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  • How Will Path Of Exile 2 Improve Based On POE?

    Sep 17, 2021

    As early as 2019, GGG announced that it would develop Path Of Exile 2, which is a sequel to POE. This makes fans very excited because GGG has promised that POE 2 will be released in 2020. But afterwards, due to various reasons, this plan was repeatedly postponed.

    As the Expedition League gradually enters the later stages, this gradually erodes the players' enthusiasm for the game, so fans desperately need more content, so if POE 2 has been released, players will not have this annoyance. But now this seems to be at a deadlock, and fans can only wait patiently for any new news to be released. collected some news.

    POE 2 is players friendly

    A long time ago, some new features of POE 2 were previewed. Game producer Chris Wilson said that the complexity of POE 2 is a tricky issue. Because he thinks it is good not to do too much hand-holding. POE 2 will provide players with a tutorial. When the game detects that you need additional help, this tutorial will be activated, which seems to be more friendly to novices. For those long-time POE players, they are already familiar with the game mechanics, and tutorials are unnecessary for them.

    Wilson even considered limiting the choices of some players in the early game, because too many choices will dazzle the players and affect their builds.

    Boss battles are challenging

    Players want to know how the boss fight tension in POE 2 will be improved. In many action role-playing games, the sense of combat is repetitive, and all the player needs to do is fight among hordes of enemies. But GGG wants to make a breakthrough in POE 2. They want to make bosses more dynamic and interact with the environment in new ways.

    New weapons are expected

    New weapons are not only a cosmetic change, they can also greatly change the battle and the necessary new strategies and game styles. In POE 2, crossbows and spears are highlights, and crossbows can be equipped with various special abilities. The spear can let you enter the fierce battle through a powerful thrust attack, and gain a stat boost in a limited time.

    In short, fans have high expectations for POE 2, and it has been postponed again, which means that GGG has more time to make this game perfect. But before it is officially released, we can only focus on POE, and will always provide the POE Currency that players need. No matter what currency you need, you can find it here.

  • Path Of Exile 2 Trailer Has Offered Some Information

    Sep 07, 2021

    Path Of Exile 2 will be the next version of GGG hits Dungeon-Crawler Game. As early as 2019, GGG announced the next POE work at the annual ExileCon. This is fascinating, and fans will also pay attention to its related news after the security.

    GGG is quite open to the progress of development, and even hints at the time when the beta version will arrive for fans. Based on this, also learned about some POE 2 related news.

    Path of Exile 2 Trailer

    So far, we have learned about the new character selection. The hero you choose is the only survivor in a mass public hanging. This is the tone that POE is famous for.

    In addition, POE 2 also introduced some new environments, including a stage completely on top of a huge Mad Max, like a vehicle. The release of the second trailer allowed fans to see more about the new world, the Vastiri Desert area, the dungeon, and the enemy, but the full release date was still not given.

    When will POE 2 beta start?

    The exact date is still unknown, but GGG has stated on the POE official website that this beta may start as early as 2022. It seems that the New Year is getting closer and closer, the beta may be available, and fans are willing to pay attention.

    POE 2 is said to be a sequel to POE, but their content is similar. We don’t know if POE 2 will replace the original campaign. The current campaign and sequel will continue in the same game client. You can obtain characters and accounts in any way, and complete any microtransactions., as a site focusing on POE, will always follow the news about POE and POE 2. If you are a big fan of POE, you may already be familiar with this website, because here you can get cheap POE Currency.

    Once POE 2 is released, POE 2 Currency will also be available, and any items you need can be seen here.

  • What POE 2 Launching In 2024 Means For GGG

    Aug 24, 2021

    When Path Of Exile was debuted, GGG was still a very small company, but it has grown rapidly in the past few years. Now that POE has gained a large number of fans, it has become one of the most successful games in the same genre. In 2019, GGG held the Exilecon event, where the 4.0 expansion of the base game has been announced, but the hype has completely turned to Path Of Exile 2.

    POE 2 and POE are the same game, but players can choose which campaign to run, but there are a lot of differences in the choices. The playable characters of POE 2 will be new, with their Ascendancy classes, and the game will be full of new Acts and various customization options. The game and you should be released in 2022, but due to various reasons, it has been postponed to 2024.

    Because GGG really can’t take care of many aspects at the same time, they have been dealing with the problem that many players are dissatisfied with the new version released recently, from the recent leagues and their mechanics to the balance changes made at the same time, such as all the nerfs handed out in Expeditions. 

    This also means that a two-year delay will be a correct decision, because POE 2 may become a more refined game than it is now.

