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  • Path Of Exile 2 Will Definitely Stand Out Among RPG Games

    Nov 11, 2020

    As a free-to-play game, POE focuses on character depth and detailed customization features. The huge game content is fascinating but at the same time not so friendly to novices, as long as you have enough patience, you will definitely be addicted to its mysterious world, because there must be a reason for outstanding. If you like POE, then POE 2 that will be released in 2021 will definitely attract you.

    Update regularly

    GGG consciously updates the game regularly to bring freshness and immersion to the players, because as a free game, only in this way can it attract more loyal fans. With the introduction of new limited-time events, playable leagues and new mechanics, the game version will often receive updates. Whenever players are tired of the current league, they will not uninstall the game immediately, just wait for a while. When the new league comes, they will definitely return to the game.

    Fabulous Character Builds

    The character customization is one of the features of POE, which can grant any role with the required attributes the permission to use any abilities. This means that Witches cannot use melee abilities as easily as Marauder. Due to this system, you will be able to create your characters, including spellcasting archers and other characters, which are not allowed in other RPG games.

    After mixing skills with a passive tree, you can create any builds you want. Some items require POE Orbs. You can obtain POE Orbs by completing tasks. If you find it difficult to obtain, you can choose to go to to buy.

    Great Skill system

    You can choose your favorite character class and let it use any type of skill. This is the excellence of the POE skill system. Using these abilities requires a certain amount of statistics, in addition, GGG adds gem support to make it easier. Not only can you modify your own skills, but you can also store gem skills, which is great.

    GGG has stated that POE 2 will be released in 2021, so currently, players can only focus on POE. But the bad news is that it will be postponed and maybe we won't see it this year.

    If you are still interested in Heist league, this is not bad, but it also reflects that you really don't have much time to play the game...

    Anyway, if you need to buy cheap POE Currency, welcomes you at any time.

  • Path Of Exile 2 Gameplay Guide, With Reworked Skill System

    Aug 08, 2020

    At BlizzCon 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile 2 for the first time as a sequel to the current Path of Exile gameplay. Up to now, the development team is doing it. In early 2020, the COVID-19 first discovered in China severely affected the world, delaying the progress of the gaming and cultural industries, including Path of Exile.

    As we all already know, Grinding Gear Games regularly releases an expansion every three months, but when the development team can only stay in the house, the development of POE 3.11 and 3.12 expansions have to be delayed until longer, along with POE 2 release.

    Path of Exile 2 will provide new challenge leagues, loot and skill tree updates to keep the game fresh based on the current game core. As far as I am concerned, if there is something new in Path of Exile 2, the New Zealand-based developer would never call it a "new" game.

    Path of Exile 2 does not yet have an exact release date, and even the beta originally scheduled to be released at the end of 2020, but it has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so that the regular expansions of each quarter of POE can be released as usual.

    Through a trailer of POE 2 released by GGG, the exiles can get a first glance at its gameplay, including a reworked skill system, along with new equipment and skill gems.

    You'll see all the expansion content in POE 2, accompanied by changes and improvements, such as the upgraded graphics. Path of Exile 2 is set a new, seven-act campaign after the death of Kitava, where you play as an entirely new exile who narrowly escapes their execution and washes up on the shores of Wraeclast again, investigating the Duke who sentenced you to die and the paranormal mysteries that surround him.

    Needless to say, in the combat you'll encounter monsters or bosses, which are more powerful and dangerous to deal with than the original, but they could also bring unexpected loot.

    POE Currency plays an important role in every combat, especially when fighting against powerful monsters. As the fixed currency and medium in the game, it is available in almost all aspects to give your character a boost.

    In my opinion, can help you within its greatest help play the game better, which has a wealth of professional knowledge to serve you. Here, you can buy cheap POE Currency for the game, creating an enjoyable shopping and gaming experience.

  • Path Of Exile 2 Beta Won't Come Until 2021

    Jun 27, 2020

    We have already known that the second expansion during Path of Exile in 2020, Harvest was released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which was a week behind the original plan affected by the current situation all over the world.

    According to the ExileCon in 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced that it would release the sequel of the existing POE in 2020, named Path of Exile 2.0, now that half of the year has passed, GGG has finally revealed some details about this update.

    This was mentioned that the beta of Path of Exile 2 will launch in late 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has caused a significant delay in the development of POE, GGG has tried its best to keep the release of expansions from being delayed too much, which means that it will not have more time to work on Path of Exile 2.

    As a result, POE 2 will not appear until 2021.

    Not only Path of Exile 2, the release of the POE expansions in September and December will also be delayed for some time, because the development of the 3.11 Harvest is longer when the developing team can only work from home, but it is planning to shorten the access of league development and minimize the delay.

    At present, POE 3.11 Harvest is in early release, and it introduces a new league mechanic that allows players to customize combats through planting seeds and growing into dangerous monsters to deal with. Unsurprisingly, it also added a series of new items for players to create a completely different gaming experience.

    Harvest is now available on PC and other consoles, and you can also participate in the Harvest Boss Kill Event in the first week of its release to receive the unique items, as well as the top prize, a laptop provided by Alienware.

    With POE Currency, it can make your adventure more comfortable, when you want to choose a qualified store to trade, is one that you can't miss, which is committed to providing all consumers with all POE-related items and boosting services.

    Shopping on the site, it is professional enough to serve everyone and take into account the rights of consumers to provide reasonable trading methods. And now POE Harvest Currency is on hot sale, you can also get some coupons with limited quantities to save more.

  • Have a First Look At Path Of Exile 2

    Apr 26, 2020

    At ExileCon, Grinding Gear Games announced to release a brand new expansion to follow the current 3.X series, Path of Exile 2, also known as POE 4.0, and set to enter a Beta phase until at least very late 2020.

    According to the timeline, the official POE 2 would come for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021.

    POE 2 is completely different from the current version, overhauling its core systems including the skill gem, loot, passive skill tree and more. Anyway, this will create an experience of playing "new" game, but other than that, we have not got any related news about POE 2, except that Grinding Gear Games announced some time ago that POE 2 Beta may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Last week, Grinding Gear Games suddenly posted a trailer on the site, telling the music and art progression behind the development of POE 2, letting us have a first look at the upcoming expansion.

    It features an outstanding fresh musical score throughout Path of Exile 2, created by Kamil Orman Janowski, a fan favorite musician, who gives insight into his composition process, inspirations behind the scenes, achieving sneak peaks of the music, art, graphics, and so on.

    Beyond that, Path of Exile 2 would introduce 7-Act to redone the armour, weapons, alongside new character models and animations surrounding with the entire game system.

    The POE 2 development is in progress, and more details would be announced in the future months.

    POE 2 is not interoperable with the current version, except for in-game microtransactions, that is, currency items in POE are still available in POE 2. Even in the new version, there is still POE Trade to maintain the in-game economic balance, which is also called POE Currency.

    POE Currency is indispensable for completing quests, and you can get it by farming, but it would be time-consuming. With this in mind, you can choose to trade with a reliable marketplace, PoeCurrency, one top-rated store.

    Here, your shopping experience is absolutely safe and quick, because any consumer’s rights are fully considered, and you are advised to visit the store in person and start your first trade with a small amount.

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