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  • Path Of Exile: Starter Tips For Leveling

    Mar 09, 2021

    If you are a new player of Path Of Exile, then you may also be learning related game mechanics. From POE Currency to POE Trade, and POE Orbs, you can start to understand relevant information. Among them, you may also be curious about how leveling works, this article will give relevant guidance.

    Level 1-65

    First of all, you need to worry about the blue packs. This situation will continue to level 30, so you don't need to pay too much attention to side quests, but from level 30, you can start to focus on your POE character build. Your main concern is to farm as many XP as possible. If you want to continue grind XP, then check places like Dried Lake or the docks to advance further.

    Level 65 and higher

    When you reach level 65, you can start running the non-red maps, you can do this until you reach level 90. Once you reach a higher level, you will be able to start completing the maps. Mapping is a necessary step to enhance your role. You can change the difficulty of these maps to get better rewards and experience. When you start to reach these levels, you will notice a dip in leveling up. It depends on how fast you level up.

    Play in groups

    Fighting in a group will help you reach higher levels faster and with less stress. There is a noticeboard in each town. You can join other players' groups and fight alongside them. Correspondingly, joining the team will make the enemies more difficult, but you can get the support of your teammates.

    Get the best gear

    Choosing the right gear is important. You need to make reasonable use of POE Currency to get good gear. You need to find gear with gems and suitable for your build. Leveling up your gear every 10 levels or around, and you will proceed more smoothly. So finding the right gear is not an overnight task, it takes a certain amount of time.


    You can farm in the following scenarios:

    * Act 1 - The Ledge

    * Act 2 - Fellshrine Ruins

    * Act 3 - The City of Sarn or the docks

    By going over these areas, you will be able to level up in a short time. If you need to level up quickly, you can refer to the above methods. There is more content in the game that you need to understand, will provide the corresponding game guides and some tips.

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  • Path Of Exile: The Latest 3.13.1e Patch Brings Bug Fixes And Improvements

    Mar 05, 2021

    Path Of Exile ushered in a considerable patch this week, you will find that many bugs have been fixed, and PVP and game performance on the Mac received improvements. When you start the game, the 3.13.1e patch will be automatically downloaded and installed.

    Bugs get fixed

    * Certain monsters can be immune to damage in Ritual encounters

    * Do Not Disturb mode will not display announcements such as Realm restart.

    * If the Orb skills were supported with Traps or Mines, the damage will be reflected in the player.

    * Items in the Silo map may drop in an inaccessible area.

    Some game crashes have also been fixed. Some small features have also been added, such as the Expand/Collapse All button to the Hideout Decorations tab. You can add Guild micro-transactions to your watch list.

    The Mac version of the game has also made some improvements. These include fixes for bugs that Hideouts cannot be imported or exported, the client window buttons will no longer work after trying to import or export a Hideout, and the client window size adjustment where the client crash may occur.

    Finally, PVP improvements will also appear in the game:

    * Fixed that the pre-made character of the Duelist was incorrectly named "Whirling Blade" (now Double Strike).

    * Scorching Ray now has an attack time override of 3 seconds.

    * Fixed a bug where the pre-made Duelist characters were not fully assigned to the Passive Tree.

    * Fixed a bug where a pre-made Templar character could not be equipped with Firestorm gems.

    The two hotfixes include:

    * Fixed a bug introduced in 3.13.1e, that is, Legion monsters will not produce some on-kill effects.

    * The Ritual Vessels sometimes cannot store the boss of the Jungle Valley Map, Queen of the Great Tangle.

    This patch will also bring a better gaming experience for players. Once you need POE Currency in the game, you can buy them from provides cheap POE Currency, and the price of POE Currency fluctuates with market price changes, so when you think the price is suitable, it is a wise choice to buy POE Currency immediately.

  • The Endgame Of Path Of Exile Can Inspire Other Similar Games, Such As Diablo 4

    Mar 03, 2021

    Diablo 4 is the next mainline game of a loot-based ARPG series Diablo. Although Diablo 3 is an excellent game, it also suffers from major release and balance issues. So Blizzard is avoiding these problems in Diablo 4. And one of the biggest elements lacking in the Diablo 3 series is its endgame content, which it should learn from Path Of Exile.

