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  • Path of Exile: Tips for the Black Star Bossfight

    Jul 01, 2022

    As one of the Eldritch Horrors, the Black Star is a bossfight that every Path of Exile player goes through, not only that, but it's also the 33rd challenge in Sentinel League.

    In the base game, accessing the Black Star bossfight is not difficult. Players need to use Searing Exarch's influence to defeat a map boss of level 12 or above in The Searing Exarch quest to get a quest version Polaric Invitation, put it into the map device to enter the Black Star Arena Polaric Void and start the battle.

    It should be noted that the Black Star has two very powerful attacks: Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm, and mastering strategies to deal with these two abilities will help you defeat it more efficiently

    When the Black Star uses the Astral Avalanche to emit a deadly beam, players hiding behind the red area's pillars in the Polaric Void at the correct angle will effectively avoid its damage, while the blue area's pillars will break.

    There are two strategies for dealing with Solar Storm. First, players need to get a stack of Annihilating Light debuff before the Black Star can launch this attack. The debuff it brings will reduce the damage of the opposite element. Or the opposite of Astral Avalanche's countermeasure, players can hide behind the pillars in the blue section to forbid the damage of Solar Storm.

    In general, in the bossfight of the Black Star, players need to pay attention to the damage caused by the opposite fire and cold elements and find corresponding ways to reduce the damage.

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  • Path of Exile: 3.18.1c patch brings less than perfect texture system improvements

    Jun 30, 2022

    Earlier today, Grinding Gear Games announced that it plans to deploy the 3.18.1c patch. Through the patch note, we will find that some issues have indeed been taken seriously and are expected to bring a better game experience, but some players have also voiced bad feedback.

    Many players have reported stuttering when playing Path of Exile, and this problem has been improving since a few years ago. In 3.18.1c, the production team improved the memory usage and performance of the texture system so that the texture system works better for smoother loading and look and feel.

    In addition to this basic improvement, Grinding Gear Games has also introduced fixes for players using consoles. Now, the targeting range of Animate Weapon in Controller input mode has been improved, and both a client crash in Controller input mode and a bug in the Harvest Crafting UI have been fixed.

    Although this patch does bring a lot of quality of life improvements to the players as a whole, some players said that this patch did not bring the expected good results but instead increased the loading time when entering the map and even the performance of the computer was also affected.

    I have to admit that technical problems occupy a very important position in MMORPGs such as Path of Exile. I believe Grinding Gear Games can see the feedback from these players and find the problem in time so that the game can be improved to a higher level. can also help to improve your Path of Exile experience and progress. We will provide you with secure POE Currency for sale and first-hand Path of Exile news. Stay tuned.

  • Path of Exile: What You Need to Know About Uber Lab Farming

    Jun 27, 2022

    The Eternal Labyrinthis a subarea of The Solaris Temple Level 2 in Act 3, and it is also known as Uber Labyrinth. As the end-game part, players need to complete it to earn the last two Ascendancy points.

    At the beginning of each new challenge league, Uber Labyrinth is a preferred farming location for farming a lot of POE Currency, because it allows players to complete end-game trials as quickly as possible on day one and accumulate the resources they need. In short, the sooner you get into Uber Labyrinth, the better your league progress will be.

    Collecting Treasure Keys and opening Treasure Chests is our main way to get rewards. The rich loot is not only currency but also end-game maps, level 84 Helmets, high-quality Gems, etc. So, pick up as many Treasure Keys as you can along the way, they will drop from Izaro, Argus, Treasure Chests, and Curious Lockboxes.

    Also, we'll get Helmet Enchants in Uber Labyrinth, which is also a great way to get a lot of loot. Enchanted to produce effects that benefit specific skills. Each player's skill has two or three of these skill-specific stats.

    While getting these enchantments takes a lot of attempts, and they may bring some useless items, they can also benefit you a lot.

