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  • Where To Buy Cheap And Safe POE Currency?

    Feb 07, 2021

    The currency system of Path Of Exile is special and different from other ARPGs. It's not getting Gold or a standard currency via killing enemies, but by obtaining various currencies for different purposes. You can get the equipment or make the best items from other players, but this requires a lot of currency.

    Correspondingly, you can get some POE Currency in the game. Whether you use the league mechanic or the invest maps, as long as you have an understanding of the POE game mechanic, you have the opportunity to obtain additional Currency through it. However, with the vigorous development of Ritual League, more and more new players have joined the game. To be honest, the complex game mechanics are not very friendly to novices, and at the beginning of the game, they cannot obtain some valuable currency.

    So another feasible method is to buy POE Currency, try to equip your character with good gear and weapons. Only by making your character stronger and stronger can you quickly occupy the dominant position in the face of powerful enemies or bosses. So as to defeat the boss and then you can get some rare drops. This will start a favorable cycle, so buying POE Currency in the early stage is a wise decision.

    And Path Of Exile itself is a complex game. If you want to understand the game more thoroughly, it will take you a lot of time. If you still want to stick to farm POE Currency, it will be a huge deal for you. challenge. And the process of farm POE Currency is very long and boring, and the amount is very small. Compared with the POE Currency you need in the later stage of the game, the amount of POE Currency you farm in the game is far from enough.

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  • Path Of Exile 3.13: More Content Details, Features Have Been Leaked

    Jan 14, 2021

    POE 3.13 will come, and some of the latest game content has also appeared for players to start new attempts and explorations.

    11 New Maps

    The patch notes list 11 new maps that can come into the game. This should be one of the most anticipated content. POE is a popular MMORPG where you can do tasks, complete challenges and finish quests. You can also play with your friends to explore this unknown world together.

    A New Challenge League

    A new challenge league is also about to appear. This is for players who are competing to reach level 100 and players who want to get beast gear first. Here, the players’ task is to continue to fight against monsters on Ritual sites, then activate Altar and start to perform the Ritual.

    Every time you pass through an altar, it becomes more difficult, then you can move on and enter the next altars, and the rewards will increase accordingly.

    Then you will get Tribute points, use them to get the items you want, as for other rewards, it also includes a new set of Ritual Base Types, you can use them to make various props to change the modifiers of certain items.

    New Gems

    POE is also famous for gems using. The new update is more detailed and of course, also involves this aspect. Two brand new gems will appear. One is Hydrosphere, which is a new skill gem. It is available at level 34 and can be backed with a spell, duration, cold, lighting, orb, AoE and physical support gems.

    The other is the Trinity, which is the new support gem. Trinity has its way to support various builds, especially those that can be classified as various elemental damage. This may be achieved by building resonance with other elements. If you have a high resonance with the three elements, you can use Trinity to perform elemental penetration to get more effective damage.

    Therefore, this update should still not disappoint players. With the release of the update, will continue to track the progress of the game and will frequently update relevant game guides. If you are a novice player, you can subscribe to PoeCurrency. com, so you can become familiar with the game mechanics faster.

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  • Problems You May Encounter In Path Of Exile

    Dec 17, 2020

    If you are a new player of Path Of Exile, you will more or less encounter some problems in the game, but you don't need to worry, these should be encountered by many novices. We have also collected some problems and provided the corresponding answers. I hope this will help you.

    I have a single gem socket available in my templar guardian's gear. Which is the best gem to use for buffing sentinel of purity damage?

    Dread Banner will probably want to be linked to Generosity support as your Impale scaling is limited by available impale chance (Dread Banner+aura effect, Impale support, and Cluster jewels) if you go that route.

    Flesh Offering is good but you will need to Desecrate to have corpses available against a single target.

    Carrion golem's flat base damage doesn't add much to Sentinel's already large base damage.

    Vulnerability is probably your best bet here although bosses have some curse effect resistance. For a balance of clear speed, defense, and some damage the reworked Punishment curse is also a good option.

    Will smaller ignites override a larger ignite?

    no. you can have multiple ignites present on the enemy that will run their duration but only the highest DPS one will actually deal damage.

    What skills work best with the cast on crit other than ice nova?

    Discharge requires the threshold jewel. Ice Nova only works because it casts on 2 Frostbolts for double the effective damage, and you can easily trigger Frostbolt with Cospri's Malice. You could make it work with a bow using Asenath's Chant. Bow versions can also use other projectile spells that scale together with the supports for the main attack skill.

    How strong is the lightning golem aura?

    You can find it in Path of Building. Just add Lightning Golem to your skills, and turn on Lightning Golem's Wrath aura in the Configuration, and check the added minimum and maximum lightning damage for your skill.

