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  • Path of Exile Patch 3.17 Brings Improvements

    Feb 17, 2022

    GGG revealed a few things players can look forward to, POE Update 3.17 will bring improvements and bug fixes to the Archnemesis League, as well as Siege of the Atlas content.

    Endgame Improvements

    For Officer Kirac, a few things will change, the NPC will bring you into the Map System and the Atlas of Worlds. Completing unique maps will no longer count towards your highest completed map tier Atlas and Kirac quests. Once the update is released, you can sell items to Kirac.

    The Eater of Worlds is one of the pinnacle bosses introduced in patch 3.17. has also shared the Eater of World boss guide, which you can click here to check. Of these, some of the changes are to be expected, the area of effect for its Ultimate Slam skill has been increased. Additionally, Elemental, Physical, and Chaos damage leeched as life implicit modifiers had incorrect values. So when the patch comes, it will range from 0.2% to 1.1%.

    Endgame Content

    * Added stash tab search functionality for Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds items

    * Fixed a bug where you were unable to turn in the "Death and Rebirth" and "Safe Passage" quests if you had progressed to The Karui Shores

    * Fixed a bug where the user interface for The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds Altars could re-appear after you had selected an option


    * Archnemesis recipes now also highlight when outside of encounters

    * Fixed a bug where modifiers used in a previous Archnemesis encounter within the same area could display as if they were able to be used again

    * Fixed a bug where the Archnemesis inventory did not update the highlighting of modifiers when their positions were swapped

    And, with the arrival of new changes, you can come here to buy POE Currency to enhance your advantage to be able to deal with new challenges. Although Path of Exile is not a pay-to-win game, having enough POE Currency can give you more help.

  • Path of Exile: Eater of Worlds Boss Fight Guide

    Feb 14, 2022

    Siege of the Atlas has arrived with 4 new endgame bosses, which are challenging. Based on this, will provide the Eater of Worlds boss fight guide. The Eater of Worlds has some unique mechanics that can spell doom for the unprepared players, and we'll help you to deal with Eater's beam phase.

    Eater of Worlds boss fight

    Most of the Eater of Worlds' abilities are standard POE boss fare. There are huge tentacle slams, huge lightning explosions, and all kinds of projectiles to dodge. In particular, you need to watch out for the grey balls drifting around in the arena, touching one of them will slow you down. Stand in them for too long and you'll die, and if you get hit by one of these, you'll need to use a movement skill like Flame Dash to escape as quickly as possible.

    How to charge the orbs in the Eater of Worlds boss fight?

    Eventually, Eater will float into the air and fire a blue beam onto the ground, which creates an ever-expanding energy field that deals massive damage over time and tracks you around the arena.

    You can outrun the beam or heal through it, but the degenerate field expands until it covers the entire arena. Then, it will explode and kill you.

    You can end this attack by charging the purple orbs that appear around the arena. These grounded counterparts to the floating grey orbs, require you to stand within their radius for about half a second before the flash. Do this for each purple orb and the beam will dissipate and the Eater will return to the ground and you can continue fighting. You can increase your advantage to deal with this boss fight by buy POE Currency here.

    How to access the Eater of Worlds boss fight?

    You need to follow the Kirac and the Envoy quest steps to get to Eater of Worlds. Progress in Atlas, defeat the Infinite Hunger and then use Eater's influence to run Tier 13, 14, 15, and 16 maps to earn your invitation. Defeat this story version of the boss to get the Grasping Voidstone, which will increase the tier of all maps in your Atlas.

    You can also get another invitation by using Eater's influence to complete 24 Tier 14+ maps.

  • Path of Exile Black Star Boss Fight Guide

    Feb 10, 2022

    Siege of the Atlas has arrived, and it brings 4 new endgame bosses. There's a new story progression that will take you through Atlas and into these new battles, each with some deadly new mechanics, one of which is Black Star. So to help players deal with it smoothly, gives detailed guides.