    So, it is important to be able to successfully complete Uber Labyrinth. Players can lean towards a build with high survivability combined with good mobility and be at least level 75 before starting the journey.

    The above is some knowledge to make your Uber Labyrinth an efficient farming point, if you have time, you can farm a lot of resources this way, but if you don't have enough time, you can visit to quickly get safe POE Currency, We will bring you quality service.

  • Path of Exile: Interplay between Corrupted Soul and Petrified Blood

    Jun 25, 2022

    For fans of the excellent ARPG Path of Exile, the game's complex mechanics are a constant source of fun, but the sheer number and variety of effects and interactions between active and passive skills have spawned more likely, which has led to many players having doubts.

    Grinding Gear Games is committed to improving the player's experience and continues to bring players more questions and explanations of the mechanics. Recently, the new Game Mechanics Explain brought a professional interpretation. It contains a mechanic explanation of how the Corrupted Soul keystone and Petrified Blood interact with players who are most concerned about it.

    Corrupted Soul is a unique and powerful keystone passive skill that causes 50% Non-Chaos damage taken to bypass Energy Shield and grants 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield. Petrified Blood is mana reserved to protect low health A spell with the character's life in, it will make a portion of the life loss take effect over time by hitting.

    The interaction of the two brings the 40% of damage delayed will not only apply to half of the damage received, because Petrified Blood does not change or delay the damage received, only the loss of life due to damage, such as Energy Shield.

    Assuming you have enough Energy Shield to match your soul, and no effects like Mind over Matter or Guard skills that make you lose other things, then you will lose half of the Energy Shield from the damage you take and the other half is life.

    I hope the above will help you, and if you want more information, be sure to visit At the same time, we will provide POE Currency support for your Path of Exile process, please feel free to contact us.

  • Path of Exile: Patch 3.18.1b Brings New Kirac's Vault Pass Features

    Jun 24, 2022

    Enthusiasm for Path of Exile remains undiminished, and players can have fun with both the base game and Sentinel League. Depending on the intricate game mechanics, updates from Grinding Gear Games continue to follow.

    Just yesterday, the 3.18.1b patch notes revealed to us a whole new set of improvements and fixes. It also includes a new feature for Kirac's Vault Pass Owners. Now, players can redeem additional copies of the unique weapon skins earned through Kirac's Vault Pass. Notably, this feature uses limited Vendetta Paradoxica, Titan's Mjolner, Mystic Void Battery, and Sanguine Arakaali's Fang.

    This update mainly focuses on improving the game mechanics, and the patch has been deployed without restarting the server. Currently, Stackable items dropped from Metamorphs will no longer drop multiple stacks of the same item. They instead collate into a single combined stack of the item. Also, if the nova is knocked back by the Arcane Buffer modifier, the player has a 2.5-second cooldown.

    This will avoid the issue of the repeated triggering of the Energy Shield and will give players a smoother experience.

    Also, in terms of quality of life, a limited number of microtransactions will be hidden in the Path of Exile client shop. Two instance crashes and a wonky interaction between the Celestial Plague Bearer and Golden Character Effect microtransactions have also been fixed.

    If you want more news from Path of Exile, be sure to visit We can not only bring you first-hand information but also provide you with secure POE Currency for sale to support your game progress.

  • Path of Exile: Tips for Capturing Beasts

    Jun 23, 2022

    Beasts are the general term for wild animals in Wraeclast, and capturing beasts is also an essential skill for players in the process of Path of Exile. At the same time, Beastcrafting is also one of the ways for players to obtain new equipment. So capturing beasts is a must for every player. Starting with Act 2, taking the following tips will result in a large efficiency gain.

    1. Identify the beast by different icons.

    There are also different kinds of beasts, and it is very easy to master the methods of identifying them. The beast with the yellow icon has one Bestiary mod, while the beast with the red icon has two Bestiary mods. Red beasts have higher health and spawn monsters. Once you find the beast, press the "V" button to cast a net on the animal to capture it.

