE Currency Via Showing POE Talent

    Jan 13, 2020

    All of you have been playing POE for a while, tell us what happened to you during this time? Boss, POE Build or endgame map? Now, the developer of POE, Grinding Gear Games is calling on all the exiles to participate in a brand new POE-themed event to show everyone's hidden talent. Simply put, all exiles are invited to make content, specifically subject is not limited, fans art, videos, music, fan fiction, cosplay, baking, crafts, screenshots, comics, interpretive dance, each one is allowed, and the only requirement is that participants must add their own ideas to each work. Full content about the event can be checked as follows:

    Event Time
    Starting from now, it won't stop until February 10 at 5 PM NZT, and all submissions after that will not be counted. Any exile can participate alone or create in cooperation with others, provided that it is allowed by all participants and follows all laws.

    Just send your content themed POE talent to POE before the competition ends, and GGG will read, listen or view them quickly. In order to save time for both parties, you are recommended to keep your work within 5 minutes, at that time, the winning submissions will be selected based the criteria:

    How to execute the POE talent skillfully.
    How true it remains to POE theme.
    How compelling or entertaining the submission is.

    POE Talent Prizes
    What's more, GGG also announced the prizes from first one to 20th, mainly in POE Currency, Orbs, as well as POE Items.

    1-3 Winners:
    Signed Path of Exile Art Book
    Signed Path of Exile Print
    Signed Path of Exile Comic
    Cloth Map of Wraeclast
    Solaris and Lunaris T-Shirt
    Foam Exalted Orb
    An Armour Set
    A Weapon Effect
    A Helmet Effect

    4-5 Place:
    Signed Path of Exile Art Book
    Solaris and Lunaris T-Shirt
    Foam Exalted Orb
    An Armour Set
    A Weapon Effect
    A Helmet Effect

    6-10 Place:
    Solaris and Lunaris T-Shirt
    Foam Exalted Orb
    A Weapon Effect
    A Helmet Effect

    11-20 Place:
    Solaris and Lunaris T-Shirt
    A Weapon Effect
    A Helmet Effect

    Now, there are enough time to prepare for POE Talent Competition, hopefully, you are lucky enough to be one of the winners.

    PoeCurrency has always been a safe and legal store to provide POE Currency, covering a series of POE Orbs. All the rare items you can't get throughout POE can be found here, and its price is lower than other stores without any other extra cost. Come and have a look at if there is something what you need.

  • POE 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph Map Crafting Guide

    Jan 10, 2020

    Since Grinding Gear Games released POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph, a series of tactics have guide us, today's topic is about the map crafting.

    In every expansion of POE, the map is the game-ending system that allows the players to complete many different types of maps and receive additional rewards. So a better map crafting is helpful to upgrade in the game faster and get more XP and loot.

    Map TierEvery map has a tier, which determines the level of the map. Generally speaking, you could only get those low-tier maps at the beginning of the game, and simply play the maps you already have in order to gain higher tier maps.

    You can move the maps from low tier to higher tier ones, but you will definitely encounter a lot of difficulties, the higher the tier, the more challenging the mods are as well as the higher their stats.

    Tier 1-5 equals levels 68-72 Tier 6-10 equals levels 73-77Tier 11-17 equals levels 78-84

    Various CurrenciesThere are various currencies in POE, involving scrolls and orbs, each of which has a specific function, this could bring buffs to the POE Map, including:

    Orbs of AlchemyIt costs about 0.6 c, it can give you between 3 and 6 modifiers and an average total bonus of 1.98 by using an orb of alchemy, which could make your map double output, if your maps are above tier 2, just always use it.

    Vaal OrbIt can corrupt the maps, and increase a weighted average of 0.32 map bonus for a cost of about 1c, especially for those of 3c or higher maps, usually at about tier 8.

    Cartographer's ChiselIt gives quality to the POE maps. You can use 4 Chisels on a map to make it upgrade, which could give you extra bonus of about 0.25 in tier 12-13 maps.

    Vaal fragmentsYou can place Vaal fragments on the map for tier 16, which could give you an average bonus of about 0.06, as well as 5 iiq each time.

    ZanaYou can make good use of the NPCs in the game to improve your map, such as Zana, who is an important end-game NPC. She is encountered for the first time during the Epilogue when she introduces Atlas of Worlds to you with the following functions:

    Unique Map DeviceSell Maps based on her levelOffer Daily questsProvide maps with the specific prefixSell Lost Words Divination CardsIn addition to the methods we mentioned above, there are many items that are helpful for map crafting in POE, which will be introduced in our later articles. So stay tuned.

    PoeCurrency is a trustworthy store, focusing on providing goods related POE, such as POE Items, POE Currency, etc. It never deceives any consumer, all the goods you get are done by real men, and all delivery and service are free in order to give you satisfactory shopping. Visit and look for yourself, you'll find a near-perfect store, you are welcome at any time.

  • POE Starting Guide: Poe Blight Currency

    Oct 09, 2019

    POE 3.8.0 Blight launched to the public for more than a month, and you should figure out the gameplay, tower-defense mechanism, orbs, skills and gems in advance before playing, if you are coming for the first time, or you don't know how to start the adventure in POE correctly, this is an article on PoeCurrency about starting guide for you.

    Particularly, there is no currency-based economy throughout POE, that being said, POE Currency is not a single item in the game, but a general term for many orbs and scrolls. And it often occurs trade among players with orbs. There are more than 30 robs and other more in-game items in POE, we usually regard them as the official currency of the game.

    For a beginner, you don't have more opportunities to reach wealth, and you'd better hurry up to exercise the character skills and concentrate on building. When you have enough XP, you can start to equip your orbs and gems. Before that, all you have to do is collecting, leave all you get and don't use them to do anything until you are strong enough to complete the challenges or craft.

    And then you can make equipment for yourself by collecting the orbs, some of them are valuable and rare. Moreover, some other POE Items are also the materials for your craft, which can improve your skills and damage to some extent.

    For example, POE Exalted Orbs are very rare, you have to constantly kill countless enemies and looting, but most of the time you will not succeed. This is a complicated process, simple guide can not give you all of help, remember collect orbs as much as you can such as the ones below, to ensure that you can leave extra material after completing crafting, and then sell them to others for making money, which is the meaning of your hard work.

    Normal orbs for crafting:

    Orbs of Transmutation
    Orbs of Chance
    Orbs of Alchemy
    Chaos Orbs
    Orbs of Alteration
    Regal Orbs
    Eternal Orbs
    Orbs of Scouring
    Divine Orbs
    Blessed Orbs
    The above is the main two stages we told you to farm POE Currency in Blight, and we just want to tell you a rule:

    Leave everything in your hands when you should make money;
    Use up all resources when you should spend

    Just do so, perhaps you have more methods to get POE Currency, it is not the focus of today's article, reasonably consume and buy what you need, otherwise your POE is in endless grinding. Enjoy POE Blight!

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