    Path Of Exile is characterized by challenge leagues and introduces the main mechanics for players to try and finally integrate into the standard league in some way. This not only allows POE to create brand new endgame content in accordance with a consistent schedule, but also allows the number of new mechanics introduced by the standard league to far exceed Diablo 3, and allows players to choose their favorite content.

    The main part of Path of Exile comes from completing the map, which is the player kills monsters and bosses in the map and obtains loot, thereby promoting their builds. However, some other options have been introduced in previous leagues, allowing players to continue to upgrade their gear when they lose interest in mapping. The diversity of the endgame content ensures that POE has a solid foundation for the endgame, and also allows players to determine how to achieve their goals.

    Although POE is geared towards hardcore players and will inevitably provide a deeper game endgame, in fact, this is a more attractive way.

    Because under normal circumstances, the endgame of the loot-based ARPG will inevitably become a boring grind, but POE alleviates this problem and gives it diversity. So POE is definitely a game worth learning from similar games. If you are tired of Diablo 3, then POE is worth trying.

    If you are a new POE player, you can view the previous POE guide on, which will let you master the game mechanics and gameplay more quickly, and will also provide some POE builds guides.

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  • Path Of Exile: One Trillion Tribute Has Been Earned By Players

    Mar 01, 2021

    The latest stats from Path Of Exile is very surprising. According to the second part of the GGG Ritual statistics report, so far, players who run the Ritual have received one trillion Tribute. The first part of GGG's Ritual statistics report shows that since the Ritual League feature was added to the game in mid-January this year, POE players have started 624,332,098 Rituals. It is estimated that since the starting of the league, there have been 20,139,745 Rituals per day, equivalent to 23 Rituals per second.

    Judging from recent stats, it seems that POE players have not slowed down.

    Ritual League is a new challenge, it requires you to complete up to 3 rituals in each zone in the game. When the Ritual Altar is activated, a group of enemies will attack it briefly in the circular area around the Altar. In order to end the Ritual, you must defeat all enemies in the area and complete all the Rituals in the area. You can use the Tributes you get from completing the Ritual to unlock a menu of various items.

    This is a bit fascinating because the more Rituals you complete, the better the rewards available will be, and you will often encounter exclusive rare items. Of course, correspondingly, the enemies in the Ritual Circle will become stronger, which makes completing the ritual more challenging.

    After all these rituals are completed, the number of tributes mentioned above is meaningful because it is a free-to-play game and only ran the Ritual League for more than a month.

    If you want to get as much Tribute as possible in the game, then you need to make your character stronger to survive longer. As for the POE Currency you need in the game, you can buy them from

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  • Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas Influences The Gameplay

    Feb 26, 2021

    Path of Exile is a dark game, its atmosphere is very attractive, and the unusual economic system based on Orb's exchange and freedom, these characteristics make it more popular. Last month released the latest expansion - Echoes of the Atlas. It provides a new epilogue for Conquerors of the Atlas, and introduces many new features, and has affected the gameplay to a certain extent.

    The Ritual League

    The Ritual League is undoubtedly one of the most attractive content. These rituals greatly increase the time of gameplay and also increase the players' chances of obtaining exclusive items. However, the Altar Rituals stand out for being quite difficult, so you need to have a good build and a lot of skills so that you can survive to the end. Sacred Groves also appeared on the map, pre-created groves where you can start Horticrafting, so you will expand the harvesting mechanic.

    The Maven's Crucible

    This is a feature that POE players most look forward to, because it provides a battle to challenge the boss. Only the most experienced ARPG will have the opportunity to endure it. This is exactly what this expansion has brought about.

    After completing The Maven's Crucible, you will receive Maven's Gift, which allows you to assign skill points to the aforementioned skill tree. In other words, this mechanic has now become a sign of the successful completion of this major challenge. Therefore, a good choice is to obtain a large number of Orbs to exchange for some necessary items to improve your equipment.

    Atlas passive skill tree

    This allows players to acquire various skills in each Atlas area. As you progress in the Maven mission line, you will be able to unlock more and more Atlas passive skills. These passive skills not only improve your abilities, but also increase the possibilities in the building.