    2. Grasp the help that Einhar Frey can provide.

    Einhar Frey also appears when the beast's health drops below 50%. Whether at Menagerie, Forest Encampment, or Oriath, he will teach players how to use the net and assist players in capturing the beast.

    After the capturing is complete, Einhar will leave and the beast captured by the player will be recorded in the Bestiary, and the next adventure will be accessible.

    3. There are multiple ways to get Nets.

    Players can obtain nets in loot; they can also be sold through Einhar. is dedicated to bringing more help to your Path of Exile process. You can not only get a lot of news and information here but also get secure POE Currency, you are welcome to visit at any time, and we will be happy to serve you.

  • Path Of Exile: Inspiring Advice on The Witch Class

    Jun 22, 2022

    Whether it's Path Of Exile's base game or Challenge Leagues, the witch is always one of our most common occupations. As a class that extends across the multiples builds, it has four subclasses, including Summoner, Fire Witch, Lightning Witch, and Ice Witch. As the Sentinel League progresses, different builds of the Witch Class can provide different levels of fun. The following Pro Tips will help you build more powerful and useful witch builds for more exciting experiences in the game.

    1. The witch can also shine as a supporting role.

    Due to the witch's powerful element and magic useability, she is regarded as the main damage or summoner, but it has to be said that the witch can also become an excellent auxiliary role.

    It cannot be ignored that the witch class can bring multiple auras in a short period of time and can inflict various debuffs on enemies through curses. This significant benefit can open the way for other occupations in the team to lead to smoother team play.

    2. Rational use of witch's Ascendancy.

    Ascendancy is a unique mechanic in the game that can improve different classes. The improvement of the witch class is very representative. It seems that every Ascendancy choice can achieve a different degree of balance.

    3. The witch has potential as a Glass Cannon.

    A Glass Cannon can play a very important role in a team, although the witch class is often seen as a Tank. But the passive skill that converts energy shields into mana through Eldritch Battery may bring more surprises. Proper use of this style of the build will make it possible to get a full set of damage gear. is dedicated to bringing you gaming support. If you need POE Exalted Orb and POE Currency during the build process, you can always get them here.

    We will process the order and deliver the products for you as soon as possible. Welcome to continue to pay attention to us.

  • Path of Exile: How to beat Searing Exarch boss?

    Jun 17, 2022

    Whether it's the base game or the Challenge League, you have the chance to encounter The Searing Exarch, which is truly intimidating as one of the Pinnacle bosses in Atlas of Worlds. But actually, it's not very difficult to beat it

    In Sentinel League, The Searing Exarch is the 35th challenge for players to complete. Although the game mechanics are somewhat different, the following guide will help you defeat this boss in both modes.

    The Searing Exarch has been using 3 skills in a loop during the battle. Since every time he casts a skill, there will be corresponding audio, players can take countermeasures in advance based on the sound. The first thing players will hear is "Disintegration!" and "Cleansing!" They will bring a Flame Wall moving towards us. We just have to dodge or jump with Flame Dash. The second is "Annihilation!" which brings Blazing Salvo to track players in the arena.

    But the most notable are "Incineration!" and "The fires of a thousand suns!" both of which can easily kill the player.

    "Incineration!" will release an AOE flame covering 2/3 of the range for a short time, and it will bypass the block or dodge. At this time, players need to move along the edge of the attack range.

    And "The fires of a thousand suns!" will bring Rolling Meteor Wall, be sure to become focused when entering this bullet-hell phase, because those meteors can easily bring death. Maven is also spectating above the arena at this point and fires purple beams to destroy 4 to 10 meteors for a short evasion time. All you have to do is try to slip away in these gaps, and you can use Flame Dash as a movement skill, which will help a lot.

