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  • Path Of Exile: Starter Tips For Leveling

    Mar 09, 2021

    If you are a new player of Path Of Exile, then you may also be learning related game mechanics. From POE Currency to POE Trade, and POE Orbs, you can start to understand relevant information. Among them, you may also be curious about how leveling works, this article will give relevant guidance.

    Level 1-65

    First of all, you need to worry about the blue packs. This situation will continue to level 30, so you don't need to pay too much attention to side quests, but from level 30, you can start to focus on your POE character build. Your main concern is to farm as many XP as possible. If you want to continue grind XP, then check places like Dried Lake or the docks to advance further.

    Level 65 and higher

    When you reach level 65, you can start running the non-red maps, you can do this until you reach level 90. Once you reach a higher level, you will be able to start completing the maps. Mapping is a necessary step to enhance your role. You can change the difficulty of these maps to get better rewards and experience. When you start to reach these levels, you will notice a dip in leveling up. It depends on how fast you level up.

    Play in groups

    Fighting in a group will help you reach higher levels faster and with less stress. There is a noticeboard in each town. You can join other players' groups and fight alongside them. Correspondingly, joining the team will make the enemies more difficult, but you can get the support of your teammates.

    Get the best gear

    Choosing the right gear is important. You need to make reasonable use of POE Currency to get good gear. You need to find gear with gems and suitable for your build. Leveling up your gear every 10 levels or around, and you will proceed more smoothly. So finding the right gear is not an overnight task, it takes a certain amount of time.


    You can farm in the following scenarios:

    * Act 1 - The Ledge

    * Act 2 - Fellshrine Ruins

    * Act 3 - The City of Sarn or the docks

    By going over these areas, you will be able to level up in a short time. If you need to level up quickly, you can refer to the above methods. There is more content in the game that you need to understand, will provide the corresponding game guides and some tips.

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  • Path of Exile - How To Trade And Sell

    Aug 24, 2020

    Path of Exile has a trading system, suitable for finding a large number of PoE items in the game. Some of these items can have a very positive impact on your PoE currency. The key is knowing what to trade and how exactly is done. If the transactions in "Road of Exile" are new to you, don't be afraid, because the following article will tell you what you need to know about trading and more about ARPG.

    POE Currency

    The POE Currency system in Path of Exile switches out the typical use of gold for PoE orbs. These come in a variety of different forms with different values. For example, there are orbs known as Chaos Orbs which you will find are quite difficult to find. They do come in handy however towards the end of the game so you don't have to succumb to microtransactions. This is something that you should definitely keep in mind when you are selling, as this is a great way for you to get your hands on the much desired Chaos Orbs.

    POE Trading

    The practice of PoE Trading is rather simplistic. In order to trade you need to find another person to trade with and start the action manually. You then take your items from your inventory to the trade window, where both players will need to agree for the POE Trade to take place.

    POE Selling

    As for selling, this is a bit more complicated. The reason being is that the price of PoE items tends to fluctuate, so it's hard to keep track of how much things are worth. But what you can do is do your research into how much the PoE items are that you want to sell. Doing so with PoE Uniques can be useful, though you need to make sure that you have checked their value, as these amounts can differ greatly.

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  • POE 3.11 Harvest: Atlas Of World And Map Guide

    Aug 11, 2020

    Since 2013, the release of Path of Exile's first league, Onslaught, its complex mechanism system is always creating new content and chapters, where the exiles encountered the simplest and most dangerous monsters and received rewards. In order to start the journey, the exiles must traverse the Atlas of Worlds through maps, looking for every opportunity to build wealth.

    Up to today, Path of Exile has the 3.11 expansion, Harvest, in which the map still plays an important role. In the mysterious and ancient garden, you kill the monsters planted by yourself, each of which was grown with seeds, so you must find the seeds in different areas and locations on the map and keep them for yourself.

    What's Atlas of Worlds?
    The Atlas of Worlds is an end-game map system throughout Path of Exile, also the sum of all maps.

    Atlas of Worlds is like a rich network full of maps, so the Map Quantity, the Item Quantity placed on the map, and the investment of POE Currency on the map are all points that newcomers and even experienced players care about. This guide would help you understand all of these.