    The Black Star Mechanics: The Polaric Void

    When you load into the Polaric Void, you'll notice the center globe. The globe sent out two flames, dividing the arena into a fiery red half and an ice blue half. The globe will rotate throughout the battle, shifting the halves with it. Each side will give you a stacking debuff that makes you more vulnerable to this type of damage and related ailment. However, with the opposite type, you will take less damage.

    Black Star has 2 very powerful abilities - Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm. These attacks will kill you instantly if you have the matching debuff. Conversely, with the opposite debuff, you won't take any damage.

    Black Star's other attacks, including those used by its clones, also deal significant fire and cold damage. Fortunately, you can reduce this by sticking to the right parts of the arena. Black Star seems to switch elements after an Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm, so jump to the other half of the stage when they're over. You should make sure you are immune to Freeze, otherwise, a cold attack on the wrong side of the arena will destroy you. So before starting the battle, you need to be fully prepared, if necessary, you can come here to buy POE Currency you need.

    How to access the Black Star fight?

    For the first time participating in Black Star, you just need to follow the quest steps given to you by The Envoy and Kirac to progress in Atlas. All of which require you to complete maps of progressively higher tiers with the Searing Exarch's influence on your map device. After you defeat a Tier 12 or higher map boss with the Searing Exarch’s influence, you will receive a Polaric invitation. Put it in your map device and start fighting.

    The first encounter is the "story" version, which is simpler than the farmable version. Once you've progressed further and defeated Searing Exarch, you can repeat the boss fight by completing more maps with Searing Exarch's influence. Complete 14 maps to get the harder version of the Black Star.

  • Path Of Exile Vendor Recipes Guide

    Feb 08, 2022

    The earliest option for leveling up your experience in Path of Exile is the vendor recipe crafting system, where you can get upgrades by selling specific item combinations to vendors in-game towns. will provide some of the best league starter recipes.

    How to use vendor recipes?

    The crafting process with the vendor recipes is very simple, you need to put the required items in any vendor's sales window. If you have the right combination, the vendor's offer section will show the item being upgraded or created. Vendors return a sword with an added modifier, and if you have missing or wrong components, vendors will return various currency shards.

    Best vendor recipes to start

    There are vendor recipes that give you access to powerful early game weapons. Using these recipes will allow you to progress more smoothly early in the game. By the way, you can always come here to buy POE Currency during the build process.

    Increased physical damage

    * Any weapon

    * Magic or Rare Rustic Sash

    *Blacksmith's Whetstone

    This recipe is useful for any build that uses item damage attacks, such as Steel Skills, Slams, or Shield Crush. Even some elemental attack builds start leveling with steel skills, and this recipe can be used to resolve their damage before switching to elemental skills.

    Flat added elemental damage to spells weapon

    * Magic rarity weapon

    * Ring

    * Orb of Alteration

    The elements you get from this recipe depending on the ring type you include. Use a Topaz ring for lightning damage, Ruby for fire, and Saphire for cold. Note that flat added damage does not affect most over-damage abilities.

    Caster weapon with "+1 to level of all physical/fire/cold/lightning/chaos spell skill gems"

    * Normal rarity caster weapon

    * Skill gems with combined quality greater than 40% and a shared tag

    You can collect gems of any quality plus the Chaos tag until their total mass exceeds 40%. Increasing gem level is one of the best ways to expand most spells in the game.

    Gemcutter's Prism

    * A single gem with 20% quality

    * Gems with total quality greater than 40%

    This recipe applies to all quality-enhancing currencies that use their respective target items.

    20% quality, level 1 gem

    * Level 20 gems

    * 1 Gemcutter's Prism

    Upgrade the second set of the most important gems in your secondary weapon set, use this recipe to convert them to 20% quality gems, then upgrade them to 20.

  • Path of Exile Passive Tree Guide

    Feb 06, 2022

    Path of Exile has always been known for its large and complex passive skill tree, so it's no surprise that the Siege of the Atlas expansion introduces another skill tree. Siege of the Atlas integrates the old Atlas region trees, affecting your entire Atlas.