    In short, other notable features introduced by Echoes of the Atlas are Heist integration and Ascendancy career rebalancing, as they also affect gameplay. So this provides a new gaming experience for POE players. If you need the help of POE Currency in the game, you can buy them from

    As mentioned above, if you want to get some great equipment, you need a lot of Orbs to exchange for some necessary items. No matter which Orbs you need, you can find them on

  • Path Of Exile: If You Like Competitive Game, POE Is Perfect For You

    Feb 24, 2021

    2020 seems to be a successful year for Path Of Exile. There are many new leagues to explore in the game, mainly Harvest and Heist. However, by 2021, it has released its first expansion, which is Echoes of the Atlas. The expansion further fills the final stage of POE, introducing new bosses, quests and skill trees. POE can be said to be one of the most outstanding ARPGs. If you are still hesitant whether to join this game, then the following reasons will make you a loyal fan of POE.

    Free to play

    Just because it is free to download and play, which makes the game more attractive. After years of improvement, POE may become one of the best multiplayer games, and it can be said to be the best ARPG so far.

    Rich content

    POE is known for its rich content. This game has been running for more than 7 years, and all game content is constantly improving. Although it will always be full of inevitable errors, its expansion has always been perfect.

    Dedicated dev team

    The developer team will release several patches every month, working hard to solve minor problems, but also focusing on larger patches, also known as Leagues. This League brings new mechanics, loot and skins to the game, because most games release one or two larger updates every year. So POE will launch a new league every 3-4 months, which means that the game is constantly improving.

    Unique playstyle

    The ARPG genre has experienced a conspicuous drop in recent years because their gameplay is very redundant. First, choose your class and invest points in your statistics. This single game style will undoubtedly hinder players who are interested in playing the game.

    But POE is different from them, the game features different skills and abilities, it will not limit you to try other abilities. POE is realized by equipping skill gems at one point, and different skills can be granted in different situations. This allows you to customize your own builds and roles, and choose from more than 100 skill gems.

    If you are interested in POE, then it is definitely a game worth playing. If you become a POE player, you can pay more attention to, because you can find many POE game guides and cheap POE Currency on this website.

    POE Currency plays an important role in the game, although you can farm POE Currency in the game, the process will be boring. If you are not patient enough, you can come to to buy POE Currency at any time you want.

  • Path Of Exile Guide: How To Get Cheap 4 Green Sockets Triad Grip Easily?

    Feb 22, 2021

    Many POE fans will use Triad Grip to convert minion damage into the cold. But Triad Grip is a glove that requires str and int. It is difficult to get 4 green sockets using only chromatic orbs. Here is a simple method that allows you to quickly obtain 4 green sockets with jeweler's orbs, and it is very cheap and simple.

    How to get it?

    Step one

    A 2 socket Triad Grip is needed, you can use two sockets, you need to use "at least Two Green Socket" craft to get two green sockets.

    Step Two

    Then use "three sockets" to get the third socket. If the third socket is not green, you need to use the two sockets again to return to 2 sockets. This action will not change the color of the original 2 sockets, so you can keep repeating this step until you get 3 green sockets.

    Step Three

    Use four sockets to get the fourth socket. If the fourth socket is not green, use the three sockets again to return to 3 sockets, the color of the 3 sockets will not change, repeating this step until you get the 4 green sockets.

    Normally, it takes about 350 feis to get 4 green holes, and you also need to have a little luck.

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  • Before Beginning Path Of Exile, You Should Know These Things

    Feb 19, 2021

    As a free dark game, Path Of Exile has attracted a lot of fans with its unique world view of the game, and with the start of the new league, many new players have joined the game. So the following things you need to know, which will help you to some extent.

    An SSD and Fiber Internet is needed

    Because POE is an old game, its game engine is outdated, even though it has been updated many times. Also, the core gameplay relies on instantaneous accurate timing, especially in the game's later stages, so installing an SSD or solid-state drive can help solve this problem.

    Learning, learning, and learning

    If you are really interested in POE, you need to be fully prepared. Because to master this game, you need to spend a lot of time. You need to find or create a character build or skill combo, so that you can minimum maximization or race through everything. You can also find some fun in the learning process.