    What's the Map?
    A map is a class of one-time use items to open portals in a new area, where players will encounter different quests and monsters. Surely, the maps are also divided into different types, just like standard items with the monster level, area tileset and final boss. For each of which, their Map tier, Item quantity, Item rarity and Monster Pack Size would be different.

    In each expansion of POE, the types and attributes of the map can be made and modified with POE Currency, which is specifically shown on some Orbs and Scrolls.

    Simply put, you can change the map rarity by placing items on them, which can be judged by the item color:

    With the rare map, you'll face greater difficulty, and receive more generous rewards and experience.

    In the latest update of POE, the 3.11 Harvest league, it leads players to dive into the Sacred Grove, where they can plant seeds and grow into dangerous monsters to collect the Lifeforce and loot.

    It seems to be a stable update, since its initial release, there have not been too many bugs to fix, or too many controversial topics to keep the game hot.

    Before planting seeds, you must first find them. It is possible to find a Seed Cache in every area on the map you experience, so the map will become a critical factor to determine the types of the seeds you find and the monsters you deal with.

    Running the map correctly can maximize your rewards and loot, in order to reach the map and end-game, you must complete the 10 Acts throughout Path of Exile.

    The first map will drop as early as Act VIII, but this is the lowest level and worthless, and as your level increased, the map tier will also improve.

    Map Tier
    The map is divided into different tiers, from 1 to 16, Low, Mid and High Tier, and each corresponding color is white, yellow and red, which determined the monster level you'll face, as well as Currency Affixes.

    When you first reach the end-game, your Atlas is still blank, that is, you can control the game process through Atlas towards the outer limits and facing Conquerors of the Atlas.

    Each map can be found on the Atlas of the World, and every time you complete a map you will receive an Atlas Bonus, which could create an additional 1% chance for Maps to drop 1 Tier Maps.

    Surely, the higher tier of the map, the more valuable Atlas Bonus dropped.

    In Path of Exile, currency items cover a series of tradable things, which creates a flexible in-game economy. As far as I am concerned, without POE Currency, you can't make significant progress in the game, especially in the Atlas of World.

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  • Path of Exile 3.12 Expansion Info: Announcing, Release Date and Core Content

    Aug 04, 2020

    During Path of Exile, the current expansion Harvest is over half, presumably you are already familiar with the league mechanic and completed the majority of game content. If not, you still have the last few weeks to engage in the remaining challenges.

    The developer Grinding Gear Games plans to release a new expansion every 13 weeks, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the development of Harvest took 14 weeks, in order to ensure the release of four expansions of POE in 2020, the 3.12 expansion development was planned to be completed in 12 weeks, but it did not work well, for better gaming experience, 13-week development is safer.

    The upcoming expansion in Path of Exile has not been named yet, it was temporarily called the 3.11 expansion, bringing a lot of unexpected new content.

    The 3.11 expansion will be announced on September 1, with its launch happening on September 18 for PC, as always, it would be released for console later that week, September 23. That is, the Harvest league will come to an end on September 14 at 3 PM PDT.

    During the 3.12 expansion timeline, it mentioned that there will be huge differences in the existing core content, which might imply that the 3.12 league would have been changed a lot than Harvest.

    We haven't got too many details about the upcoming league, once we have further information, we will notify all of you immediately on

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  • Which Hard Bosses You Can Defeat In Path Of Exile: Harvest? - 3 POE Hardest Bosses

    Jul 06, 2020

    When Path of Exile 3.11 came out, it introduced a new league mechanism that allows players to plant seeds autonomously and grow into dangerous monsters and bosses to deal with. Since the seeds are divided into different types, each of those grown monsters is also not the same, simple, medium, as well as extremely hard.

    This article mainly introduces 3 kinds of POE hardest bosses, along with effective methods for your characters to deal with.

    Aul, the Crystal King
    The ordinary players couldn't even encounter such bosses, unless you have passed at least 171 levels of the mine, it is so hard to defeat with complex battles in the deepest parts of the Azurite Mine.

    When dealing with the boss, you need to consider multiple aspects to ensure the victory, including the light, Aul' attacks, the missions and status.

    Yugul, Reflection of Terror
    You don't have to fight with the boss, because it is too powerful to repel all opponents instantly, or you can skip it directly. If you want to get the loot dropped from it, make sure your level is high enough to maintain more skills.

