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  • Do You Want To Buy The Cheapest POE Currency, Then Don't Miss

    Jul 13, 2021

    As one of the most popular free-to-play games, Path Of Exile is very worthwhile. As a dark game, Path Of Exile is very similar to Diablo, but it magnifies everything that Diablo does by almost 10 times. Some people even think that it is a true sequel to the popular action RPG, and you can experience the game for free and provide all the content.

    And Path Of Exile has regular updates, they will strengthen your character or create a good opportunity for new builds. The expanded content will not only add new bosses, areas, skills, and items, but also rework the old content. By reworking, it means nerfing or strengthening. It is easy for us to feel dissatisfied with the nerfing of certain items and skills by the developers, but this is a way to keep the game fresh. It is very challenging to constantly create new and suitable builds, so this also means that POE Currency plays an important role in every league.

    In addition, the customized system in Path Of Exile is also a factor that attracts a large number of players. Players will get a shared passive skill tree, which means that each class starts from a different point in the tree. At this point, classes first obtain passive skills that are traditionally related to that class. For example, Marauders gain passive skills that increase physical damage, strength, and life, while the witch gains skills that increase mana, mana regeneration, and energy shield.

    In addition, classes do not learn active skills. You will get skill gems, allowing the character to get skill gems by socketing them in weapons and armor. So this also means that even if you buy POE Currency, you can still enjoy the process of obtaining good weapons and armor.

    So these systems also prove that any class in Path Of Exile has the possibility to acquire any skills, provided that they have corresponding requirements. Although Path Of Exile is not a pay-to-win game, sufficient POE Currency can also provide you with many advantages. Of course, players always want to save money as much as possible, so if you are looking for cheap POE Currency, you won't want to miss

    Now is holding a discount event. The prices of all POE Orbs are far below the market price, so if you are a POE player, stacking up a lot of POE Currency during the event is a wise decision. Now the 3.15 expansion is about to begin, so now is a good time to prepare for it!

  • It's Time To Earn Money By Playing Path Of Exile

    Jun 26, 2021

    If you are keen on dark games, then Diablo games and Path Of Exile are all games you won't want to miss. As a free-to-play game, Path Of Exile is widely acclaimed. You wake up on the shores of a strange continent called Wraeclast, which serves as a penal colony for criminals and social exiles.

    What you need to do is to survive in this hostile environment, try to gather a group of survivors, and at the same time uncover the secrets of the ancient Vaal civilization, the ruins of this civilization are all over Wraeclast.

    Since its first appearance in 2013, POE has been regularly updated and the world in the game has been continuously expanded. The game even won a Best Evolving Game at the 16th British Academy Games Awards in 2020.

    It can be seen that Path Of Exile is very popular among players. In the game, there are a large number of exchangeable items and silver coins for game competition. As always, you can spend time to obtain these items and travel through the entire Wraeclast in the process.

    Or if you are an experienced POE player, you can earn money through the game. Visionary players never sell the POE Currency they ground in the game to make money, but invest in more valuable things, that is, your game account, power level, or some valuable items you shifted yourself. 

    So if you want to earn money through POE, you have to be willing to invest in the early stage. You can buy POE Currency first, so that your character has better gear or weapons, and can become more powerful, so that it is more valuable. Or you can craft some popular items yourself according to the market demand, and then sell them to those in need. This is also a way to earn money.

    In short, if you want to make money faster, you can come to to buy some POE Currency you need. You can find any Orbs you need in the game here, from Exalted Orbs to Orb of Unmaking, they are all available here.

  • Path Of Exile: When Can We Expect The Next Expansion To Drop?

    Jun 09, 2021

    GGG announces when we can expect the next expansion, and their plan to reveal more about it and how to check it.

    Path Of Exile expansion 3.15 is scheduled to be released in mid-July 2021. Although the exact release date has not yet been announced officially, it gives us a fairly narrow window of time to look forward to.

    In addition, the Ultimatum League will end 5 days before the release of the next expansion. GGG plans to announce the exact date on June 24, 2021.

    The team will announce the expansion’s content and other details via live broadcast on the official POE Twitch channel, like the 3.14 announcement.

    They also pointed out that expansion 3.15 will include a new league, rewards, game balance and other changes. Most importantly, its league range will be larger than Ultimatum, which is also part of the excitement of POE players.

    So, before the end of Ultimatum, you still have one month to play the game. Some POE fans also expressed their concerns about the content of the game, hoping that the game balance of version 3.15 will be better than that of version 3.14.

    More importantly, players demand better optimization, which will become the focus of attention of many players on June 24. Before that, players can only focus on Ultimatum League.

    If you have not experienced all aspects of this league, there is still plenty of time. As for the POE Currency you need in the game, you can buy them from provides a well-rounded POE Currency, from Exalted Orbs to Chaos Orbs are available here. Because each player has different needs, as for more POE Orbs, you can check them out on

  • Path Of Exile: Game Mechanics Q and A

    May 29, 2021

    Path Of Exile Ultimatum has been released for some time. Whether it is a new player or a loyal player, there may be some different questions about the game. has gathered some questions and attached the corresponding answers.

    Does faster action speed affect brand frequency?

    The action speed modifier affects the speed of the animation played by the character model. This does not affect the activation of the brand, because it is independent of that animation of your character playing.

    How does The Retch interact with instant leech now that leech is capped?

    The only cap related to Retch is the maximum recovery per life Leech. This establishes an upper bound on how much life recovery a single instance of leech can have. The Retch causes damage equal to the percentage of life leeched by each leech instance, so this cap also limits the damage the Retch can do for each life leech instance.

    Can the damage taken recouped stack?

    Yes, each source of Recouping Life, mana, or energy shield is completely independent.

    And if an enemy spell is critical, will it crit with each hit of the same cast, or will each hit roll critical separately?

    This depends on the specific spell, but most spells will have a critical strike every time they are cast, but the critical strike rate separately against each target.

    Do active flask effects update when stats affecting them change?

    Yes. Alchemist's Genius grants to increase the effect of the flasks on you. When the modifier changes, the Modifiers to the effect are always dynamically updated.

    How do Glancing Blows interact with the Ritual boots which grant increased Block but let 20% damage?

    By default, you get% damage from blocked attacks, and Glancing Blows makes you take 65% of damage. The Implicit modifier on Basemetal Treads, Darksteel Treads, or Brimstone Treads makes you take 20% of the damage of blocked hits. If you have both, you'll take 85% of the damage of blocked hits.

    POE is a game worth spending time exploring. Whether new players or veterans, they will always be curious about different aspects of POE. Based on this, continuous exploration is also necessary, so POE Currency has always been pursued by players. If you are a new player and are looking for a website that offers cheap POE Orbs, then do not miss

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