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  • POE Guide: More Details About Atlas Of Worlds (Part 2)

    Dec 15, 2020

    We have already introduced some basic knowledge about Atlas and maps in Part 1, and this article will give more details.

    Awakening Level

    Every time you insert every 4 Watchstones in Region's Citadels, the Awakening Level will increase, which means that the difficulty of the map will also increase, and you will face greater challenges. But you will also get additional bonuses and maps.

    Each wake level will add the following:

    * Unique Map Boss has 3% more Life

    * +1% chance for an additional connected Map to drop from Unique Map Boss

    * +0.5% chance for a Shaper Guardian Map to drop from Unique Map Boss (Tier 14+)

    * +0.5% chance for an Elder Guardian Map to drop from Unique Map Boss (Tier 14+)

    * +1% chance for an additional Unique Item to drop from Unique Map Boss

    * +1% chance for additional Map Currency Item to drop from Unique Map Boss

    * Increased chance per Awakening Level for the Conquerors of the Atlas to drop additional rewards

    * 5% increased chance for Influenced Items to drop in Maps influenced by the Conquerors of the Atlas

    Atlas Bonus

    Whenever you kill the boss on a map, it will open in Atlas. As for clearing the map, you can open additional rewards - Completion Bonus and Awakening Completion Bonus.

    Completion bonus

    Completing the reward will increase the chance of the map falling to a higher level. If the probability is greater than 100, the map will automatically be upgraded to a higher level. If you want to receive this reward, you need to meet the following conditions:

    * White maps (tier 1-5): map must be blue (magic) or higher

    * Yellow maps (tier 6-10): map must be yellow (rare)

    * Red maps (tier 11-16): map must be yellow (rare) and corrupted ( Vaal orb)

    Awakening Completion Bonus

    * 1% increased effect of Modifiers on non-unique Maps (per 6 Awakening Bonus)

    * 1% chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion (per 15 Awakening Bonus)

    To get it, you need to meet the following requirements:

    Clear high-tier map(begin with 14+)

    Need Awakening level (from 1 to 8)

    How to get Maps?

    The map is not dropped randomly. There are some special elements that will affect the map's drop. If you do not get the map you need, you can buy it from other players or Zana.

    There are some exceptions: mobs in the Zana maps can drop random maps, and Uber Labyrinth chests can drop any map. But they are not suitable for the first shooting range, they may even fall before Atlas and the map are unlocked.

    To fully master Atlas and Maps, you need to have enough patience and time. Once you understand how they work, you will proceed more smoothly in Path Of Exile. If you encounter problems in the game, you can get through them by purchasing POE Currency or POE Boosting from will help solve all the problems you encounter in the game, and do our best to create a good game environment for you.

  • Path Of Exile Guide: More Details About Atlas Of Worlds (Part 1)

    Dec 11, 2020

    Altas and maps have always been important parts of Path Of Exile. I bet that many novices have always been confused by those, because at first glance, you will think that they are too complicated to understand, which makes it easy for novices to give up. But what I want to say is that it is actually very easy to master. After understanding the basic principles, you will be able to access the final bosses.

    How can we unlock Atlas?

    After you finish the quest chain, Atlas and maps will be available.

    Complete Act 10 to open Epilogue and the city of Oriath. There you will meet Officer Kirac. After finishing some simple quests, you will get a map Device and a first-tier map. Now you can clear the maps and see your progress in Atlas.

    After cleaning up some maps, you will meet a Master cartographer - Zana. She is the key to the Atlas quests, so when you finished her quest, don't forget to check her item stock.

    Atlas region

    In POE, there are more than 170 different maps, and maps also have their own tiers. There are 16 in total, divided into 3 categories:

    Low-tier (1-5): White maps

    Mid-tier (6-10): Yellow maps

    Top-tier (11-16): Red maps

    All maps are bound to a specific Atlas area, there are 8 in the game:

    Glennach Cairns

    Haewark Hamlet

    Lex Ejoris

    Lex Proxima

    Lira Arthain

    New Vastir

    Tirn's End

    Valdo's Rest

    Each area has its own Citadel, it is very important to open all of these Citadels because you will insert Watchstone in the process.


    When you during your exploration, you will meet the conquerors. When you reach the outer regions, you will meet the conquerors:

    Hunter: AL-Hezmin

    Redeemer: Veritania

    Warlord: Drox

    Crusader: Baran

    The first person you meet is Baran. This is the quest you accepted from Officer Kirac. The conqueror will expand his influence, which means that there will be 3 more encounters with him. After that, this area will be colored of the Conquerors', and you should be able to notice that when you open Atlas. The counter is on the left side of Atlas. They represent the number of maps you need to clear in the area, after that you can find the specific location of the conqueror. The markers have different colors:

    Yellow: represents the number of maps you have already clear

    Blue: represents influenced monsters encoder

    Until the third encounter, you can open the portals to the Conqueror's Citadel by speaking with Kirac and Zana. If you can defeat it, you will get a Watchstone and a great drop.


