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  • Path Of Exile 2 Gameplay Guide, With Reworked Skill System

    Aug 08, 2020

    At BlizzCon 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile 2 for the first time as a sequel to the current Path of Exile gameplay. Up to now, the development team is doing it. In early 2020, the COVID-19 first discovered in China severely affected the world, delaying the progress of the gaming and cultural industries, including Path of Exile.

    As we all already know, Grinding Gear Games regularly releases an expansion every three months, but when the development team can only stay in the house, the development of POE 3.11 and 3.12 expansions have to be delayed until longer, along with POE 2 release.

    Path of Exile 2 will provide new challenge leagues, loot and skill tree updates to keep the game fresh based on the current game core. As far as I am concerned, if there is something new in Path of Exile 2, the New Zealand-based developer would never call it a "new" game.

    Path of Exile 2 does not yet have an exact release date, and even the beta originally scheduled to be released at the end of 2020, but it has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so that the regular expansions of each quarter of POE can be released as usual.

    Through a trailer of POE 2 released by GGG, the exiles can get a first glance at its gameplay, including a reworked skill system, along with new equipment and skill gems.

    You'll see all the expansion content in POE 2, accompanied by changes and improvements, such as the upgraded graphics. Path of Exile 2 is set a new, seven-act campaign after the death of Kitava, where you play as an entirely new exile who narrowly escapes their execution and washes up on the shores of Wraeclast again, investigating the Duke who sentenced you to die and the paranormal mysteries that surround him.

    Needless to say, in the combat you'll encounter monsters or bosses, which are more powerful and dangerous to deal with than the original, but they could also bring unexpected loot.

    POE Currency plays an important role in every combat, especially when fighting against powerful monsters. As the fixed currency and medium in the game, it is available in almost all aspects to give your character a boost.

    In my opinion, can help you within its greatest help play the game better, which has a wealth of professional knowledge to serve you. Here, you can buy cheap POE Currency for the game, creating an enjoyable shopping and gaming experience.

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