    Although the boss is fierce with a Leap Slam skill to duplicate himself, if your dodging skills are prepared well, it is absolutely to defeat it and receive a Pantheon soul.

    Doedre the Vile

    This is a hurdle boss that your character couldn't avoid, and it has been granted three phases, Purple, Red and Green, the purple could make its cast, attack and move faster, the red reduces the damage it takes, while the green increased the damage she deals and reduces the damage the opponent deals.

    You must do well in build-making and understanding of combat mechanics to manage the phases of Doedre the Vile, not only to increase your damage to it, but also to reduce the damage it causes.

    Obviously, these bosses should be dealt with a lot of time and energy, especially the advanced equipment and weapons, as well as a series of skills to manage.

    In Harvest, you must attack the boss while avoiding their attacks, if you don't have enough POE Currency, you'll always be mediocre. Not only farming, but you could also engage in POE Trade or buy POE Currency to fight against all bosses quickly.

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  • Path Of Exile Harvest Has Dropped Xbox One And PlayStation 4

    Jun 29, 2020

    Following the release of Path of Exile 3.11: Harvest on PC June 19, it introduced a major NPC, Oshabi, who guides players to explore the Sacred Grove and discover seeds to grow into dangerous monsters, which must be slain in order to extract their Lifeforce.

    Also, Harvest was scheduled to be released on June 24 for consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At present, it has dropped as planned, along with a series of newly added game content.

    The Harvest league brought a slightly unexpected twist to Path of Exile's core gameplay to make the MMORPG greater, consisting of dark gritty gameplay, demons, monsters, visceral skills and powerful items.

    The core of Harvest is a crafting system, in which players could craft with over 200 potential new crafting options and Lifeforce as crafting resources, and the remaining Lifeforce can be stored to fertilise exotic crops and spawn more tantalising crafting outcomes.

    In order to attract more players, the overall design of Harvest is to allow players to fully control their combats and crafting, everyone can decide the monsters they will deal with and the return they receive to maximize their rewards.

    Now, you could play Path of Exile Harvest on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with brand new mechanics, it's the perfect time to dive into the ARPG.

    In Harvest, it still created a lot of new currency items to enhance the characters' competitiveness and strength. When it comes to POE Currency, it can be obtained by a variety of methods throughout the game.

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  • Have a First Look At Path Of Exile 2

    Apr 26, 2020

    At ExileCon, Grinding Gear Games announced to release a brand new expansion to follow the current 3.X series, Path of Exile 2, also known as POE 4.0, and set to enter a Beta phase until at least very late 2020.

    According to the timeline, the official POE 2 would come for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021.

    POE 2 is completely different from the current version, overhauling its core systems including the skill gem, loot, passive skill tree and more. Anyway, this will create an experience of playing "new" game, but other than that, we have not got any related news about POE 2, except that Grinding Gear Games announced some time ago that POE 2 Beta may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Last week, Grinding Gear Games suddenly posted a trailer on the site, telling the music and art progression behind the development of POE 2, letting us have a first look at the upcoming expansion.

    It features an outstanding fresh musical score throughout Path of Exile 2, created by Kamil Orman Janowski, a fan favorite musician, who gives insight into his composition process, inspirations behind the scenes, achieving sneak peaks of the music, art, graphics, and so on.

    Beyond that, Path of Exile 2 would introduce 7-Act to redone the armour, weapons, alongside new character models and animations surrounding with the entire game system.

    The POE 2 development is in progress, and more details would be announced in the future months.

    POE 2 is not interoperable with the current version, except for in-game microtransactions, that is, currency items in POE are still available in POE 2. Even in the new version, there is still POE Trade to maintain the in-game economic balance, which is also called POE Currency.

    POE Currency is indispensable for completing quests, and you can get it by farming, but it would be time-consuming. With this in mind, you can choose to trade with a reliable marketplace, PoeCurrency, one top-rated store.

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  • POE Delirium League Classes And Must-Own Tool To POE Trade

    Apr 10, 2020

    The release of Delirium made a huge overhaul to POE, in order to let players adapt and play the game better, we have sorted out some class changes in this league to improve leveling up, and provide available tools for POE trade.

    Path of Exile is an MMORPG that can freely communicate, trade and party with others in it, that is, the exiles can select which path they want at will.

