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POECURRENCY Anti-Money-Laundering Policy

POECURRENCY's anti-money laundering policies and procedures are designed to help financial institutions combat money laundering by preventing criminals from conducting transactions to conceal the origin of funds associated with illicit activities. POECURRENCY will also regulate and require all employees of the company to prohibit participating in any form of money laundering activities.

While conducting business, POECURRENCY will also actively cooperate with the implementation of the AML policy of the local financial management department, not only to protect its own interests, but also to actively promote the understanding of anti-money laundering policies among buyers, and further reduce the bad effect of money laundering on society and the industry. At the same time, POECURRENCY will also abide by relevant international regulations, continuously enhance the level of external vigilance and internal management, and prevent the occurrence of money laundering.

Existing Anti-Money Laundering Measures

  • POECURRENCY will make reasonable settings for the pricing of game services according to the current situation of specific games.
  • POECURRENCY will standardize the order placement process and after-sales policy according to market dynamics and actual transaction conditions.
  • If a buyer places a large number of orders in a short period of time, but ask all refunds immediately, we will also respond promptly. On the premise that the buyer has refused to reply, we will immediately report to the higher authorities and terminate the transaction in time.
  • POECURRENCY will regularly check the transaction details in the background, and take a zero-tolerant attitude and severe crackdown on all suspected money laundering behaviors.
  • POECURRENCY fully complies with anti-money laundering regulations, monitoring and tracking any suspicious transactions and reporting to relevant law enforcement agencies. We reserve the right to refuse a transaction at any stage if we believe that a buyer has any connection to criminal activity or money laundering.

Examples of Suspected Money Laundering

Based on POECURRENCY's past experience and many existing money laundering practices around the world, we generally believe that the following behaviors are suspected of money laundering.

  • Refuse to provide full personal and banking information
  • Ordering a large amount of products/services and requesting a refund to a third-party bank account for no reason
  • Fraudulently use someone else's account to trade
  • Register multiple POECURRENCY accounts to trade with each other
  • Strongly demand cash transactions instead of online payments
  • Confirmed receipt before we have delivered
  • Use someone else's exclusive coupon code to place orders

When the above-mentioned suspected money laundering occurs, POECURRENCY has the right to take the following measures:

  • Restrict or terminate its trading behavior
  • Temporarily freeze the buyer's payment
  • Check past transaction orders and make reasonable judgments
  • Report to the authorities and follow the instructions
  • Draft litigation documents in advance
  • Reserves the right to interpret all actions

POECURRENCY has always complied with local anti-money laundering regulations to combat all forms of identity theft and fraud. At the same time, we will also use all legal means to prevent, investigate, and counteract money laundering, so as to protect the mutual interests of the buyer and POECURRENCY from damage.

POECURRENCY Anti-Money-Laundering Policy will vigorously hold accountable any person or group engaged in fraudulent activity on the site to the fullest extent permitted by law. We will report all information of all individuals or organizations suspected of money laundering to the competent anti-money laundering agency, and actively cooperate with every step of the investigation so that law enforcement agencies can quickly crack down on relevant illegal acts through the information we provide, protect our existing interests and give our lost profits back.

At the same time, POECURRENCY will also report fraudulent activity to the relevant ISP (Internet Service Provider) for action under its Acceptable Use Policy. Regardless of the person or organization suspected of money laundering, we will use all available legal means to safeguard our normal interests.

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