    In fact "The fires of a thousand suns!" will trigger when the Searing Exarch reaches around 20% health, which means the bullet-hell phase will happen multiple times during the battle. Players can defeat it with a high-damage attack before it unleashes the ability by increasing its DPS build. is committed to bringing you an improvement in your gaming experience, and if you get stuck in the process, you can find more helpful guides and news here. What's more, we will offer you POE Currency for sale, you can have more fun in Path of Exile one step ahead.

  • Path of Exile: Assemble Sentinels Guide

    Jun 14, 2022

    As a challenge to complete early in the Sentinel League, players will learn how to assemble different Sentinels. After players have a full understanding of the entire Sentinel League and tried to defeat some monsters and bosses, assembling Sentinels in the following way will help us become more proficient in later challenges.

    1. Assemble Sentinels using Power Cores.

    This is the most regular way to assemble, but how to get the Power Cores will be a key question. Players can drop Sentinel Tagged monsters by defeating them. A Power Core allows combining two Sentinels to create a new, fully charged Sentinel, but the resulting item may change unpredictably.

    2. Assemble a Sentinel that cannot be obtained naturally.

    As the name suggests, Sentinels, that cannot be naturally obtained, can only be obtained in a specific way. Players will need to try several times to combine Sentinels to get a new one. In addition to this, there will also be a chance to get one with the Transforming Power Core.

    3. Assemble a Rare Sentinel with 6 modifiers.

    Players can combine two Sentinels with 6 modifiers at the same time, which can greatly increase the chance of reaching the goal.

    4. Assemble a Unique Sentinel.

    The conditions to get it are not difficult. Players can use normal Power Cores to assemble or assemble two depleted Sentinels, which greatly increases the odds of getting a Unique Sentinel.

    For newbies who have just started Sentinel League, it will be very helpful to be able to skillfully use Sentinels assembly rules. will also strive to provide you with more information and guidance. At the same time, you can also buy POE Currency here to advance your challenge league progress. You can place your order here anytime and get great service.

  • Path of Exile: Conditions for defeating The Infinite Hunger

    Jun 13, 2022

    The Infinite Hunger, one of the most well-known bosses in Eldritch Horrors, appears in the questline of the Eater of Worlds, and players who want to complete its challenges must obtain the Writing Invitation to access the Seething Chyme.

    It is worth mentioning that Grinding Gear Games has made a balance adjustment for The Infinite Hunger in version 3.18, and its melee attack damage has been increased. So for this mission in the middle and late stages of Sentinel League, players need some useful skills and conditions to reduce the difficulty relatively.

    1. At least 80% of the item quantity in the area is satisfied.

    Players will need to use the new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill "Height of Hubris" to add 100% of modifiers to invitations. After that, players only need to make Writing Invitation for at least 40% of the item quantity. Of course, if you lack the time to farm, you can also choose to buy POE Currency such as Chaos Orb, Orb of Scouring, etc. directly on to craft it.

    2. Avoid getting hit by Vomit.

    This projectile is a long-range attack that requires a lot of skill to evade. Players may need to focus on providing a good movement speed in the build to avoid these attacks. Also, this means that starting to move as soon as possible at the sound of an attack is the point of the fight.

    3. You can only leave the arena when you have 50 stacks of Corrosive Hunger.

    As a debuff, Corrosive Hunger appears to be able to stack continuously without a cap and brings a reduced chance of physical damage reduction and player attack. Although this effect will bring a lot of resistance to the player's Bossfight progress, the Corrosive Hunger can only launch this swampy arena after reaching 50 stacks.

    4. Not getting 20 stacks of Corrosive Hunger after being pulled down at least three times.

    When the Corrosive Hunger drags players to the debuff area, players need to follow the flow of the ooze to the portal to get back to the arena. At the same time, players need to stand on the island, as stepping into the swamp will bring a series of Digestive Acid debuffs.

    Overall, the challenge of beating The Infinite Hunger requires players to beef up their builds to deal with long-standing debuffs. will work to bring you more enhanced possibilities, where you can buy POE Currency for a smoother experience in the battle of The Infinite Hunger.

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