    There will be tons of new options, and almost every node on the tree will be powerful. You can just grab nodes to get what you like without worrying about falling behind. If you're looking for relevant strategic tips, has given everything you need to know.

    How to use the new Atlas passive tree?

    After killing Kitava to complete the campaign, you will be greeted with a new epilogue sequence. You'll access a map device and get ready to start the new Siege of the Atlas endgame. If you open Atlas and hover over the map, you'll see the map's "bonus objectives", which usually require you to run the map with a specific rarity and kill the map boss. Each bonus objective you complete will reward you 1 point to spend on the Atlas passive tree.

    Run more maps, progress on the new Atlas, and boost your map through the tree. There are 117 maps to complete, which will provide the bulk of your Atlas passive points. There's also an extra 11 points you can earn from Maven and her invites, new Eldritch bosses, and Uber Elder.

    How to respec the Atlas passive tree?

    Respecing the Atlas passive tree is straightforward, you just right-click an Orb of Unmaking to consume it and gain a respec point, which you can use at any time. Orbs of Unmaking are available here, and you can always come here to buy POE Currency to speed up your progress.

    Now that the 3.17 league has started, will continue to update more POE game guides, which will help new players jump into the game faster.

  • Path of Exile: You Can Build Your Own Endgame With New Godly Beings

    Jan 30, 2022

    POE 3.17 is coming soon, and now some relevant content has been revealed. POE's Atlas of Worlds endgame will undergo major changes. GGG will launch a free Siege of the Atlas expansion pack on February 4th. At that time, everything will be announced. will also provide corresponding game instructions at that time so that you can jump into the game quickly.

    Atlas of Worlds is a multidimensional nexus where all things are possible. Siege of the Atlas is the 4th campaign and one of the biggest mechanical shake-ups. While POE's main storyline has remained largely the same, Atlas has become more active, going through multiple story arcs. Siege of the Atlas has now introduced two more, each trying to devour all existence.

    None pizza with left beef

    You can choose any of 2 various new villains to chase, and their influence will increase with each hunt, culminating in their respective boss fights. Progress is easier now, as long as the current 4 pinnacle bosses drop Voidstones, you can use it to raise the level of all the Atlas content.

    New content means new loot, and new ways to modify existing items. Each new boss has a chance to drop their unique gear, which is also a new reward for you. Items can hold one perk from the flame and abyss-themed pools associated with the new boss, giving you the motivation to pursue both and opening up new min-max options.

    Gross prophet margin

    You'll no longer have to collect silver coins in exchange for tiny side quests, which is a welcome change. But the previous story bosses in Atlas are still questionable, and GGG even tweaked the difficulty in Act 2 of the main story, so you can leave those FOMO worries behind.

    But at the beginning of Siege of Atlas, brand new players need to fumble through everything in a blind process, which requires patience. will also try our best to help you, whether it is strategic guidance or POE Currency, you can get it here.

  • POE Siege of the Atlas: How Does Omniscience Work?

    Jan 27, 2022

    Now that more of the Siege of the Atlas expansion has been revealed, GGG has announced some new upcoming items, some of which has covered before, and you can click here to check out.

    Today we'll be focusing on the legendary Crystallized Omniscience Amulet, with a brand new mechanic - Omniscience. For now, this amulet is the only item that grants Omniscience or any related bonuses. The main effect of this mechanic is that it converts all attribute points into Omniscience.

    * This means that if your character is wearing Crystallized Omniscience, there will be no usual benefits related to Attribute bonuses.

    * Strength modifiers will no longer grant max Life or increase melee physical damage.

    * Intelligence modifiers will no longer grant max mana or increase max energy shield.

    * Dexterity modifiers will no longer reward Accuracy or Evasion Rating. The tradeoff is that Omniscience will give bonuses to Elemental Resistance and Elemental Penetration.