    It is an upgrade item, you can insert it in the proper slot of the Citadel. In the Atlas questline, you will be able to obtain the first Watchstone by killing the conquerors. There are up to 4 Watchstones in each area at the same time. They also have different colors:

    Blue: Cobalt Watchstone

    Red: Crimson Watchstone

    Yellow: Golden Watchstone

    Green: Viridian Watchstone

    White: Ivory Watchstone (a unique Watchstone dropped from Sirus)

    Whenever you insert a Watchstone in the Citadel, the minimum Tier will increase and new maps will be added to the previously invisible regions.

    To find out how many socketed Watchstones are needed, you can view the current quests or on the left side of Atlas.

    When you get 20 Watchstones, Zana will open six portals to the final boss - Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. You need to do your best to defeat it.

    Those are the 1 part about Altas and maps, if you're interested in this, you can stay tuned to, We will update news and game guides often.

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  • Path Of Exile Guide To Mayhem Events

    Dec 07, 2020

    Mayhem Events has already started, and some players must have encountered some problems. We have collected some frequently asked questions and provided corresponding answers. If you have encountered the same problem, perhaps this article will be useful for you.

    What should I do for leveling up to 95?

    Efficient Atlas progression. Because most of the density is given by the Mayhem modifiers for free, it is very easy to maintain the numerical without any investment. Therefore, the ability to speed up the Atlas into spawning red maps will be an obstacle for you to reap the benefits of good exp. After that, you can team up with others or get into some high-level breakstone.

    If you want to upgrade to 95, Beachhead Rotas is the best choice, or you can continue to run for 16s without dying, and you will become better.

    I'm in Mayhem SSF, any tips for farming the call of steel jewels?

    Use the Ancient Orbs obtained from Harbingers on jewels, and pay attention to Einhar beasts. And using speed is nice QoL, and AoE is obvious, but it is not needed for the slam variant. Call of Steel causes 50% increased Reflected Damage might look like an ordinary increased stat, but nothing in the game scales reflected damage like this. You go from 100% damage to 150%, so you can effectively read this as 50% More damage. It's basically the power of an extra support gem.

    For those people with SSF, how do you go about getting resists? 

    A combination of picking up all the rare top tier bases (for your level) and bench crafting. If you're desperate for a certain resist you can use essences.

    The +1 level wand vendor recipe gives flat damage now, not +levels anymore.

    You can watch for 4 links to drop on a base that has the correct requirements for the colors you're rolling or roll the sockets+links yourself if the item has really good affixes. You only need 1-2 links for a damage skill to get through the campaign so you shouldn't need to reroll them too often.

    Anyway, this event will last for a week. If there are other questions, will also update them in the news section. If you are interested, you can choose to subscribe to or bookmark the news page.

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  • What's The Endgame On Path Of Exile?

    Dec 03, 2020

    I believe that many new players of POE are still in the early stage, but the worldview of POE is attractive enough, so many new players are curious about the endgame of it.

    In fact, the endgame of it consists of an Atlas of Worlds, which contains maps are filled with monsters. These maps can be upgraded to a very high level, and you have to constantly upgrade your character, so as to ensure that you can maintain your combat effectiveness when fighting with more powerful monsters.

    In addition, there are a bunch of bosses waiting for you. Before you start fighting with them, you need to defeat two mini-bosses - Elder and Sharper. Then you can officially fight the bosses, there's an Uber Elder which is an extra hard, extra high level of both fights rolled into 1.

    When you finish your atlas, you will meet Conquerors. Whenever you upgrade the atlas, you will meet them, and as your atlas level is higher, they are more difficult to deal with. Eventually, you will meet the final boss - Sirus. So a Sirus kill is as the game end.

    There is also a Vaal/Corrupted boss Atziri and an Uber version of her you can fight. There are a few additional bosses that are carryovers from past leagues but not worth getting into here. Also, whatever the current league is will always have some sort of endgame to add to all of this.

    All these bosses can be battled multiple times, which is good, because it helps you collect powerful items. Difficult challenges mean more valuable rewards. Of course, if you are tired, you can stop, and you can also do other things, such as focusing on delving and focusing on Uber labs. So the endgame will not disappoint you.