    In Delirium, you can customize the map to determine which type of monsters and bosses you will encounter through the skill gems you selected, the investments in the expansive passive tree, the class you've chosen. Correspondingly, the reward and gear you can get depend on your choice after completing the quests.

    A new league typically arrive with something unique and special about it, including unique POE Items, special quests, and Cluster Jewel in 3.10 Delirium, all of which require you to spend a lot of hours on completing missions or defeating bosses.

    As you all know, there are a total of seven classes in Path of Exile, Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Templar, Shadow, Duelist and Scion, each one has unique skills, and which are socketed in equipment to determine how your character is played.

    Each class has its own meaning and difference, with this in mind, it is best to discover related attributes among them and maximize effects.

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  • POE 3.9 The Conquerors Of The Atlas Currency Trade Guide

    Jan 20, 2020

    Items or POE Currency trade runs through almost every step of the game while playing POE, and every item players get in it can be traded, which can also bring them extra benefits.

    POE Trade is mainly divided into two types: trading in the Auction House and with others, which is also known as in-game economy. This is an in-depth guide on how to trade in POE, which can provide some help to you.

    In POE, there is no evaluation standard to determine the price of items, the only way to trade with others is to negotiate your price and put the items in the trading window waiting for another one to take them away. As a result, there is always someone selling items at ultra high or low prices.

    In order to figure out the exact price of an item, the best way is to go to some stores to check the price before trading. is the best place, or you can also find some more rare items here, the most important is that it will never be sold at a higher price than other stores or sellers.

    Trading is not just about buying, also selling. Everyone can sell unnecessary items to others, which required the seller to spend a little bit of money. You can add the premium stash, which can be found in every main hub and the hideout, normally four basic tabs.

    The tabs can be renamed, colored and be set public to sell.

    Beyond that, there are a bunch of different tabs in POE's microtransaction shop, allowing the players to categorize and price for all items to decide which one is the best to sell in POE.

    Generally speaking, there is not only one or a class of items in POE that are very well sold, especially some very rare ones, even many players can't buy them with much money. It is precisely rare, making it very popular. For example, the Chaos Orbs, the sellers would not sell these rare orbs publicly, and you can hardly find no better way to get them except for buying from PoeCurrency.

    Every exile is very aware of the importance of POE Currency, and all we need to tell you is that when your hard farming can not meet daily need, you'd better find some more reliable or faster way to earn as much as POE Currency so that you can play POE better. Good luck on your adventure.

  • How To Turn POE 3.9 General Items Into Chaos Orbs?

    Dec 19, 2019

    As we all know, there is a wide economic system controlled by players in POE without exception in the latest expansion POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas. Players can obtain these tradable items through various methods, which is also known as POE Currency. But most of the time, you can only get duplicated useless items, usually scrolls or orbs, which don't make much sense other than taking up huge inventory.

    However, it is difficult to enhance the characters' skill without some valuable items in POE, but they are very rare. Here are various ways for you to turn the general items to a certain of POE Currency like Chaos Orbs.

    Sell or exchangeThe most direct way is to sell these extra items, which doesn't need to wait too long. Before selling, you need to correctly value these items and then sell them to those in need.

    Alternatively, you can exchange items with others, because there are many scrolls and orbs that can't sell for much money, especially in the late stage of the game, so if you do not want to encounter trouble, please trade as soon as possible.

    CraftChaos Orbs are significantly useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers on a rare item to maximize their effect. Conversely, another effective way to turn into Chaos Orbs is crafting.

    Crafting some rare orbs can bring huge profits to players, such as jewel, you could craft high items with basic jewel and get extra effects. Then sell these to others, or continue to craft until you obtain Chaos Orbs. But this is a long-term process with huge rewards, if you happen to be free, it is best to try it out.

    Farm Throw away those useless items and farm, there are many places to farm throughout the map of POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, but Fellshire Ruin is undoubtedly the best but not the only place to farm Chaos Orbs. When you return to Town, check each one in your pack in case you're careless to throw away some useful items.

    Many items including Chaos Orbs, make up POE Currency system, which is an important tool in it to complete various quests. If you think the above methods are time-consuming, it can decrease the farming time to buy POE Currency and also make you play POE better.

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