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  • Path Of Exile: One Trillion Tribute Has Been Earned By Players

    Mar 01, 2021

    The latest stats from Path Of Exile is very surprising. According to the second part of the GGG Ritual statistics report, so far, players who run the Ritual have received one trillion Tribute. The first part of GGG's Ritual statistics report shows that since the Ritual League feature was added to the game in mid-January this year, POE players have started 624,332,098 Rituals. It is estimated that since the starting of the league, there have been 20,139,745 Rituals per day, equivalent to 23 Rituals per second.

    Judging from recent stats, it seems that POE players have not slowed down.

    Ritual League is a new challenge, it requires you to complete up to 3 rituals in each zone in the game. When the Ritual Altar is activated, a group of enemies will attack it briefly in the circular area around the Altar. In order to end the Ritual, you must defeat all enemies in the area and complete all the Rituals in the area. You can use the Tributes you get from completing the Ritual to unlock a menu of various items.

    This is a bit fascinating because the more Rituals you complete, the better the rewards available will be, and you will often encounter exclusive rare items. Of course, correspondingly, the enemies in the Ritual Circle will become stronger, which makes completing the ritual more challenging.

    After all these rituals are completed, the number of tributes mentioned above is meaningful because it is a free-to-play game and only ran the Ritual League for more than a month.

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