    Leagues are the main content

    Leagues are one of the main ways of keeping fans in POE. They run on a 13-week cycle. Each league will add some gimmicks or new mechanics to the game, as well as special rewards. If you join a new league, you need to start over again with a new role, which is undoubtedly a new experience.

    Look up some item description in the game's wiki

    POE is a loot-based game, but there are more items in POE than imagined. Their item descriptions have their own lexicon. The difference between "more" and "added" can even determine your character life and death. Therefore, you cannot just look at the surface value of the item description. You need to look up some item descriptors in the game’s wiki to view the actual math calculation so that you can choose better items.

    Don't rush to make a hardcore character

    In POE, there is a hardcore mode, which means that the character death is permanent. But for novices, don't rush to make a hardcore character is a wise choice.

    Unless you are very good at quickly processing new images, words, and other mechanics, you cannot avoid deaths caused by sudden cold explosions a monster used to reflect damage. So for most novices, after completing the standard mode, they will decide to become a loyal player of the POE hardcore mode.

    If necessary, you can buy POE Currency on Whether you need Exalted Orb or Chaos Orb, you can buy them from

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  • For POE Starters, Installing A Loot Filter Is Necessary

    Feb 09, 2021

    Before the release of POE 3.13, many people decided to join the game when the new league comes. In fact, Path Of Exile is not very friendly to novices, but if you are interested in this type of game, we also have some suggestions and tips to provide, which may be helpful for you to know about the relevant game mechanics faster and be less confusion in the game.

    For novices, the loot filter is one of the necessities. It allows you to filter out lackluster items while making useful items more visible. There are various loot filters in POE, the most commonly used is Neversink's Loot Filter. Here is how to install it:

    The easiest way to install this is to synchronize a Neversink loot filter with your POE account. From the website, navigate to the "Download" tab at the top of the page. The first option, sync with POE.

    Then complete the following steps:

    * Log in to POE: Log in to your POE account from the FilterBlade's link. If you are using the console or Stream version, there will be an option on the Path Of Exile website to allow you to use these credentials. After completion, allow to access your account.

    * Sync with POE: This allows you to directly add filters to your account. Click "Add new filter" and enter the name, description, and platform of the filter. Click "Apply" when finished.

    * Start POE: When you have loaded into the game, open your options menu. Under the UI tab, look for the "List of Item Filters" option. Click the drop-down box to view the new filter. If you don't find it, you can reload the tab or restart the game. Click "Save" when you are done, after which you can enjoy your loot filter. It will greatly help you save a lot of unnecessary time.

    For more POE-related tips and guides, you can subscribe to Once we discover new gameplay, we will also update news in time, maybe we can provide you with new ideas for the game.

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  • Where To Buy Cheap And Safe POE Currency?

    Feb 07, 2021

    The currency system of Path Of Exile is special and different from other ARPGs. It's not getting Gold or a standard currency via killing enemies, but by obtaining various currencies for different purposes. You can get the equipment or make the best items from other players, but this requires a lot of currency.

    Correspondingly, you can get some POE Currency in the game. Whether you use the league mechanic or the invest maps, as long as you have an understanding of the POE game mechanic, you have the opportunity to obtain additional Currency through it. However, with the vigorous development of Ritual League, more and more new players have joined the game. To be honest, the complex game mechanics are not very friendly to novices, and at the beginning of the game, they cannot obtain some valuable currency.

    So another feasible method is to buy POE Currency, try to equip your character with good gear and weapons. Only by making your character stronger and stronger can you quickly occupy the dominant position in the face of powerful enemies or bosses. So as to defeat the boss and then you can get some rare drops. This will start a favorable cycle, so buying POE Currency in the early stage is a wise decision.

    And Path Of Exile itself is a complex game. If you want to understand the game more thoroughly, it will take you a lot of time. If you still want to stick to farm POE Currency, it will be a huge deal for you. challenge. And the process of farm POE Currency is very long and boring, and the amount is very small. Compared with the POE Currency you need in the later stage of the game, the amount of POE Currency you farm in the game is far from enough.

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    Also, if you have any questions, you can contact our staff at any time. They are online 24/7 and will answer your questions in a short time.

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