    POE 2 will have a public beta in 2023, which may trigger Diablo 4 to be released earlier than it, which may harm the retention and interest of POE players. The 4.0 expansion of POE seems to be very far away because 3.16 and 3.17 are mentioned in the chapter of Baeclast, which means that the next big thing may happen in mid-to-late 2022. Therefore, it is not easy to keep the veteran players' love of the game, and a new league will be released every 3 months, which is also stressful for the development team.

    So under the current circumstances, delaying the release of POE 2 would be a wise choice. But for players, they can only focus on POE during this time, and will continue to update relevant news.

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  • Path Of Exile 2 Will Come Before 2024

    Aug 16, 2021

    Although Path Of Exile 2 was announced two years ago, there is no specific release date yet. GGG said that POE 2 will be released before 2024, and the public beta will occur within the last one or two years.

    As early as the beginning of 2020, the POE 2 development studio made it clear that the sequel will not be completed until at least 2022, but now the situation seems to have changed.

    In a recent Baeclast podcast, GGG staff stated that this highly anticipated RPG will arrive before 2024. As for more details, he said that this game can enter the public beta stage at least in the next two years, the worst case is in the summer of 2023. It is a very long wait.

    The main reason for the delay was the global pandemic. Since New Zealand's borders will be closed for the rest of this year, it is quite difficult for GGG to find and hire new staff. In addition, GGG also has extra issues in the art direction of the entire project, which makes it different from the previous project.

    GGG stated that they are now in complete production mode. They have completed 90% of the first act and 75% of the second act of the game. A total of 7 acts have been announced with Path Of Exile 2, and there is still a lot of work waiting for them to complete.

    Waiting is bound to be torture, but the news leaked before about POE 2 is also highly anticipated. Now this news has undoubtedly given GGG more time to design and perfect this game. But the next time players can only focus on Path Of Exile, after all, POE will always follow regular updates, and new leagues will always come.

    Whether you are a fan of POE or interested in POE 2, you can continue to follow, we will release POE and POE 2 related game guides and news. In addition, we can provide not only tactical strategies but also resource support, which is POE Currency. Any RPGs are inseparable from the currency in the game. They are the backbone of the economy in the game and a way to keep your character strong.

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  • Path Of Exile 2 Skill Gem System Guide

    Jun 15, 2021

    Path Of Exile 2 is a sequel to Path Of Exile, but it is different and attracts the attention of many players. However, its release has been delayed repeatedly for various reasons. So POE 2 will not be interviewed until 2022, but GGG also released some related information.

    Originally released in 2019, the sequel to this successful free-to-play game hopes to make improvements on the original while allowing players to bring their pre-existing cosmetics and other paid items to the sequel. According to GGG, POE 2 will also retain all the expansion content of the POE game.

    GGG's Chris Wilson detailed many changes and improvements about POE 2, including gameplay improvements, which will provide new players with a clearer direction in the early stages of the game. The skill tree of POE 2 will still have deep customization because the developers think it is beneficial to not need too much hand-holding.

    In addition, gem sockets will also be subject to major changes. One of the biggest changes in POE 2 is that the support gems will be directly socketed in the skill gems, so that you don't need to resocket new armor to get the sockets you want. Fewer restrictions on support gems mean more freedom.

    For those players who have not played POE, support gems can increase the skill gems. In Path Of Exile, the armor pieces have specific colors for the skill slots and the support slots, so when you get new armor, you usually can't directly swap your favorite gems. Now, armor will have skill gems of specific colors, and skill gems will have their own set of colored support gem slots accordingly.

    This updated system allows for smoother transitions between armor without having to break or rethink your character’s build. GGG believes that this is a positive change for all players.

    Once POE 2 is released, players who love this type of game will feel particularly excited. In this way, it seems that they will not be bored in the later stages of a league. It may be very interesting to switch back and forth between POE and POE 2. 

    And if you are a big fan of POE, POE Currency will be a necessity. If you have enough time to spend in the game, you may get some rare Orbs in the game, but for those players who don't have time, buy POE Currency is a better choice.

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  • Path Of Exile: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Expansion - Ultimatum 

    Apr 06, 2021

    On April 8th, GGG will host a Livestream, showcasing Path of Exile: Ultimatum and more details, including POE 2 information. The expansion of 3.14 will be shown through live gameplay, a full trailer, mechanics discussions, potential special encounters, and other possible content. However, the new footage of POE 2 may add interest to this video.