    Modifiers to Attributes include any effect grated by equipment or a Passive that changes a character's Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, or any combination of the three. Each class has a total of 60 Attribute points, so calculating your overall modifier value simply adds up your total attribute points and subtracts 60.

    The effectiveness of this amulet will depend on the roll of each of its effects. As of now, we don't know the range of possible values, but we can determine the builds type of Crystallised Omniscience. It doesn't play well if builds rely on Attribute bonuses, while builds that use multiple elements can benefit from their huge potential to penetrate all elemental resistances. It also has fantastic synergies with any item that also negates the usual benefits that come from Attributes.

    Once the new item appears in the new league, you can immediately come here to buy POE Currency, which can bring you a better gaming experience.

  • POE 3.17: Siege of the Atlas Will Introduce Unique Items

    Jan 25, 2022

    On January 27th, GGG will announce related content about the Siege of the Atlas. To attract players' attention, they are also constantly revealing some info, including some uniques of 3.17, including new items and something that are getting reworks. will list upcoming items and those getting changes.

    Siege of the Atlas Unique Items

    GGG currently reveals 3 items, including 1 jewel, 1 amulet, and 1 reworked weapon.

    Melding Jewel of the Flesh

    A new cobalt jewel is coming. This item is unique and limited to 1, and the ads -76% resistance to all game elements. Additionally, elemental resistance is limited by your highest elemental resistance.

    Crystallised Omnisciencee Onyx Amulet

    This new amulet gives you a chance to gain extra 12 points for all attributes, in addition, it adds modifiers to Omniscience, +15 to elemental resistance per 10 omnisciences, as well as 1% penetrate and attribute requirements satisfied by 23% of Omniscience.

    This item acts like a great scaling item, it could be a great scaling item for intellect.

    Once new items appear, will also launch new products as soon as possible, you can still come here to buy POE Currency you need.

    Dancing Dervish Rework

    The rework of Dancing Dervish is also part of Siege of the Atlas. Dancing Dervish now has a lot of stats, including weapon range, APS, Crit, damage and additional stats. The weapon can trigger an effect at lvl 15 Dancing Dervish, which disables weapon slots, and one effect is Rampage. Weapons are used by players as the primary damage tool, but the real mechanics remain to be seen.

    For more related content, you can follow the Siege of the Atlas stream on January 27, and will also keep an eye on it.

  • Path Of Exile: Don't Get Caught Playing Without These Addons

    Jan 21, 2022

    Path Of Exile's next league, Siege of the Atlas, is just around the corner. So this also means that more new players will join the game, POE is known for its complex mechanics, so before the new league starts, will provide some guides to make new players jump faster into the game. We will introduce some useful add-ons and tools.

    Craft of Exile

    Crafting items in Path of Exile is not easy, especially when you don't get your preferred mod combo. The Craft of Exile offers a crafting simulator that calculates the odds of success for any combination of mods. It also shows the total modified costs compared to others in your league. The craft of Exile will allow you to prioritize which items to use by showing which mods and Orbs will give the best odds.


    Item filters are a must-have in POE, it allows you to quickly gauge the rarity and value of items you pick up, and FilterBlade is the best tool at this time. It offers dozens of filters for you to customize, or you can choose to import any filter created by the community.

    Path of Building

    The skill tree in POE is very complex, but Path of Building helps you by showing the most effective skills. You can compare item mods and their effects, and you can easily plan your character builds or import character builds from other players through this tool.

    Path of Exile Trade

    This tool improves POE trade in almost every way. Path of Exile has over 30 filters that you can use to quickly locate the item you want. You will then trade with another player.

    PoE Overlay

    When activated, it evaluates item prices for you, provides hints for any dungeon you're viewing, and manages trade requests.

    Once the new league starts, you can come here to buy POE Currency, although POE is not a pay-to-win game, having enough POE Currency can still give you an advantage, allowing your character to deal with all kinds of difficult situations.

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