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  • Path of Exile Trade: More About Supporter Packs

    Jan 13, 2022

    Path of Exile has always been popular and dominant in the genre. In addition, players can experience the first beta of POE 2 this year. Anything you buy in the Shop can be found in POE 2.

    But your stockpile is limited and you need to spend money in the shop to improve it greatly. Thankfully, the cost of improving the stash is reasonable, and there are often weekend deals for the upgrades. will give you more information.

    Stash Upgrade and Trading System

    For convenience, you can keep a tab for each type of equipment. Of course, if your budget is sufficient, the premium stash is a better option, and you can customize them. When creating your account, you will get 3 non-premium stash tabs. You can upgrade their premium with the shop.

    If you want to trade in-game, you need at least one premium stash tab. These are the only tabs available in public mode. You can see the content of this tab in the trade section of the official website, and you can connect currency prices to objects under this tab.

    Supporter Packs

    There are benefits to taking supporter packs, in addition to points, you can get cosmetics for your character. The contents of each pack are detailed so that you can master them faster.

    We recommend you avoid First Blood Pack, it's not profitable in any way. The league's first-level supporter packs are rarely lucrative, so they are often overlooked. You can check the store's offers every day to get one.

    POE 3.17 will also come, which means that players will get busy. At that time, you can also come to to buy POE Currency you need. And, once the new league arrives, we will also provide corresponding game guides.

  • Path Of Exile Trade Guide

    Mar 18, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, trading can be said to be a very profitable activity. If done properly, you can get powerful items, useful resources and accumulate a lot of wealth. But new POE players may not know this trading system well. Fortunately, there is some basic knowledge you can get started. The market fluctuates every day and is usually affected by events that occur and the alliance the player is in. If you are interested in trading, you need to know some related news.

    Chaos Orbs

    POE is different from other RPGs in that it has no fixed currency, and the value of the item is related to other items in the game. So you need to exchange items for items. Players generally believe that Chaos Orbs is the standard for all items. It is a very useful resource because players will randomly use item modifiers. In the end game, players will use hundreds of these items to create a perfect set of equipment, re-roll the maps and other purposes.


    POE.Trade is a website frequently used by players, where players post the items and prices they provide or are looking for. This website will also show which league the trade provides, and you can search for specific stats about related items.

    The only way to trade

    There is no built-in trading mechanic in POE. So if you want to trade with other players, you need to contact them directly and meet at a hideout to start the trade. Once you find a suitable seller or buyer in the POE, you can click the "whisper" button to copy the information in the game, and past it into the game chat, and you can communicate directly with other players. This is used between two active players. If you encounter an inactive player, you may not receive a response after a few days.

    So if you do not have enough patience, then buy POE Currency may be a better way. provides all the currencies you need in the game, whether it is Chaos Orbs or Exalted Orbs or other Orbs, you can buy them at a cheap price on

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