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  • GGG Will Release 3 Events In This December For Making Up For The Delay Of 3.13

    Nov 25, 2020

    After the delay of POE 3.13 was announced, GGG has no news to reveal. This makes everyone think that there will be no new events before 3.13 is released, but recently GGG announced that there will be 3 new events in December. This undoubtedly gives fans new hope.

    Three Events

    These events will last 5 weeks and include the following events:

    Mayhem Event: last for one week

    Endless Delve Event: last for one week

    Heist Flashback Event: last for three weeks

    Start time & End time

    It will start on December 4th, at 12:00 PT/ 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET.

    So if you want to participate, you need to pay attention to the start time in your area.

    When the Mayhem Event begins, throughout the process, you will encounter enemies, scenes of league Anarchy, Invasion, Torment, Ambush and Breach, and more, as well as hourly mods switching. It will be super cool. The Mayhem event will end on the morning of December 11.

    But at 12:00 PT/10:00 GMT/15:00 ET on December 11, you can get into the Endless Delve. At the very beginning, you will be groping in the dark. You will not have anything other than starter gear. When you enter the hideouts, you can only rely on yourself. Fortunately, in certain levels, you can still access the passive points obtained from quests, and your character level can be improved through the Altar of Ascendancy. You can also find Lily Roth and Niko around the encampment.

    The last event will start on December 18th, and you will be able to start looting. The specific time is 12:00 PT/ 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET. Note that this is a separate event of the Heist league, so you need to create a new role to participate in.

    If you can win, you will get massive rewards. So, if you are interested in participating in these events, be sure to pay attention to when they start. If you need POE Currency, you can buy it on at any time. will also frequently update game-related news and guides. I don't know if those are useful to you, but you can check them out during the purchase process to kill time.

  • Some Helpful Tips For Path Of Exile Heist League

    Oct 28, 2020

    It has been more than a month since the launch of the PoE Heist league, and professional players have also written some guides to share with other players, so you should have almost mastered the Heist league, so we will share some tips today. It won't affect your gameplay, but it may help you in some aspects.

    Check Maps and Preview Rewards

    It must not be a bad thing to have a clear goal before you do anything, so before you enter the target room, use the arrows on the keyboard to preview all the reward boxes and carefully plan the route. This will help you in the next practice.

    Pay attention to the free safe box

    Many players may ignore that there are two safe boxes in the area near the target, which is a pity. So you can keep an eye on this, you can open these two safe boxes, opening them will not increase the alert level, and will not be locked after lockdown.

    Unlock Contraband Items

    I bet most players have had experiences that currency and items fall into the ground after you die, so bad! Therefore, our suggestion is that if you obtain high-value currency and items from the heist, you can return from the entrance before lockdown. At this time, you will find that these items will be unlocked. After that, you can still enter the heist area again, and the alert level will not change. If you find that your inventory is about to be full, you can choose to leave some items on the ground and they will not disappear.

    Level up through Contracts

    First, you need two contracts, Repository and Tunnel. Of course, you can make appropriate adjustments according to your build.

            Specific practice:

                                       1.Get targets

                                       2.Clear the enemies and back to the entrance (stay there)

                                       3.Go deep into the target room again

                                       4.Repeat 2 and 3

                                       5.Go back to the entrance and leave the current area

    You will gain a lot of experience in this process, but remember, don't try more than three times!

    These are some suggestions we want to share with you at the moment. For more guides and tips, you can go to to check. And will also update some news about POE, in case you miss it, you can bookmark the news page on

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  • Predictions For The Next Expansion Of Path Of Exile

    Oct 22, 2020

    Due to the global pandemic, almost every industry has been affected, but the Grinding Gear Game Company does not seem to be affected at all. As always, three expansions have been made, and another expansion is scheduled to be released in December.

    However, the Path of Exile development team recently stated that in fact, this process has not been smooth sailing, and some changes have occurred in the middle. This puts a lot of pressure on the development team, and the last few POE expansions have become a challenging thing.

    As for Heist, It seems to have more adjustments and patches than the previous leagues, which caused internal discussions among developers. They are considering how to reorganize the development process to reduce subsequent expansion risks. So they decided that the 3.13 update in December will have a very specific scope, including all the content needed for POE expansion.

    They want to limit the feature creep and create a tighter and focused gaming experience. The expansion will focus on the Atlas of the World, will require about half the development time, and will be announced in a different way.

    Therefore, PoE players can look forward to it, and we also want to see how it is different in all respects. will continue to follow its latest news. Once the developer team leaks some news, we will notify you in time.

    Also, also provides cheap and safe POE Currency. Whether you are a veteran or a new player, as the main currency of Path of Exile, its status is unshakable. Although POE is not a pay-to-win game, if your character is supported by enough POE Currency, and your basic equipment will not bad, you can at least easily contend with them when encountering enemies.

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