    Ultimatum expansion

    Ultimatum was teased on March 24, and this seems to be another eye catching league that will adapt well to the game. The expansion will be based on Vaal, and it is likely to continue. The player also found a character very similar to Doryani in the trailer. He is a thaumaturgist, and his experiments seem to have had a significant impact on the lore of POE.

    With the help of Alva Valai, you will be able to travel 2000 years into the past. Alva Valai is one of the masters and one of the iconic figures of other leagues. Another option is that corruption may spread to the land of Wraeclast and Oriath, so you need to take some measures to deal with it. In addition, in the red and black smoke, the obelisks still surround an area, which means you will not be trapped inside until you kill all the enemies. Or, each obelisk has different modifiers, suitable for the enclosed area where they are located.

    And Doryani will also become the focus for this league, expanding the legend surrounding his mysterious experiments, and will tell you more about the Vaal civilization.

    The trailer also shows a building that looks like a shrine or temple. This atmosphere seems to usher in a duel with the boss, it may be Doryani himself. In fact, the temporal incursions took place in small rooms deep in the Temple of Atzoatl. This is a constantly changing dungeon, and you can shape this dungeon by going back. On the other hand, Ultimatum may be a tomb the tomb of Doryani.

    In short, this expansion seems to be a breakthrough, and it should once again attract more fans. Once GGG announces more news, will also update relevant articles in time.

    Once the extension is released, will also provide relevant game guides and some useful suggestions. Of course, the necessary POE Currency in the game is also available here, as long as it is the POE Currency you need, we can provide it for you!

  • Path Of Exile Will Reveal Ultimatum Release Date, And Promise Details On POE 2

    Mar 25, 2021

    Path Of Exile is preparing for its next major update. It has been a long time since the release of the Echoes Of the Atlas expansion. Players may also feel a little tired of this. The GGG team is preparing a new update called Ultimatum. It is expected to be released in April. The new trailer for the next expansion will be announced.

    Except for this trailer, we don’t know more details about Path Of Exile: Ultimatum. If this pattern is applicable to the previous expansion, we can look for some brand-new mechanics, new character builds opportunities, new items, game system updates, balance changes, and a new time-limited league. And the expansion of this game will be released on Friday, April 16.

    Although the updates and expansions of Path Of Exile are always exciting, some people are also curious about Path Of Exile 2, which was revealed at the ExileCon event in 2019, but there has been little news since then. Recently, the development team will start a special Livestream presentation at 1 pm PT on April 8th, which will reveal the Ultimatum extension in detail, and will also provide the first new details of Path Of Exile 2.

    The Path Of Exile expansion will be broadcast on the Twitch channel, including new details of POE 2. At that time, will also update relevant news.

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  • Everything You May Want To Know About Path Of Exile 2

    Mar 23, 2021

    Path Of Exile is a dark game that became popular a few years ago. It is very popular for its complex game systems and a large amount of game content. The most important thing is that POE is free to play. A few years after its release, GGG is constantly launching updates, and even will soon launch Path Of Exile 2. Of course, POE 2 is also free to play. POE 2 is not just a simple expansion content, it is more like a reimagining of the overall game.

    POE 2 features seven new chapters

    Path Of Exile received its sixth expansion in 2017 - POE: The Fall Of Oriath. Path Of Exile 2 will add 7 chapters to the basic game progress. Besides, new items and quests will be introduced. This will be a thorough overhaul of the game, and it will fix many of the original problems of Path Of Exile.

    New models and animations will appear

    The character animations and models in the game will be remade to fit the newest system, and the engine will also receive some improvements. The improvement of the engine will make the game more stable, which will be accepted by more players.

    The skill gem system will be reworked

    The skill gem system of POE is very different. Skill gems are slotted into the appropriate type of weapons, and then connected with support gems to create new properties or combine skills. However, POE 2 redesigned the skill gem system. The support gems were previously placed in the gear sockets, and now they will be placed directly in the modified skill gem. So you will be able to have more wiggle room for builds without sacrificing the depth of the game skill gem system.

    19 new ascendancy classes

    POE 2 will introduce 19 new ascendancy classes. There are currently 19 ascendancy classes in the game - each class has 3 choices, but Scion has only one choice.

    New passive abilities

    The skill tree of POE allows you to create your unique game style by slowly building passives. You can choose a location on the huge upgrade map according to your class at the beginning. But over time, you can eventually build into anything.

    POE 2 will carry out a series of updates to this system and other core game systems.

    Path Of Exile 2 will be released in early 2022. Currently, POE fans can only focus on the current content of Path Of Exile.

    Once GGG releases more POE-related information, will also update the news in time.

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